Overcome the Survival Paradox and Unleash Your Deepest Healing

Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc


  • The role of the survival paradox in health and disease. How activation of the Galaectin-3 “survival protein” actually impairs healing and promotes chronic disease. Why transforming our innate survival drive is the secret to healing with the “correct” modified citrus pectin combined with a layered bio/psycho/social approach can dramatically impact most diseases, including cancer. We discuss how the physiology of the heart is built for infinite healing and how mind-body and meditation practices can overcome fear-based survival mechanisms and uncover our deepest healing capacity. How the body, especially the heart, is an electromagnetic system, facilitated with PEMFs.
William Pawluk, M.D., MSc

Hi, is Dr. Pawluk. This is another episode of the PEMF Healing Summit. And today I have a very distinguished guest, Dr. Isaac Eliaz. He’s written a book, he’s famous. He’s written a book called “The Survival Paradox,” and it’s a bestselling book. And I read it, I know why it’s a bestselling book. And also given my reading of what Dr. Eliaz’s background is, I’m extraordinarily impressed. We actually share some commonalities in our background, which is very interesting, I thought that it was very revealing by itself. So without saying anything further, let me please have Dr. Eliaz tell us about his background and his history and how he got to this point.

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