How The Immune System of Plants Heal Humans

Jennifer Maynard


  • How to access medical insurance coverage for nutrition foods
  • How humans, animals, and plants are connected from a scientific basis
  • Why knowing food sources and soils improve health and brain function
Cheng Ruan, MD

Discussion around food and medicine is nothing new. But the fact of the matter is one apple doesn’t necessarily mean that all apples are the same just because they have the same nutritional content doesn’t mean that the soil they grow are from the same areas. And believe it or not, the organisms in the soil and the earth and the minerals have a huge implication in health that goes far deeper than we ever expected. There’s no one better to talk about this than my good friend Jennifer Maynard, who is the CEO and co-founder of a company called nutrition for longevity. It’s a company that is dedicated to bring food a farming in terms of ancient farming practices and food nutritional science together for the consumer nutrition for longevity has been working with organizations and doctors all across the nation to help provide food as medicine to the public. 

Jennifer is also the CEO and founder of the Greater Greens, which is farm that’s focused on reviving ancient natural sustainable farming techniques to allow farmers to thrive and bring these innovation into farming practices that are scalable and financially sustainable for these farmers. So better food, better farmers, better health outcomes as well. Now, Jennifer’s history comes from the corporate world where she was the head of supply chain and major pharmaceutical institution previously and has a lot of experience engineering things that work in terms of supply chain and operations. And so why is this important? This is important because our nation’s food supply is changing very rapidly and it’s not necessarily that the supply is going down, but the quality of the foods are actually going down with this huge implication in brain health. So, so happy to introduce Jennifer to the forum. Thank you so much for coming on, appreciate you coming. 

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