Unlocking Longevity: Fasting, Autophagy & mTOR

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  • Unravel the science of autophagy and the body’s self-healing mechanisms
  • Debunk common fasting myths and learn how to optimize mTOR for muscle growth, fat loss, and longevity
  • Discover resilient techniques to counteract and recover from stress
  • This video is part of the Fasting & Longevity Summit
David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

Welcome back to the Fasting and Longevity Summit. I am your host, Dr. David Jockers, and I am excited about our interview today. We are talking about how to tap into your innate intelligence for healthy aging and longevity with fasting. Fasting is an incredible health strategy. It is something I am extremely passionate about and practice myself. Our guest today is Ben Azadi, who is the author of four bestselling books. He wrote the Keto Flex, his most recent one, which is an amazing book to check out, Keto Flex. He has written several other good books as well, including, The Power of Sleep, which is another phenomenal book for healing and longevity. 

Ben is the host of a top 15 podcast called The Keto Camp Podcast, which won the Keto Podcast of the Year in 2022 by the Metabolic Health Summit. Ben has the fastest-growing keto camp YouTube channel with over 150,000 subscribers. He is also big on TikTok, with over 285,000 subscribers there and over 46 million video downloads. Putting out a lot of great content. Check out his podcast, the Keto Camp Podcast. Check him out on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, wherever you at. Again, it is Keto Camp or Ben Azadi and his book, The Keto Flex. 

Today we are going to talk about the myths and truths of fasting and the best practices for putting fasting into place so you can get the anti-aging cell-rejuvenating benefits. I know you guys are getting a lot out of this interview. So without further ado, let us jump into it. Well, hey, Ben, it is always great to talk to another fasting evangelist like myself. I have seen the healing power of fasting, and I know you have as well. I am excited about today’s talk. I know you have mentioned and discussed how fasting impacts innate intelligence or how the innate intelligence goes to work when we are fasting. Can you break that down a little bit? What is innate intelligence, and what happens when we start to fast?

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