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Unlock Your Body’s Innate Healing Power

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  • Realize that your healing journey is an inside job. Understand the factors slowing down your healing, such as your toxic load, physical and emotional traumas, and your thoughts
  • Recognize the crucial role of detoxification and movement. Learn about the potential sources of toxins in your everyday life and the necessity of physical movement for faster healing, even if it’s just getting up and moving around
  • Embrace the power of positive thinking and self-love. Discover how your mindset and the conversations you engage in can affect your healing process and overall wellbeing. Remember to surround yourself with positive influences and thoughts
Mindy Pelz, DC

I can teach you how to fast, but if you don’t put it in a new paradigm of health, it won’t work for you. The old paradigm of health care said that health happened from the outside in. So if I want to heal, I’ve got to take the right pill. I’ve got to do the right diet. I have to do the right exercise. That is not the truth when it comes to healing. When it comes to healing, healing is an inside job and there are three things that you’ve got to think about. One, when you look at the rate in which your body wants to heal. So the first is what are your what’s your toxic load? And I’ll talk about that in a moment. The second is, what kind of traumas have you had? And this isn’t necessarily emotional traumas, although that does play a part, this is this can be physical traumas as well, like car accidents or maybe you have a repetitive job where you’re bending all the time or maybe you’re sitting all the time. There can be physical traumas that happen to us that affect the rate of healing. And then the third one and the one that always needs us to work on it, I’m always working on this is our thoughts. If we go into fasting with this aggressive this is going to have to work, this is my last chance, I need it to happen fast. 

You’re putting a resistant energy into this amazing miraculous experience that your body’s about to go through with fasting. So make sure that when you’re looking at how quickly you want to heal from fasting that you are incorporating these three things. Now, let me break it down for you. What we see is that people with a higher toxic, load those are the ones that heal slower, and here’s why; Your body is this self-healing, miraculous machine and when we get toxins put into our body, whether they’re toxins from years of antibiotics or years of birth control or from all the bad food you’ve been eating, or maybe it’s you’re living in a moldy house or you have a high heavy metal load. Each one of those toxins causes the body to slow down because it has to figure out what to do with that toxin. So it’s like filling your car up with trash and then driving it around town. It’s not going to drive as well. You’re going to use a little more gas. It’s not going to be fun to drive in. Your body is the same way. If we have a high toxic load, we heal slower. So the first step to correcting this is to go and look at where you might be getting toxins coming in, but you’re going to want to look at your beauty products. You want to look at your household cleaners. You want to look around and see if like even things like a plug-in that goes into your wall are packed with phthalates, your colognes, and your perfumes. All of those make a difference in how fast you heal. So if you want more toxic information, let me know, because there’s a lot I can do on that. Second is your traumas. Okay, this one’s deep and I, and I’m not a trauma expert, so I’m just giving you information that I want you to think through. We have physical traumas. We have emotional traumas. We have chemical traumas. Those fall under toxins but physical traumas, if you’re sitting all day and yet you’re fasting and you’re doing the ketogenic lifestyle and you’re trying to lose weight, your body was made to move. So you’re actually going against your biology. So you got to make sure you’re at least getting up and moving. I’m not saying you got to go work out an hour every day, but you got to move because the body was made to move. Another trauma that we, physical trauma we see is the lack of sunlight. How many of us are underneath fluorescent lights all day long? We’re not getting out in the sun. If you’re not getting out in the sun in the morning, in the middle of the day, and in the evening, I’ve talked about this before. You’re not setting your circadian rhythm and so you’re going to end up healing a lot slower because your cortisol levels are going to be all over the place. You’re not going to sleep as well. So we got to look at our physical environment. Are we working with our body, this incredible body we’ve been given? You can also look at things like car accidents. If you’ve been in a lot of car accidents, you’ve had a lot of sports injuries, those kinds of things are going to end up slowing the healing process down. Try to go into your body and ask your body like think of it from your body’s perspective, your body. When you start to put a 16/8 fasting variation into the body and the body’s got all of these traumas that it’s been dealing with, it’s not seeing the sun, it’s not moving, it’s got toxins, it’s dealing with what’s going to end up happening is that it can’t handle the influx of all those stressors. 

And so it’s not going to give you the same fasting response. It’ll take a lot longer. Okay. The last one is your thoughts. Okay. I could spend like 10 hours on this one, but if you want to thrive with healing, with fasting, if you want to heal fast from fasting, you can’t talk badly to your body. If you are telling your body when you look in the mirror, it’s fat. If you’re thinking poor thoughts to your body when you’re moving around because it’s not moving fast enough or it has a lot of aches and pains. If you’re beating yourself up for things you did with your diet years ago, stop. It’s not going to help you in where you’re going. Where are you going with your health? If you want to go and fast, have fasting to heal you quickly. We’ve got to take the shame. We’ve got to take the guilt. We’ve got to get take the negative self-talk and we’ve got to leave it in the past because where you’re going in the future from the healing benefits of fasting is so amazing. I want you to flip and love the body you’re in, but you can’t love the body you’re in. You can’t love fasting and stay in a body that you are mentally beating up. It just doesn’t work that way. So there are a lot of things you can do with your thoughts. And one of my favorites is the first, hang around people that think in a positive way. They hang around people that are forward-thinkers. This is why we do these coffee chats on Saturday mornings in my academy so I can gather, my community, gather, and we can start having better conversations around health. If you’re hanging out with a friend who is constantly pounding negative things into you or you’re complaining or creating drama in your life, all of that slows down your health. Make sure you’re engaging in really constructive, loving conversations in your life. And if you can’t find those, if you can’t do that, stay quiet and read a good book, put on some great music, look at a great movie. But what you put into this mind will determine how quickly you heal. If you want your healing to be fast with fasting, you’re going to have to surround yourself with love and compassion.

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