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Algae’s Power: The Key To Cancer Prevention

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  • Understand how nutrient deficiencies and increasing toxins play a role in the rise of cancer
  • Dive deep into the importance of mitochondria, our cells’ energy powerhouses, and the necessity to protect them
  • Discover algae’s unique nutrients and its unmatched capability to both protect and restore mitochondrial function
  • This video is part of the Cancer Breakthrough’s Summit.
  • Read our blog post about the promising future for algae
Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

Catharine Arnston, it’s such a pleasure to have you on this segment of cancer breakthroughs. And you have a lot of beautiful packages behind you right there.


Catharine Arnston 

They’re my children. Yeah. People have pictures of their other children. I have pictures of my brands.


Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

Yeah, that’s beautiful. So, yeah, let me have people just can understand a little bit what it is that you’re all about and why you’re so passionate about what you’re doing. Catharine Arnston is an expert in algae nutrition, a wellness thought leader, an experienced entrepreneur and sought after speaker. She is an MBA. Catharine’s journey into the fascinating world of algae began in 2008 when her younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and advice for oncologists that an alkaline diet won’t improve her healing. Catharine left her 25 year corporate career to help her sister identify which foods were alkaline, and this led her to algae, the most alkaline chlorophyll rich, high protein, nutrient dense food in the world. When Catharine learned that algae is vast, healing properties were documented in tens of thousands of scientific studies, but that none of these studies or benefits were known outside of Asia. She knew she needed to do something, and so EnergyBITS was born. Catharine has spent the last 13 years researching algae, writing papers, giving presentations, lecturing at conferences, and speaking on 250 plus podcasts to explain the benefits of algae. To do this, she read thousands of scientific papers and detailed, validated and confirmed algae its nutritional health, longevity and global benefits. Remarkably, none of these findings are known by consumers. It is Catharine’s vision and passion to change this. And while she is not a Ph.D., her scientific fluency allows her to explain algae with such simplicity and clarity. Well, Catharine, this is going to be amazing. And so. Yeah, tell me a little bit, how did it go for your sister?


Catharine Arnston 

Oh, she’s great. She’s cancer free. I see her every year other than the covered period. Yeah, I just saw her actually two or three weeks ago. So but you know, a cancer diagnosis is terrifying as no no other way to describe it. And it is terrifying for the individual who has the diagnosis and all their family members. So I know exactly what it is. Well, I know what it feels like as a family member. I have not had cancer. Fortunately, myself, I think it’s because I eat so much algae, which we’ll talk about in a minute. But anyways, I’m also fortunate because when she had her diagnosis, her oncologist was in Canada because my family’s still in Canada and it was a female. And women generally are a little bit more open to nutritional interventions that no offense, maybe you may be one of the great exceptions to that. And also in Canada, it’s not quite the stronghold by the pharmaceutical industry as there is here in America. So to the very fact that she recommended my sister change your diet to an alkaline diet was remarkable. Rarely occurs, but I think it contributed to her healing in a very, very big way. And that certainly changed my life because I gave up my corporate career because when I saw what the science showed about alkalinity and then led me to algae and what algae, what I’ve learned about algae and cancer is unbelievable. If it wasn’t so documented, I came up with a phrase Algae benefits are too simple to believe, but too powerful. Not to. And we’ll dig into some of that today.


Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

So one of the issues well, let’s go first to, in your mind, chronic disease, inflammation, mitochondria, health. You know, what’s why are we having such issues in those areas?


Catharine Arnston 

Great question. Well, the reality is our food supply is so damaged, there’s so much processed food, which, of course, has no nutrition in it. But even if you were eating vegetables, oils or grass fed animal protein, which is what I do, the soils have been over-cropped, so there’s no minerals left in the soils for the planet. Stephen, pull up even if you are eating organic. So now you’re getting fiber and calories, but you’re not getting nutrition and at the same time the ozone layer has been damaged and so they’ve been doing studies that show that there’s less again, less nutrition, more carbs. So so just like your car needs gas to perform and your cell phone needs electricity to perform, your body needs nutrition to perform. And if you don’t give it nutrition, it doesn’t work very well. And this causes damage to your mitochondria, causes them to die. We’ll talk about the mitochondria a minute because they create cellular energy for everything, including protecting you from things like cancer and any chronic disease. So the first step, the issue is we don’t get the nourishment that we need. The second piece of the equation is that our we are surrounded by toxins. The average adult in a North America now has 700 toxins in their bodies. And our immune system simply we’re not built to sustain that kind of toxic load. And they’re layered on like each one may not be dramatic in its own right, but when you layer them together collectively, it interferes with all of your cellular communication, all of the production of ATP by your mitochondria. It causes brain issues. 

Gut issues is just very damaging. So those two issues are what’s leading our health and our bodies and our children to suffer. It’s and I tell people, aging does not mean declining, but we’re associating aging with declining. And I’m 67 and I don’t take any prescription drugs. I am very healthy. My mind is alert and I’m an example. And I eat algae every day and have for 13 years and I’m just one data point. But there’s as you said, tens of thousands of studies out there. We need to get the nutrition into people. And as you’re going to learn, that’s what spirulina algae does are we call our EnergyBITS and we have to get the toxins out of people. And the algae that does that is chlorella and we call ours recovery. But they do completely different things in your bodies. But together they work beautifully to offer you all of the support you’re not getting now so that you can either protect yourself from chronic disease, reverse the chronic disease, because your cells do grow every single day with over 30 trillion cells in our bodies and every day 30 trillion die and 30 trillion more grow. 

