Chinese Medicine: A Unique Prescription For Parkinson

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  • Discover the five core branches of Chinese medicine
  • Understand Parkinson’s from a unique Chinese medicine perspective
  • Learn about the ancient and modern views on acupuncture
  • This video is part of The Parkinson’s Solutions Summit
Kenneth Sharlin, MD

Hello. I’m Dr. Ken Sharlin. I am so pleased to present you with an interview with Dr. Miles Nichols. This is the Parkinson’s Solutions Summit. This week we have numerous experts in the field of Parkinson’s disease: clinicians, researchers, speakers, authors, and so forth. I hope you’ve been enjoying it. I am especially excited to be interviewing Dr. Miles Nichols today. He is a functional medicine doctor. He certifies other doctors in functional medicine. His background is in Chinese medicine and acupuncture as well. He is an expert on therapeutic breathwork. I’m sure we’re going to learn a lot from Dr. Nichols today. Without further ado, Dr. Miles Nichols, welcome to the Parkinson’s Solutions Summit.

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Johannes Welters
Johannes Welters
1 month ago

Very interesting. I would add to this the groundbreaking research and books written by Dr.Janice Hadlock, DAOM, LAc. Having healed herself of Parkinson’s in the late 1990s, she worked with about three hundred Parkinson’s patients in her clinic and accumulated a wealth of experience helping many heal themselves using pre-communist China’s TCM’s advanced channel theory as the guiding principle. For more information, you can visit Her approach gave me a roadmap to follow as trauma (mental, emotional, and/or physical) is seen as the primary driver of this “syndrome” (as she calls it). I see myself as basically healthy, vital, and strong but with a body where the energy channels have been disrupted by shock causing all the typical Parkinson’s symptoms.

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