Brain Regeneration: 12 Ways to Heal Brain Cells

David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS


  • How the Brain Cells Heal and Regenerate
  • Foods and Toxins That Damage the Brain
  • Best Foods, Exercises and Strategies to Heal Brain Cells
  • Herbs and Nutrients That Support Brain Cell Healing
David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

This is Dr. David Jockers. And today I’ve got a very exciting topic. It’s all about brain regeneration. How you can literally heal your brain, detoxify your brain, regenerate your neurons. And this is really exciting. And so, you know, most scientists for years, they believe that the brain was hardwired. This is what was taught in medical school. We used to think that after childhood you cannot repair, regenerate or replace damaged brain cells, but now we know the brain can change its structure based on how we use it, the structure of the brain and the nutrition we provide it. You see most of your brain cells are formed while you were in your mother’s womb. Other neural cells of your brain developed during infancy. Until recent decades, Doctors believed a certain level of brain degeneration is inevitable because your brain has a limited capacity to regenerate. But now we know differently. New research from the last two decades suggests that your brain is actually able to create new cells throughout your lifespan and brain regeneration is possible. In fact, your brain actually still creates about 700 new neurons per day in the Hippocampus. This allows the hippocampus to maintain its central function. We know the hippocampus is all about where memory is stored, it’s in our temporal lobe and it’s all about short long term memory. 

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