So whatever condition that you’re in, whether it’s good or not good, it won’t last because what you there’s a great expression that I heard once that I think applies to this. It’s an Asian expression that you never step in the same river twice because the flow of water is just constantly moving well. So is your body. So if you have a health condition now, don’t despair. But you do need to start giving your body and your mitochondria what it needs to start rebuilding healthily and you need to pull out the toxins that are interfering with all that transmission. It’s you know, the way that I just thought of how the toxins interfere so much. It’s sort of like, you know, when you’re in between radio stations, there’s a lot of static and you can’t hear anything. So think of those toxins as static. And so your cells can’t communicate with one another, so they can’t hear anything. Your mitochondria can generate ATP, so they aren’t functioning. So toxins are very damaging, static and we need to get rid of them so that you can have a clear, a clear message from your body. So everything works.


Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

So it’s a sign and I want to get back to mitochondria a little bit later on. But you’re talking about toxins. So how does and it sounds like cruel plural out of the two is as the one to move toxins out. So how effective is that compared to everything else that we get out there on the market?  Because there are a lot of kind of detoxification tools. Now you get activated charcoal. You have I mean, there’s so many, so many deaths out there to detoxify rala.


Catharine Arnston 

I think it’s the best. And here’s why. First of all, activated charcoal, which a lot of people use, will pull out all minerals. So you can get to a situation where you it’s pulling out the good minerals like magnesium, potassium, and you could get dehydrated because you’ve lost all your electrolytes. That never happens with Chlorella or Spirulina, but spirulina is not detoxing. It’s just cleansing. chlorella only pulls out toxins, heavy metals, mercury, radiation, aluminum. It also pulls out alcohol. It also pulls up lactic acid. So it leaves all the good minerals alone. And in fact, it has 40 vitamins and minerals. So it introduces healthy minerals to your body. At the same time, it’s pulling out the bad guys. So here’s this fabulous gift to from Mother Nature. Although what we’ll talk about, what distinguishes us from all the other algae companies out there. And it’s about the purity and the safety of it, because we don’t use high heat to dry our algae because there’s some pretty important nutrients that are killed by high heat and everybody else uses high heat. But back to the chlorella, it has all these great nutrients. It has still has 60% protein. It only pulls out the bad guys and puts in the good guys. And so I tell people, why would you use anything else? Because you could run into a dehydration problem with activated charcoal. And there I can’t think of any other detoxing mechanism that pulls out the toxins and introduces what’s missing in your body. I mean, it’s a twofer, right? Right. You get it in, you get it out. So the great thing about chlorella is that it actually tastes you know, certainly tastes better than Spirulina. It’s an acquired taste. But coral is pretty good. And if you put it was add sea salt to it or eat it with pistachios or macadamia nuts, it’s delicious. So now you’re having a snack that’s truly healing and detoxing. And I can’t think of anything else in the world that does that. So but it does have to be from a good source because most of the other we’ll talk about the two different allergies, but chlorella has a hard cell wall that needs to be cracked at production. And almost everybody else uses the original technique, which is to tumble the chlorella with glass beads and the glass heats up and blood from the glass gets into the chlorella. So now you’re introducing lead into your body and you’re using it to pull it out. Doesn’t make any sense to me. So when I started the company, I learned about that and we chose a newer, more expensive technique to crack our Lorella, which is we pass it through a sound chamber and it’s the vibrations that crack the chlorella. So somebody in California said, Oh, your chlorella has good vibrations. So very Californian, right?


Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

Yeah. That’s Beach Boys approved.


Catharine Arnston 

Right, right, right. Bit by approved. Exactly.


Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

Yeah. Yeah. I love it. So and this always fascinated me. So here we have something that’s able to give minerals and also not lock on to other minerals that you have and then just kind of selectively go after heavy metals. I mean, do you know why that is, how that function is?


Catharine Arnston 

Because I know it’s such a mystery. And as Lentz and I’m the chief scientific officer as well as the founder, and as we get bigger, we’re I’d like to do more research on that because it is fascinating. They’ve even used chlorella as a modality for directing chemotherapy treatments into the body because, as you know, chemotherapy or radiation kills everything. So in one example, and I have to see if I can find the paper where this was quoted, they injected the chlorella with the chemotherapy and the person either swallowed it or I don’t know what they did with it. Took an IV maybe, and the chlorella found the cancer and delivered the chlorella. The Chlorella found the cancer and delivered the chemotherapy to the cancer cells. Left the rest of the cells alone. There’s some kind of signaling that’s going on. I don’t know what it is, but it’s only from chlorella. It’s like this. It’s got this radar that can find the toxins and it can be anything. It can be pesticides, it can be glyphosate, it can be aluminum, it and it works in everything. As an example, if you have a couple of glasses of wine and you take but you do need 20 or 30 chlorella tablets, they’re very tiny. They’re about the size of a baby aspirin. So it’s not if you have to swallow them, it’s not a hardship that’s about how big they are. 

