Using Energy, Resonance and Psychology in Healing the Terrain of Chronic Illness

Sanjay Manchanda


  • Neurobiofeedback use of light and energy to change brain
  • QEEG to assess brain function
Eric Gordon, M.D.  

Hello, welcome to “Mycotoxins and Chronic Illness”. Today it is my pleasure to introduce and have a discussion with Sanjay Manchanda. Dr. Manchanda has a PhD in Computer Science and has a Master’s in Counseling Psychology. He has woven together Eastern and Western thought and especially in the deep spiritual traditions. In the last 20 years, he has been working with Neuro Biofeedback and Brain Stimulation Technologies. Today, we’re gonna discuss how to use these technologies in order to improve and recover from the damage and after a mycotoxin exposure and especially what we see with chronic illnesses. Now we have much to discuss and I’ve asked Dr. Manchanda to first give us a little overview of the main areas of his interests before we get going. So in order to help that, we’re gonna start off. I’m gonna welcome Dr. Manchanda. Let’s see, I think you can use, is your screen-sharing working?

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Using Energy, Resonance and Psychology in Healing the Terrain of Chronic Illness

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