Functional Approach to Hormonal Health and Menopause

Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson


  • Living your best life at any age
  • NIH study on hormonal therapies on vaginal hormones
  • Hormones and understanding the cancer risk
Dr. Sharon Stills

Hi ladies. Welcome back to Mastering The Menopause Transition Summit. I’m your host, Dr. Sharon Stills. and I don’t know if you could see, I’m like jumping outta my seat ’cause I am so excited for my guest today. When I decided to do this summit, I thought, I have got to have Dr. Berkson on because she is filled with information and she walks the walk and talks the talk, and look at her, and wait till you hear how old she is. So let me just tell you, Dr. Lindsey Berkson is a thought leader in functional medicine. She has an emphasis on hormones, nutrition, digestion, intimacy. She wrote one of the first breakthrough books on endocrine disruption called “Hormone Deception.” She is, she’s just literally a hormone scholar. I saw her talk at a environmental medicine conference this past year and I was just blown away. She was at the world renowned estrogen Think Tank at Tulane University. She teaches MDs, NDs, acupuncturists, chiropractors, everyone. She formulated the first female nutraceutical line for physicians in the US. She and Dr. Wright, my other mentor, who I’ve learned so much from, hold a patent on bioidentical hormones and she holds another collaborative patent on a drug for dialysis and diabetic patients. She’s collaborated publicist research on dialysis and nutrition with the University of Texas Medical School. She hosts her own health radio show. She is just amazing and I am so excited to bring her on and let you all just be in her energy and learn from her today. So welcome, welcome. So excited.

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