Actually, that’s spirulina. You see how chlorella is a green algae spirulina is a blue green algae. I do want to talk about the two algae because they’re quite different. And you take them at different times of day for different reasons. But they’re so tiny. But if you took the 20 or 30 Claro tablets after you consumed alcohol of any kind, you will be stoned, sober in an hour and a half and you will never have a hangover because it is able to purify your blood that quickly because blood is very porous. Now, it takes a good 7 to 10 days to clean out toxins and pull them out from the cells. And it can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months for organs. So it liver your heart, your brain because of the density of the cells. And some people do have some detox effects from chlorella and it’s not from the chlorella, what’s happening. And it would work with any detoxifying modality that you use. It’s pulling out the toxins. So now they’re circulating in your blood, waiting to be eliminated through sweat or breast or urine or bowel movements. And while it’s circulating, those toxins are causing maybe some breakout or some stomach distress. But it goes away after you’ve removed them. So it’s absolutely remarkable. I tell people, as you’re going to find out, spirulina is very energizing and because chloral so detoxing as Mother Nature had a great sense of humor, she gave us spirulina to be nourished and energy to go to the party. And then she gave us chloral to take after the party. So we don’t feel bad the next morning, then we can do it again, or whatever it is that you have in mind for the day. So it’s, it’s, it’s pretty amazing.


Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

And I always tell my patients when we get going on a detoxification program and I and I use Chlorophyll a lot, I mean, I love Lorella. I think it’s just incredible. And I tell them that, you know, if you start with plural and you do detoxification, you get to hit it hard. In the beginning because you start that, you know, the body recognizes Lorella as there is start to start to kind of move toxins into the intestinal tract and start to kind of want to get rid of toxin the cells. And if you don’t have enough grabbing power. Right, it’s just going to be floating around there. So it’s better to hit it hard. I mean, yes, I do. At least 20 of them or 30 of them, at least 60 a day is what I tend to do.


Catharine Arnston 

And Dr. Klinghardt is a function– I think he’s a functional medicine doctor and he says the same thing. You need to hit it hard with a lot of them, get them out, and then you can dial it back to maybe just ten Chloral Day four. So you get the wellness benefits because there’s all the rich chlorophyl and all the other 40 vitamins and minerals and but 2 to 4, the detox four. And we generally recommend the chlorella, which we call recovery bits at night because your body goes through a detox repair cycle while you’re sleeping. And a lot of people also, if you are ill and you or you are taking medications, they can be very constipated. And chloral also stimulates peristalsis, also known as a bowel movement. So what now you’re taking chloral at night to pull up the toxins, but it’s also like your little worker bees. While you’re getting your beauty rest, it’s in there. You’re healing your cells, pulling out aluminum from your brain, stimulated the chlorophyll is cleansing your gut, the fibers feeding your gut biome. You’re going to have a nice bowel movement and then you wake up in the morning and it’s, it’s like and you didn’t have to do anything. Just swallow the stuff, right? Or in my case, to.


Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

And it’s, it’s, it’s fascinating to me with nature. I mean, the intelligence of nature. So here you can have kind of other detox agents that may not be as intelligent, but here you have something that evolved for so many millennials and that and it has to set intelligence to know what to do in the body and how to kind of purify like it purifies the ocean water, you know, purifies the blood. And I mean, it’s just incredible to me that that intelligence you’re actually ingesting that intelligence, right, when you are taking chloroquine.


Catharine Arnston 

Right. Well, it’s really funny that you mention that because. Well, not funny, but great that you mention it because I call algae intelligent food for two reasons. You have to be intelligent to take it and it knows what to do in your body. And on that note, I maybe I could give people an overview of what algae is because it’s still very misunderstood if I if even known, because the only time people think of algae is when there’s an algae bloom in the ocean closing their favorite beach. And I tell people, poor algae gets the bum rap because it only shows up when there are toxins in the water because it kills bacteria. And so you didn’t see the toxins, but you could see the algae. So it’s there and it clean. It’s the cleanup crew in your body, too. But it does you do see it visually. You still want to stay away from it on a beach because it will absorb all the toxins. So it’s still toxic, but it’s only there as the cleanup crew. Which leads me to my first point that you already raised, that it is the first life on earth, not just the first plant, but the first life. And that was for almost 4 billion years ago. And it’s still here. So it’s doing something right. And so algae is a food category. So it’s very important to understand it is not a supplement which are made in factories with high heat and a mashup of extracts. They don’t exist like that in nature. So this is why the dirty little secret in the supplement industry is that your body doesn’t absorb most of what’s in a supplement. 

There are some exceptions, of course, but most cases because the extracts don’t exist like that in nature. But because algae is a food and it’s everywhere, it is almost 99% bioavailable. Now there’s two types of algae. There’s macroalgae and microalgae. And we’re going to talk about microalgae here today. But I do want to let you know what Macroalgae is, because they are from the same family. It’s that stringy stuff that washes up on shore. Maybe not where where you where you live, Dr. Karlfeldt, because I’m not sure if you’re near an ocean, but it’s so it’s also known as seaweed because it’s only in the seeds or kelp or dulce. Now it’s good for you because there’s lots of fiber. But as virtually no nutrition. So lots of fiber and also has iodine because it comes from the ocean, but no nutrition. Microalgae is completely opposite. And that’s what we’re talking about today. It has virtually no or it has no fiber. Spirulina is actually a bacteria zero fiber, and it is the most concentrated food in the entire universe. We have a quote from NASA says One gram of algae has the same nutrition as a thousand grams of fruits and vegetables, 1 to 1000. And the reason for that is because microalgae are so tiny, they’re called microbe because they’re microscopic. And about a million of them would fit on the head of a pin. So when you consolidate all the nutrition in them into these tablets, this is spirulina, which is a blue green algae and chlorophyll, which is a green it’s each tablet has the same nutrition as an entire plate of vegetables. We’ll get to that in a minute. 

