Rewiring Your Brain for Health

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  • Triggering neuroplasticity instead of neuroinflammation
  • How chronic stress impacts the brain
  • How digital media impacts mental health and mood
  • Most effective lifestyle factor to build a better brain
Brain, Brain Health
Jason Prall

Well I’m so excited to welcome our next guest, Dr. Austin Perlmutter is a board certified in internal medicine physician and internationally recognized expert on how environmental influences affect our mental and brain health. His research on lifestyle factors in depression have been featured, incited in peer reviewed literature and he educated on the topic on top podcasts and in keynote presentations around the world. He is a co author of the New York Times and international bestseller brainwash, which he wrote with his father, David Perlmutter, MD. And covers are poor modern day brain health and the rule of everything from diet to social media on our cognitive and mental state. Is a frequent contributor to websites including med page today docks Emit E. Kevin MD. Medium in psychology today and hosts the get the stuck out podcast. He currently serves as the senior director of Science and clinical Innovation at Big bold Health where he is running an I. R. B. Approved pilot trial exploring the effects of polyphenols on epigenetic expression. His overarching focus is in helping people find non pharmaceutical strategies for getting stuck. Nus out of their brains and bodies using the best that science and nature have to offer. Dr. Perlmutter welcome.

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