The Virtual Reality Solution in Brain and Mental Health

Joe Woskow


  • What are the current trends in terms of supply and demand when it comes to mental health services?
  • How does a virtual reality mental health service impact today’s society?
  • How disruptive technology is changing the way we receive information and affecting brain health
Cheng Ruan, MD

You know, the world of virtual reality and augmented reality has really taken the world by storm and I think from a health perspective we’re lagging a little behind but I want to talk to someone who’s right in the weeds when it comes to delivering health and mental health information with the V. R. And A R. So really proud to introduce. Mr. Joe Woskow is a stereo entrepreneur whose current venture is transforming mental emotional well being. And his current company called Thrive 360 is sort of the vision of increasing the efficacy and availability of mental health resources on demand by leveraging technology using augmented reality and virtual reality. So the digital platform uses practicing professionals and techniques and tools and to put into this innovative kind of package from a technology standpoint to be delivered to the world. So proud to introduce Mr. Joe Woskow. Joe, welcome to the summit. I’m so happy you agreed to talk with me. I appreciate you coming on.


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