But microalgae is very concentrated nutrition, virtually no fiber, and it’s everywhere. Seaweeds only in the ocean, in the sea and microalgae, as lakes, rivers, streams, the soil, your aquarium everywhere. And it’s harvested as a food crop in Asia. So and this is where we get ours. We got ours from Taiwan. This is a spirulina farm. This is a chlorella farm. So first you need to know algae is a food. Number two, it does grow everywhere. But if you go to Costco or a Whole Foods or buy it from us, it’s not pretty sure. It’s grown in fresh water. Now we’re known because we have triple filtered spring mountain water. So which is very important because as I mentioned, with the algae bloom, algae will absorb whatever is in the water. So you need to be sure that whoever is growing your algae for you is very focused on making sure the water is clear, which is what we do. So it’s a food and it’s a multibillion dollar agricultural crop in Asia. It’s almost as big as the beef industry is here in America, except, you know, it’s not grown here in America. So people here don’t know about it. And as we talked about earlier, there’s literally 100,000 studies documenting the health benefits of algae. But once again, here in America, those studies have not been communicated to the public. But so all we do is we grow very carefully. Then we air dry it without high heat, and then we press it into tablets. 

But I just want to go back to that air drying process, because this is probably the most important thing that you’re going to know when about buying algae tablets and what separates us from everybody else. We’re going to talk about two very, very important nutrients today that are in spirulina and Corolla. One is an enzyme called superoxide dismutase, proven to stop Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer, etc. But as an enzyme, it’s damage and killed by high heat and everybody else uses high heat. So you don’t get that benefit. But you do from us because we don’t use high heat. The other nutrient you need, we’re going to go into greater detail about is a blue pigment and it’s called viscose cyan and we’ll talk about it in greater detail, but it’s spelled t h y cac y a and i n okay. It’s the only place it’s found is in spirulina. Nowhere else in the entire plant kingdom or the universe. And that phi cosine and has been proven to kill cancer cells. And I’ll walk you through the process by which that occurs and and you can Google for cosine and cancer treatments because the chemotherapy companies are using this now to. But you know who’s going to tell you. Right. So that is also damaged by high heat. So all those other whether you go to Costco or Whole Foods and you buy cheaper LG or Amazon. 

Yes, you’ll still get some protein and yes, you’ll still get some chlorophyll, but you will not get access to active superoxide dismutase also known as O.D. or active viscose cosine. And those two together focus ions stops cancer and as superoxide dissipates, stops heart disease. And those two alone represent 75% of all deaths, 75%. And you’re cheating yourself if you don’t get live algae. So like, ours is ours it is raw because we don’t use high heat. So so it’s very important that you understand that algae isn’t like growing algae isn’t like growing broccoli or carrots. It’s more like wine. And when you grow wine, it’s affected by the sun, it’s affected by the drying techniques, the processing techniques. We all know that there’s thousands of nuances between different wines and different countries where they’re grown, different regions, same with algae. And so it’s not a carte blanche. Algae is algae. It’s quite unique. But no one’s ever told you that we growers in Taiwan, which is considered the gold standard and again, we don’t use these techniques like high heat, which everybody else who’s a lower price algae because they need to get to market quickly. So we’re going to add it to our website. But we recommend for health benefits ten tablets of spirulina, which is very nourishing and we’ll talk about that in a minute. And at least ten tablets of chloral at night, which is for wellness benefits. You need more for detox. And if you have a cancer diagnosis or had one, you should be taking at least 30 of spirulina and at least 30 chlorella a day forever because it is protective for your health. And if you only took ten, that’s a dollar a day. 

I think your health is worth a dollar a day and it replaces so many of your other things that will replace supplements or replace fish oil or replace coq10, biotin, vegetables, even so, it will ultimately save you time and money, but most importantly, it will protect you, your health, so that you can live longer, be around with your grandkids if you have any parents, family, friends, anybody who has a cancer diagnosis, please, please, please get them taking our spirulina or frozen spirulina. That’s the other option, because it has not been exposed to high heat. It’s frozen spirulina is messy, expensive, hard to find expires quickly. You can’t travel with it. But it would be the other option that I can endorse. And it’s again because you’ll have active super oxidizing taste and active by cosine and so sorry, a little bit of a ramble there but there’s you know, when people don’t know you don’t know what you don’t know. Right. But the good news is once you know, you can’t unknow.


Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

So tell me a little bit about the fact cosigning. I’m really fascinated. How, how does that kill cancer?


