Lyme & Bartonella In MCAS & Sensitivities

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  • What is Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and what makes you susceptible to it
  • How the Cell Danger Response plays a critical role in development of MCAS and what to do about it
  • Stabilize these two systems if you want to be less sensitive, able to tolerate your treatments (and foods) better and heal more quickly
  • How to figure out how and when to introduce new treatments, successfully
Thomas Moorcroft, DO

Everyone. Dr. Tom Moorcroft, back here with you for this episode of The Healing from Lyme Disease Summit. And today, we’re in for a really special treat. I’m joined by a really special guest, my great friend Beth O’Hara. Many of you may recognize her as the host of the Reversing Mask Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance Summit that I helped co-host. And we just had such great conversations about how Lyme and Mold and Bartonella and all these other environmentally acquired illnesses really started to play a role in hyper reactive mast cells and just sensitivity in general. And so I wanted to bring Beth on because her dearth of knowledge is incredible. She’s one of these people that I think about when you’re looking at completely being able to reclaim control over your health, reclaim control over your life. Not only does she know all the science and the specifics of all the nuances, but she also has a bigger picture viewpoint of things that allow you to actually start taking action right away. So today in our conversation, we’re going to talk about Lyme and Bartonella and specifically their role in mass activation syndrome and intolerances and sensitivity in general, but really focusing on those two different parts. The one part is stuff you can start doing right away at home to start making progress. And then the other part is like, what are these little nuance things that you might not have heard about before that can really you might be doing right or wrong and you could ratchet that up so you feel a lot better. So, Beth O’Hara, thank you so much for joining us.

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