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Ann Shippy, MD

And next, I want to introduce a dear friend and health advocate. She’s been in this space of making changes in health for such a long time, Hillari Hamilton. And she’s going to share with us about my favorite nonprofit because it is making such dramatic changes in the world. Welcome, Hillari.


Hillari Hamilton, DC

Ann, thank you for having me. And thank you for allowing Dr. Joe and Dr. Hemal to be a part of this with your doctors. I think it’s vital at this time in history that we bring this information to the world. People really do deserve to know that the potential to heal is within us. And that’s what our research is demonstrating. And what we’ve collected is working with Dr. Joe Dispenza, his meditations are changing people’s lives from the inside out and Dr. Hemal is bringing his research team to the events. And we’re looking at what Dr. Hemal will share or has already shared with you guys is how we take people from the beginning of a week-long event with Dr. Joe Dispenza. We look at blood and saliva. We look at the microbiome, we’re looking at brainwave activity and heart rate variability. And at the end of the week, participants are changing by thought alone. When they change their thoughts, they change their feelings. They’re actually changing the mechanism of how their bodies are functioning. And so it’s just an absolute honor to be with the Inner Science research fund. So I’m the director of Donor Relations and Inner Science was created out of the community with Dr. Joe and his participants. 

And how it started was we have all these people changing and healing and people that are blind or seeing people that are deaf are hearing people that have M.S. or stepping out of their wheelchairs. And so all of these amazing things are happening. And so Dr. Joe was doing research for many, many years on data collection, and analysis in research on the science of meditation. And Dr. Hemal came along and he wanted to continue that research and go further into it and look at other things. And so Inner Science was born a little over a year and a half ago by people that are going to his events. You were there. And so we what we do is we collect all the data that Dr. Joe gets at his events and we ship it back to UC San Diego with Dr. Hemal. And they analyze all that data with, you know, specialists in their field, in all the different fields, like looking at the brain, looking at heart, looking at blood microbiome and all that stuff. So it’s expensive.


Ann Shippy, MD

These are some of the leading researchers in the world like they made their reputations, and the research that they, you know, publish is untouchable. It really is like kind of at the Nobel laureate level of research.


Hillari Hamilton, DC

It really is. And so we’re like 10 years above everybody else that’s studying what we’re studying. And we have billions of data points, billions of data points that we’ve collected over the several last couple of years at Dr. Joe’s events. And so to analyze that is expensive. And so it’s our community has had a change during these events that all they want to do is give back and bring more of this to the world. And, you know, people really do deserve to know that the potential to heal is within them. They knew that if they could change their autonomic nervous system and regulate their autonomic nervous system by thought alone that would allow the body to go into homeostasis. That will allow the body to go into balance. That’s when the body heals. And so that’s what we’re proving with Dr. Joe’s work and then UCSD is analyzing it and getting it out in peer-reviewed papers. So it’s this beautiful symbiotic group of individuals coming together. And it’s a paradigm shift, right? It’s a paradigm shift. It’s telling people that they can be the greatest pharmacy within themselves. And it’s a new paradigm by a community funding the research. It’s rather than governmental support, it’s people that are supporting the analysis of the data. So it’s exciting.


Ann Shippy, MD

We can’t wait for the NIH, we can’t wait for other governments to do this research. It’s really up to us, and I think the better we understand what’s really physiologically happening in the body, the more we can advance the speed and amount of healing that we’re seeing.


Hillari Hamilton, DC

It’s so true. It’s so true. And as an organization, a nonprofit, a 501(c)(3), inner science research fund has committed to giving UC San Diego $2 million a year for the next five years. So with that commitment, we’ve already given them the first part of that for the first year of 2023. But we have four more years that we’re committed to give them $2 million a year. And it’s our community and people that do Dr. Joe’s work that wants to support that because they, you know, it’s people like us that are like-minded that will go to an event because we’ve researched the work and we’ve done the meditations so we know how powerful it is. But there are people out there that would never look into Dr. Joe’s work, but they would look at the evidence, and evidence is the loudest voice. And if we can get it in peer-reviewed papers, well that speaks volumes. Just when we were just at the Vienna event, I had several doctors come up to us because we just published our paper on meditation and COVID-19. They wanted a copy of it so they could hand it to their patients. So to get the information into people’s hands is so vital at this time in history.