Catharine Arnston 

Yeah, well, I’ll walk you through a couple of processes. I’ll show you one particular and we’ll send you the paper, a scientific paper where this came from. This was an example where they took cancer cells and dyed them purple and then they did it in a petri dish. And they let that a 24 hour time lapse and took photos and they put efficacy in and into the petri dish. So here’s the starter shot and here’s the end. And you can see that it went from, you know, lots of cancer to virtually none. And the interesting thing is, I was studying the I looked at the quantity of cosine and that was used in that experiment. And one of our tablets, one has 4000 times more by cosine and then they use in that experiment and there so I just protected myself and I had the equivalent nutrition, an entire plate of vegetables. There are multiple pathways for this by cosine and to get to work. But I want to tell you about the most important one and it’s a bit geeky. So I will apologize to those who aren’t scientists. By the way, I call myself a science citizen scientist because I’m completely self-taught on science, although I am applying for a Ph.D. because I know so much know. And I found a university that I think is going to grant me one which is very exciting. So you’ve all heard of we’ve been alluding to mitochondria so far and they are referred to as the powerhouse of the cell because they generate cellular energy that is necessary for you to fight cancer for you, for your immune system to work, for your brain, to function for your own fat system, to work. It fuels everything. I tell people think of cellular energy and ATP. It’s called ATP as money. When you have more money, you can do more things and you have more choices. When you have more cellular energy, which is ATP, you can do more things, your body can do more things and has more choices. So if you are sick or you want to prevent something like cancer, having more ATP allows your body to do that. It’s like, think of a pie. If you had a pie and you had to share that pie, that with 100 people, everybody would get the smallest little slice of pie, like barely any pie. Right.

That’s what’s happening in your body. If you don’t have enough ATP to protect your immune system, to protect you from cancer, to get your brain, to help your digestion, there’s just small amounts going to all of these functions. But if you have more ATP, that’s like having ten pies. Now everybody gets whatever they need. They’re full, they’re happy, they’re functioning. And that’s what happens with your body. So the key is to always generate think of whatever you’re eating, whatever you’re doing too is to help your body generate more ATP because when it has more ATP, it can do more things and protect you. Now the process by which that ATP is produced is there’s three steps, but the final step is this thing called the electron transport chain. And the way I explain the electron transport chain is that it’s sort of like a relay race. I’m sure you’ve all watched the relay race. There’s a few runners, they have a baton. Each runner runs a certain distance, passes the baton, the next runner gets it, passes it. And then the goal is to cross the finish line and win well in the electron transport chain. Instead of runners, you have these four molecules and instead of a baton, you have electrons. And instead of winning the race, you get ATP at the end. So you want your runners to run really quickly, right? And you want them to be close together. So there’s in these four stations or for four runners, if you will, there’s this thing called a carrier molecule. It’s called cytochrome c and it’s sort of like it would like be taking the runner and just giving them wings so they can get to the next, the next runner. 

So think of cytochrome c is like giving your electron transport chain wings so they can fly that electron to the next station. Now that’s what happens when you have a healthy cell because Fido sci fi cosine and detects that it’s a healthy cell and it moves it moves that cytochrome C molecule very quickly. And this is one of the reasons why spirulina gives you energy, because it improves the speed by which the ATP and the quality of the ATP that is being produced. However, if you have a cancer cell or something called a senescent cell, which is basically a cell, there’s subdivided so many times now referred to as a zombie cell. It doesn’t have any anything left to do, but it refuses to go to die is think of it as someone who is senescent cells, someone who’s retired, but they continue to come to the office and they kick off, they kick the garbage can around. They make a lot of mess. So and you want to get rid of them. You want to get rid of your senescent cells because they’re inflammatory. They don’t do anything positive and they’re just causing a mess inside your health. 

So vitaco so viscose sign and the blue pigment in spirulina detects whether you have a senescent cell or a cancer cell. And if it’s one of those two, what it does is it kicks out that carrier molecule that gives you wings when you’re healthy and releases it, and that cytochrome c molecule goes and kills targets. The cancer cell and the senescent cells boom gone. So because it’s always, I mean, from my understanding that the mitochondria is the one that controls a lot of the apoptosis and obviously also the the genetic repair. If the cell is as we’re able to salvage the cell, then the mitochondria controls a lot of that. So by doing this, then it support those two functions. And from my understanding. Yes, absolutely. And the chemotherapy companies use this method to determine whether the treatments are working. They can tell whether the cancer is dying because what they do is they measure the amount of cytochrome C and you’re in your bloodstream. If you have a high amount of cytochrome C, they know that your cancer cells are being killed. So that’s one of the pathways. But fight that blue pigment does even more. It’s known as an anti it has anti angiogenesis properties. That’s a mouthful too. I know all these words are very long, but trust me, they’re very worth knowing. So what is angiogenesis? Angiogenesis is the growth of blood vessels. So when you have something that’s called anti angiogenesis, it means it stops that process and viscose iron and the blue pigment in spirulina, if it’s alive, has been proven to have anti angiogenesis properties, which stops the growth of blood vessels to tumors or cancers. 

That’s pretty powerful. So it’s not only killing the cells through this pathway of the cytochrome C molecule being injected, it’s also stopping the growth of the cancer or the tumor by hijacking the sources of supply of blood. And that’s very, very powerful. And back to the mitochondria themselves, we all talk about the ATP production because that’s what they do. But what most people don’t understand or it’s not even discussed is that a byproduct of ATP production are free radicals. And what you probably don’t know is that the mitochondria have their own DNA, and those DNA are located exactly where the ATP and the free radicals are being produced. And so that’s why your mitochondria die. They die so quickly because their DNA is dying. I’m showing you a picture of a cell. And inside the cell, you have mitochondria, you have your regular DNA, which is nowhere near the mitochondria. And inside the mitochondria is where that ATP is produced, but it’s also where the free radicals are produced. That’s exactly where the mitochondria DNA are. So if you’ve ever sat near a bonfire or a fireplace and you were too close, sparks would fly and you might get burned. Well, that’s what’s happening to your mitochondria DNA there exactly where the free radicals that are like fire and so they get burned and they die very quickly. Your regular DNA last a lifetime. 

