Your Journey With Oxygen Therapy To Unlock Longevity

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  • Explore the fundamentals of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and its mechanism within the body
  • Understand the range of medical conditions where HBOT has proven effective
  • Learn the best practices and protocols for utilizing HBOT to maximize its healing benefits
  • This video is part of the Fasting & Longevity Summit
David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

Welcome to the Fasting and Longevity Summit. I’m your host, Dr. David Jockers. And today we’re talking about how to use hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help rehab your brain and your body. And this is some exciting research. And the guest is Dr. Amir Hadanny. Dr. Hadanny is a senior physician, certified neurosurgeon, a hyperbaric physician, and chief medical research officer at the Aviv Clinic Center. You can find them at So it’s For the past decade, Dr. Hadanny has worked alongside Professor Shai Efrati on nobel research focused on neurorehabilitation, neuroplasticity, and physiology. And he’s published more than 25 research papers focused on the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. If you know anybody that has neurodegeneration, that has had a traumatic brain injury or anything along those lines or has trouble healing in general. This is definitely something to look into. Aviv clinics, You guys are going to learn all about the powerful healing benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. So without further ado, let’s go into the interview for Dr. Hadanny. Great to connect with you here. I’ve been a huge fan of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and done it myself. I used to have a clinic where we did mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy and we saw really great results with people utilizing that. And I know you’ve done so much research on this. And so let’s start by just really a big overview of what hyperbaric oxygen therapy is for.

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Siegfried Emme
Siegfried Emme
6 months ago

too bad you don’t talk about EWOT. LiveO2 has some interesting studies with exercise and alternating hypoxia and hyperoxia. Looks like they are getting the same results

Ahava Lang
Ahava Lang
6 months ago

Dr. Paul Harch is the OG of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and took the brunt of the scrutiny to bring attention to the value of this therapy.

This was a lovely talk, and I have personally benefitted from hyperbaric therapy. I use it regularly. However, the costs associated with long term use are not sustainable ( for most). G-d knows it works, but you’ll drain your savings paying for it.

Unfortunately, this is the case with functional medicine and its adjunct therapies. The average Jo/jane cannot afford this type of WellCare and they have mostly poor options in the traditional health care system.

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