Energy Therapy For The Heart: Earthing And Red Light

Dr. Drew Sinatra


  • A naturopathic doctor has a long course of training similar to a medical doctor with more emphasis on natural therapies
  • Earthing (or grounding) reduces inflammation and improves organ function by connecting the body to the natural electrical forces of the earth.
  • Red light panels, also called photobiomodulation panels, use light energy to improve energy production of cells. They have FDA approved indications and are supported by a vast medical literature.
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Alright everybody. Welcome to the new episode of Reversing Heart Disease Naturally Summit. This is a really good episode. This is untouched ground and ground is a good way to segue into our topic and our wonderful guests because this is energy medicine for your heart and we brought an expert who also has a legacy in the field of cardiology. One of our incredible interviews was dedicated as a memorial lecture to Dr. Steven Sinatra. That was given by the amazing professor Mark Houston. Well this is Drew Sinatra and probably nobody knew Dr. Steven better than his son Drew and Drew grew to become quite a medical practitioner. We’re happy to have him here to formally introduce Drew Sinatra. Dr. Sinatra is a naturopathic doc. So then of his name is ND he went to the prestigious Bestir University America’s top natural empathic and integrated medical school. He’s practicing now virtually and located in Mill valley California, little north of San Francisco. A great website. We’ll tell you about his interest in gut issues and lime and areas like autoimmune and mold and things you should know about and his clear center of health dot com where he practices but I want to jump right on in and certainly enough. My talking welcome Dr. Drew Sinatra.

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