Your mitochondria DNA lost on average about ten days. And so that’s why if you aren’t actively protecting your mitochondria, you will have damaged mitochondria and they control all cell your communication and you will have fewer of them. And I just now the good news is, well, the bad news is the way that the mitochondria get damaged is twofold. Remember, I talked about the electron transport chain. Well, when they when you eat food that has few, very few carbs in them those runners get they are able the stations are able to stay close together. But when you have food that has lots of carbs in it, they damage the mitochondria, the runners spread out, more electrons get released. And those disperse electrons create free radicals. So there’s two ways to protect your mitochondria. One is to reduce the amount of free radicals being produced, and one is to remove them. Because we know you’ve heard of antioxidants that remove free radicals. Okay. So reduce the free radicals being reduced or remove them. So as I mentioned, reducing free radicals. This is why if you have cancer, please, please, please stop eating any kind of sugar, any kind of processed foods because they are generating massive amounts of free radicals which are killing your poor little mitochondria so they can’t protect you and help you heal. So that’s number one, they keto or low carb diet creates fewer free radicals. And here’s the best thing of all intermittent fasting or any kind of fasting or algae, just a little spurt of free radicals, virtually none. You’ll get never get to zero. 

So the first step, if you want to prevent cancer, if you have cancer or you want to make sure it doesn’t come back, please change your dietary habits. It costs you nothing to change your dietary habits. Just start eating more fats, more lean protein, more complex carbs, and definitely add algae to your diet because it has so many healing properties. It’s crazy. So that’s number one. Number two is you want to remove the free radicals. But here’s the problem. The mitochondria are the only cell structure in your body that have two membranes. All your other membranes are a lipid membrane. And so proteins and antioxidants, like from blueberries and vitamin C, get in and out and everybody’s happy, not your mitochondria. And I’ll tell you why in a minute. It has a second membrane, inner membrane. You can eat a roomful of blueberries and not a drop of antioxidants will get in there. By the way, drugs can’t get in there either. So it’s impenetrable. It’s like, I see you in a hospital. The good news is there are three antioxidants that can get into that inner membrane and remove the antioxidants. Okay. One is called superoxide dismutase. Oh, isn’t that interesting? I just mentioned that one is glucose iron, which is also super anti-detox. Ah, and the third one is chlorophyll. The most important one is superoxide dismutase. And what does it do? It takes the free radicals and turns them into water. It’s like having a fireman in there. But here’s the problem. 

Okay, so superoxide dismutase, there’s 25,000 studies that prove that super oxidizing case protects your mitochondria from free radical damage. I’d say that was pretty important. It’s also known as sod, so that is easier to say. And the reason why it’s so important is the most powerful anti free radical is called superoxide and it’s produced in the mitochondria. It’s the most damaging free radical in your entire body. And I was curious about why it was so damaging. And then I did some research and found out why. If you don’t know what a free radical is, it’s a molecule that has an unpaired electron in its orbit. And so what it does, it steals somebody else’s electron and causes tissue damage at that same time. And then that one’s an unbalance. So then it goes on, steal somebody else’s electron. It’s like being at school and you steal someone else’s lunch and then they go steal somebody else’s lunch and it just cascades, right? So that’s with one unpaired electron, which is most free radicals. Superoxide has three unpaired electrons, so it’s three times as damaging. So this thing called superoxide dismutase, it turns all those free radicals into harmless water. 

So your mitochondria are saved. Like I said, it’s like having a fireman in there. So the good news is your body makes this stuff called superoxide dismutase from the moment you’re born as the good news, right? The bad news is it stops making it after the age of 30. You certainly have virtually none by 40 and 50 and 60. Like you’re a sitting duck. This is I believe this is why so many people get chronic diseases after the age of 40 because their mitochondria are no longer being protected by superoxide dismutase like it had been up until that moment. And here’s the other problem. You can’t get superoxide dismutase from food zero. Unbelievable. Right? And even if you take them as a supplement, there’s a few, but they get damaged in your digestive tract. Well, here’s the good news. Our algae has the highest concentration of superoxide dismutase in the world, and superoxide synthase is normally in all spirulina, and it’s also in chlorella, but it’s an enzyme and all the other algae companies use high heat to dry their algae because they’re cheaper algae to get to market quickly to sell more. And I started the company just to help people because of my sister. So we’ve never used high heat on our algae, so our superoxide doesn’t taste, is ready to go to work for you to protect you, put out those fires and you can’t get it from anybody else’s algae except for frozen spirulina because it has not also been exposed to heat. So, so is a very powerful reason why you should be adding spirulina. These are spirulina to your daily diet and correcting your your health, because when you protect your mitochondria, it’s like having a superhero looking after you. 

