Optimizing Healthspan Through Nutrition

Robert Wolf


  • Robs learnings from 23 years of experimenting
  • Healing complex gut and autoimmune issues
  • What is the greatest ROI activity for healthspan
Kashif Khan

All righty, everyone we’re joined by Robb Wolf today. We’re gonna learn some really cool stuff. We talked about nutrition here and there, but we’re gonna dive a lot deeper because we have a brilliant mind that can help us learn what we need to learn. Really why are we all here? We wanna learn about how to optimize our health span, our longevity. Those are the key words we gotta focus on because it’s one thing to say, I wanna live to a hundred, but do you wanna spend the last 20 years in treatment in a hospital bed or do you wanna be have your vitality and energy that you did when you were 25? And I don’t think there’s a better person to speak to about that than Robb was joining us here today, today. So thank you for joining us.

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Optimizing Healthspan Through Nutrition

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