Biohacking Inflammation and Immunomodulation Using Genomic and Nutritional Insights

Bryce Wylde, BSc (hons), DHMHS



What Bryce Wylde Will Teach You About Nutrition 

  • Wylde gives a short explanation of evolutionary biology and how our genetic aptitude factors into our current diets 
  • How to read food labels and what specific nutrition facts to look for 
  • Information on our genes, supplements, and more 

The Benefits of Nutrition to Your Health

  1. The main benefit of enhanced diet and nutrition intake is overall improved health and healing of ailments
  2. By reverting to diets similar to those of our ancestors, people have increased longevity and age
  3. Understanding your specific genetic susceptibility can help in weight loss and energy


In this Dr. Talk, Bryce Wylde (AKA The Wylde Doctor) discusses nutrition and evolutionary biology. He teaches how to read labels and what specifically to look for in those labels by conducting the whole interview from the inside of a grocery store. Wylde also shares when and how to eat. Through walking around and interacting with food products in this Dr. Talk, Bryce Wylde demonstrates how to truly eat healthily. You can find more information on nutrition, supplements, and Bruce Wylde at 

Practical Steps to Improve Your Diet 

  • One practice that Bryce Wylde recommends is the Japanese teaching Hara Hachi Bu. With Hara Hachi Bu you eat until you are 80% full and leave a 20% gap. By doing this you can better adhere to your body’s caloric demand 
  • Another easy step that Wylde recommends taking is reverting eating habits to be similar to our ancestors. You can do this by “eating the rainbow,” which means to eat fruits and vegetables every day, along with nuts and seeds. According to Wylde, reverting back to this way of eating can heal many ailments 


Bryce Wylde discusses evolutionary biology, reading labels, genes, and more in this Dr. Talk. By spending the interview walking around a grocery store, Wylde actively demonstrates what ingredients to look for in food and supplements and how they interact with your genes. Wylde also goes by The Wylde Doctor or wyldeonhealth on social media. You can learn more at 


Kashif Khan

All right guys, today we are joined by Bryce Wylde, aka The Wylde Doctor. And this is not a joke, it’s actually on his license plate. I saw him driving away from our office once, and it said The Wylde Doctor. I was like this guy is like, you know, putting it right in our face. First of all, thanks for joining us.


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