It reduces the number of free radicals. It eliminates the ones that are still there. Then it’s got these other amazing in this case, a pigment called focusing and that goes to battle for you and either kills cancer cells or speeds up the production of ADP in the healthy cells. So it’s I don’t know, it’s and Mother Nature’s just brilliant. You know, we don’t I can’t take credit for algae. Mother Nature is the one that did it. But I will take credit for overseeing the careful growing of it to be sure that all the nutrients are preserved, that there are no toxins in there, so that you can feel safe giving it to your newborn, to your pets, to your grandparents. And all they have to do is swallow. If you can swallow water, you can get all this protection to try to take ten a day of spirulina and ten in the morning and ten chloral at night. If you have a health condition, definitely take closer to take 30 at least, or even 60. We have testimonials from customers who write in and tell us their Alzheimer’s went away within like the brain fog went away within 48 hours. They, they, they sent us their lab tests. They were given two weeks to live. And they sent us their lab tests that show that the various blood tests have shown that the cancer is dying and gone away. By the way, the agents use this every day. And the Japanese in particular, they’re known for having the best longevity there in a blue zone, by the way. They have the best skin, hair, best, lowest cancer rates, lowest obesity rates, and they take algae every single day. Why should they be the only ones benefiting from this? 

Nobody has explained these things to you, but the science has been around for about 75 years, so I’m just here to help you understand why you need this, why we all need this, particularly at this moment in time, particularly if you want to prevent cancer, particularly if you have cancer. It’s not a drugs, it’s just food. But it’s the most concentrated healing food in the universe. And a gift to us from Mother Nature. And you never want to look a gift in the in the in the in the you don’t want to turn your back on a gift like this. It’s honestly, there’s never, ever you’ll never find anything so remarkable as anybody.


Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

And talk to me a little bit about. Yeah, because you have lung cancer patients going through the after effect of chemo. Also you have radiation, the damaging effect of radiation. And you also have imaging when people use dye that can be really toxic to the body. So, Lorella, can that be a powerful ally? Absolutely. Bring that.


Catharine Arnston 

Out. Absolutely. So the chlorella, because it pulls out toxins, including radiation. In fact, the United Nations used it after Chernobyl. It was the entire chloro supply was bought up after the Fukushima disaster with bought up within 24 hours because all the Asians know it pulls out radiation. So if you are getting radiation treatments. So we strongly recommend taking at least 30 of the chlorella tablets the next day and it will pull out the excess chemo. You can even do it later that day so that you’re not as nauseous and it will pull out any other that are part of any treatment plan. We generally recommend it 2 hours after you’ve had whatever drug that you’ve taken because we don’t want to interfere with whatever treatment has been prescribed. But we don’t want you to feel sick and we don’t want you to have more downside from that, from the toxicity, because these medications mess up everything in your at the cellular level, they mess up your digestion, they kill all the healthy bacteria. So chlorella will also help populate the gut for because it has those it has fiber. So spirulina is very nourishing and energizing and sort of protective of the mitochondria. 

And chlorella is very detoxing and protective of the immune system. And the two of them work very closely together to support one another with different, different benefits to help people understand the difference, because it’s a lot of to learn if you’ve never under you. A lot of people put spirulina a scoop of it in their smoothie because they want the greens or they want the protein. They have no idea that it has these other medicinal properties. If you are getting high quality. So it’s a lot to sort of take in. I understand that. So I came up with a fun analogy. You know, I speak at a lot of conferences at home, at fancy hotels. So and in the morning maybe I’ll get room service and which is very, you know, gets me what I need for the day. So think of spirulina, which we call hours EnergyBITS like room service. It gives you everything you need for the day, your nourishment, your energy, you know, whether you have cancer or chronic illness or not. But it’s very nourishing and energizing, just like, you know, you get what you need from hot from room service. And think of Lorella, which we call recovery buckets as housekeeping, because later in the day, housekeeping comes in and cleans out your room, gets rid of that junk that you don’t need. That’s what chlorella does. It gets rid of the junk in your trunk, particularly when you’re sleeping. But you could take either one of them any time of day. But it’s a cleaning up algae sort of like the algae cleans up your beach with when there’s toxins in there. So it’s the cleanup crew like housekeeping. So spirulina is very nourishing, like room service. And chlorella is very much like housekeeping and gets rid of all the garbage that you don’t want. So the two of them do completely different things in your body and collectively they really supercharge your body so that you can have health restored. Your immune system restored. The reason where we’re getting sick, I’ve already alluded to the lack of nutrition and the lack and the excess toxins. But the reality is the reason why we’re getting sick is those two things have impact the number of mitochondria and the ability of them to generate ATP or they they damage your immune system so that it can’t function. So you need strong mitochondria and plentiful and to survive and thrive in fact, and you need a strong immune system. And so these two are your go tos for doing those two things. And, and together they will help bring everybody back to health. I’m convinced of it.


Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

Yeah. It’s always fascinating. We look under like a live blood cell analysis under microscope and you look at the white blood cells. And so, yes, they can be there, but are they doing the job? So if they don’t have the energy and the fuel, they’re just going to kind of hang out there and like lay by the pool and have a margarita and that’s all they do. And they don’t do anything productive. So, yeah, energy is crucial for the system. Another point I wanted to really address also have something is called tumor lysis, which is a big deal. So if you go through these different, you know, chemotherapy or whatever oxidative therapy you’re doing to kill off cancer cells, then you need to clean that up. And then, yeah, I assumed and the Lorella would be a powerful ally to help the clean up can a dead cancer cell material that we need to flush out.


