Discover The Healing Role Of Narrative In Medicine

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  • Realize the healing power of sharing your personal story
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  • Learn the integration of physical and spiritual self-care
  • This video is part of The Parkinson’s Solutions Summit
Kenneth Sharlin, MD

Hello, this is Dr. Ken Sharlin. You are viewing the Parkinson’s Solutions Summit. Welcome. I have the privilege of visiting today with one of our country’s top functional medicine doctors, Dr. Jill Carnahan, who is located in the Boulder, Colorado, area with her brick-and-mortar Flatiron functional medicine. I am going to let Dr. Jill tell you about herself, but I do want to share that she and I met several years ago. She was one of the very first functional medicine doctors that I had the privilege of meeting and chatting with. I feel that, in some respects, our journey has paralleled one another. I recently had the opportunity to read her new book, Unexpected Finding Resilience through Functional Medicine. I highly recommend it and will be talking about this book throughout the interview today and how it is so important to those affected by Parkinson’s disease. Without further ado, Dr. Jill Carnahan, welcome to the Parkinson’s Life Summit.

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Johannes Welters
Johannes Welters
5 months ago

An excellent interview. Although I must say that each interview so far (4 more to go) is a gem by itself. I take away valuable nuggets from every single one of them!
What I have learned is that, in my opinion, Parkinson’s should be re-categorized as post-traumatic stress disorder instead. This is a much better description of what is going on, at least for me, which is a variety of bodily ailments caused by enresolved and festering emotional, environmental, and/or physical stresses. There are so many variables to consider, which makes it so challenging to heal, just like war PTSD.

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