Why Glutathione Is Your Menopause Ally

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  • Learn why topical glutathione outperforms its IV counterpart
  • Uncover the process of glutathione production within your body
  • Know how two eggs a day and proper glutathione levels aid in detoxification
Sharon Stills, ND

Hi, ladies. Welcome back to Mastering Your Menopause Transition Summit. I’m your host, Dr. Sharon Stills. As always, exciting to be here with you. I have another amazing talk. I was just saying to my guest that I’m excited to be learning and get my knowledge up as well because what we are going to talk about today is glutathione. I’m sure you’ve all heard of glutathione. It’s the body’s strongest antioxidant that the liver makes. But we’re going to like deep dive today, and we’re going to really learn about how you can get the benefits from glutathione and what’s the best way of utilizing it, how it’s delivered to you and how it connects to your hormones. So get a piece of pen and paper because there’s going to be a lot of information. 

My guest is Dr. Nayan Patel. I met him, gosh, a little less than a year ago. We were at an Ozone conference in Scottsdale, and he was standing with his book, The Glutathione Revolution, and he had his product. I thought, just someone else trying to sell me something. I already know all about glutathione and I’ve been doing IV for my patients for two decades. But whatever. Then I went and talked to him and was blown away and was like, Oh my God, he really knows what he’s talking about. He really educated me. That’s why I wanted him to come on here and educate you all, because it’s one of those things, we hear all about glutathione, but until we really understand it at a deep level and learn from an expert such as Dr. Patel, we’re kind of not getting the full benefits. As I said, he wrote the book. He is a pharmacist, he is brilliant. I don’t think you need any more introduction than that. It’s like here is the glutathione master, to educate you on what you need to know about glutathione. Thank you for coming and being on the summit with us here today.

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