Catharine Arnston 

Exactly the same thing happens with lyme there’s a protocol where people take tinctures, medical grade tinctures of stevia to kill the lime. But then you absolutely have to take the chlorella afterwards to clean up the deadline. Otherwise, they stay there and they cause as much damage as if they were alive. So same with a lot of people are doing cryotherapy, which really is fantastic and we recommend you take the spirulina certainly before maybe the Corolla before too, because with cryotherapy you’re exposed to cold and so your body thinks is dying. So it pulls all the blood into the core. And, and if it’s, it’s there, if you have spirulina with all the viscous iron, the super oxidizing state is very nourishing. And then when you step out and the cryotherapy cleans out, it stimulates autophagy and apoptotic apoptosis. So you have all these dead cells. So then you need the chlorella afterwards to pull all that garbage out. So it’s I tell people, it’s like giving your body a shower from the inside. We have a shower every day on the outside. You need to shower from the inside. And this is what chlorella does it. 

And while he’s doing it, it’s, you know, taking potshots at all the different senescence cells, cancer cells and just keeping you everything moving and functioning. And like I said, I to mine, I have so many every day have for 13 years, by the way, it also improves your skin, improves your bones. The list of benefits hours is longer than you can possibly imagine. I know we’re zeroing in on the cancer and chronic disease applications. But again, on that note, you may not know this. Why would you? There’s 2 million mitochondria per cell in your brain. Your brain has the highest concentration of mitochondria in your entire body because the more mitochondria located in cells that are very high energy, the next concentration is your retina. Then it’s women’s eggs and then then your heart. After that it’s like maybe about 1000 per cell. But think about it, 2 million mitochondria per cell in your brain. So this is why we did a clinical trial recently with a nonprofit group. They had veterans that had been discharged because they had mental issues. And we gave all we did was we gave them a pouch of our spirulina tablets, 30 tablets in a pouch. They did nothing else. We did brain scans before, brain scans after and after 30 days. Their brain inflammation, which we saw in the first scan, was completely gone. And it’s because and there’s a great book oops, that’s come out called Brain Energy by Dr. Chris Palmer. He’s a friend of mine. He’s at the Harvard Medical School. 

He’s a psychiatrist there. And in his book he talks about how all brain issues are due to damaged mitochondria. And because the science and our own clinical trials have proven that spirulina heals the mitochondria and there’s 2 million of them. Purcell in your brain. This is why ours works so well. But again, it has to be, has to be live, has to be raw spirulina. So either frozen or ours. So so think of things spirulina also as brain food because, you know, we eat fatty fish because the omega three, by the way, is is loaded with essential fatty acids. I tell people, do you think the fish get the omega three from they get it from algae. So if you get it you need something to remember what the algae does. Think of spirulina as brain food. And because this heals your gut with the chlorophyl fiber and detoxing, this is gut food. And interestingly, they are connected with something called the vagus nerve. So when you improve your brain, you’re going to improve your gut. When you improve your gut, you’re going to improve your brain.


Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

Love it loved. Well Kathryn that there’s been amazing such incredible information, such powerful tools. Thank you so much for sharing all of this.


Catharine Arnston 

Well, thank you for the opportunity. We all want everyone to get healthier. We’re in a crisis right now. And anything that we can do to contribute to help people get out of crisis mode is my joy. And I just want to assure people, algae, is it new? It’s just new to you. So just like you didn’t know about QR or chia or matcha or collagen, and until someone told you about it, you know, then you started to understand what it does and the benefits it provides. You say with algae, it’s just that it hasn’t been grown here and no one’s told you about it. So but it’s not new and please come to our website EnergyBITS.com, E N E R G Y B I T S  and we have a 20% discount code: BREAKTHROUGH all one word and you can get 20% off anything on the website. We have fun canisters, we put bags in them and you take them out to the opening or we have large bags, small bags, but come and visit us because we also do a blog. There’s lots of science there and if you’re not ready to buy a big commitment of a big bag, you can go to Amazon. There’s no discounts there, but a little pouch is only $6. So just try it out and then come back to the website and enjoy the benefits is remember, it’s only ten tablets cost you a dollar a day and that will protect you and your children and your family in ways that, you know, is almost unexplainable. And it’s thanks to Mother Nature. She’s doing her job for us.


Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

She’s bringing intelligence and wisdom from way beyond, you know, much longer than we’ve been here. So thank you so much. This was amazing.


Catharine Arnston 

Thank you. Thank you. Take care.


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1 month ago

Wonderful discussion! My disabled veteran husband and I were delighted with such detailed information, thank you Ms. Arnston and Dr. Karlfeldt! We are much more informed about algae and are going to incorporate it in his fight with service related bladder cancer! A side note, when trying to place an order, the BREAKTHROUGH did not work for us, but thankfully a pop up gave us a new 20% off code – MISSINGBITS. Thank so much and God Bless you both!

Pam Jacinto
Pam Jacinto
30 days ago

We’re thrilled to hear that you found the discussion informative and helpful for your husband’s health journey, Lynette. Wishing your husband all the best in his battle, and may he experience improved health and well-being. If you have any questions or need further information, don’t hesitate to reach out. Take care, and God bless you both!

Donna Ross
Donna Ross
27 days ago

Is it best if taking say 20 Spirulina a day to spread them out through the day or take all at once? Same question about Chlorella in the evening.

Pam Jacinto
Pam Jacinto
27 days ago
Reply to  Donna Ross

Hi Donna, we apologize but we are unable to address your concern through this channel. You may reach out to Dr. Karlfeldt directly at https://www.thekarlfeldtcenter.com/

We also have an upcoming live Q&A session, which is a great opportunity to ask such questions to Dr. Karlfeldt. Please watch out for an email invitation with the session details. See you there!

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