Thrive In Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

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  • Understand the importance of monitoring thyroid levels during pregnancy, especially free T4, for the baby’s development
  • Know the significance of thyroid hormones in breast milk production and the need to ensure their adequacy postpartum
  • Learn to be proactive about thyroid health for successful pregnancy, breastfeeding, and fertility, through proper testing and evaluation
Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Hi. It is Dr. Jen. Welcome to the mini talks. When we are going to talk about thyroid, and pregnancy, and breastfeeding. So your thyroid is such an important endocrine organ, as we have discussed at the summit and it gets a little tricky during pregnancy. So during pregnancy, we definitely want to make sure that the thyroid is being evaluated properly and that is with the TSH and free T3, and a free T4. The important thing about the free T4. This is, yes, the inactive thyroid hormone. However, this is the hormone form of thyroid hormone that passes through the placenta to the baby. So pregnant women need to make sure that they have an adequate level of T4. So it is crossing through the placenta and this you are going to want to be around one. And, I had Hashimoto’s during a few of my pregnancies and then our one, and then after the first one then it was in remission. But we still had to make sure that my free T4 was staying in that really narrow zone of around one while I was pregnant. What happens is when you are pregnant you have an increase of the thyroid, thyroid globulin binding hormone. So you are more bound with your thyroid hormones so you might have to increase your dose of thyroid medicine.

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