Ann Shippy, MD

I think it really is. And we’re going to provide that paper for our listeners. And then, you know, I just so believe in this that I really you know, when I approached you about having the nonprofit that I wanted to collaborate with in this event, then you really took an even step forward and came up with some ideas of how to help people that really want to donate, that want to get involved in some of the most leading-edge research with their donations to also make some really special things available that aren’t available any other way to our audience that wants to get involved in do that. Would you like to explain those options to people?


Hillari Hamilton, DC

We’ve collaborated with Encephalon Inc. Dr. Joe’s company, where they’re so graciously giving some products. So if your community wants to donate a certain amount of money, we’re going to give them products. So on our first level of a $100 donation, your community will get Dr. Joe’s morning and evening meditation, which is spectacular. It’s a great way to start your morning and it’s a great way to end your day. That’s right.


Ann Shippy, MD

I first learned about Dr. Joe’s work as I was looking for, you know, some additional types of meditation to add to my routine. And it definitely makes a huge difference to do even one of them a day, you know, to really start to change the way that you’re approaching your world. Really.


Hillari Hamilton, DC

Yeah. Yeah. And so much of who we are is unconscious, you know, 95% of how we think, how we act, and how we feel is an unconscious habit playing in the background. So to wake up in the morning and the first thing to do is reset that program and be conscious of those unconscious thoughts, actions, and feelings, then you’ll have a better chance of creating change in your life. That’s what he’s all about. So we have that is our first tier. In the second tier, we have a $500 donation. We’ll get you that morning and evening meditation and to be a part of our community, the catalyst community, where you get a meditation every month that we do with Dr. Joe’s meditations for our community, you get meditation that Dr. Joe created for our community, monthly updates, research updates, opportunities to meet with Dr. Joe and the research team. So that’s really cool. And then at a $1,000 donation, you get all of what I just mentioned and get the opportunity to win a free week long. Dr. Joe. And you know how hard it is to get into an event. It’s virtually impossible to.


Ann Shippy, MD

5 minutes. So to be able to say.


Hillari Hamilton, DC

Yeah, yeah. So you would have an opportunity to get into a week long and we’ll give you a week long. You know, you’ll get into a drawing to be able to be pulled out of that drawing to see if you go into it. And with that thousand dollar donation, you also get Dr. Joe’s formula, which is several hours, I think it’s almost 30 hours of lecture. So it’s all this great knowledge that he offers and you have five meditations, so you have the knowledge, and you get to have the experience with the five meditations that are attached to it. And so as the tiers go up, then we have $20,000, which gives you a week-long of your choice. And that’s not you’re not being is not drawn. It’s actually you have a committed week long with Dr. Joe and everything that I just mentioned before that. So there are many opportunities to learn about Joe’s work, to get involved with inner science, and to help us change the world and really make an impact in health care. And if it’s not us, then is it going to be because no one else is doing much about it?


Ann Shippy, MD

That’s really is the most direct route that I see for or for change. And especially when people, you know, with my patients combine it with the other things that we’re doing, especially around mold, they heal so quickly. I get really is the fast track to helping the body to reset and heal.


Hillari Hamilton, DC

So true, so true. And you know, I’m so lucky to be a part of this with Dr. Joe and Dr. Hemal and Inner Science Research Fun. And I go to almost all the events and talk to participants and I see all these people, you know, healing from all different types of things. And just, not only healing from physical conditions, they’re healing from mental conditions as well. And they’re, you know, they’re beginning to live their best life. So it’s a transformation that is just such a beautiful thing to witness. So it’s an absolute honor.


Ann Shippy, MD

Well, I’m so grateful for this collaboration with you and your heart pouring into really, really helping to change the landscape of health care today. So that example, grateful for your friendship and everything you’re doing.


Hillari Hamilton, DC

Absolutely. And thank you for letting us be a part of this with you and your community.


Ann Shippy, MD

Thank you.

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