Discover Your Genetic Potential: Hormones And DNA

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  • Understand the crucial link between your DNA and hormone expression
  • Learn the importance of having your DNA tested, a one-time procedure
  • Gather insightful tips to make the most of your DNA test results
  • This video is part of the Mastering the Menopause Transition 2.0 Summit
Sharon Stills, ND

Hello Ladies, welcome back to Mastering Your Menopause Transition Summit 2.0. I’m your host, Dr. Sharon Stills. And I am excited. As always, I sound like a broken record. But I am. But it’s true because I have cultivated and curated amazing speakers for you. And today you ladies are just going to love this. Go grab a pencil, grab some paper or pen because there’s going to be a lot of information. I have our super sponsor who was so grateful of the summit Kashif Khan, he is, I was talking on before I’m like, you are the DNA king so like we’re crowning him. He’s the DNA king. He’s the author of the new book, can you see it? The DNA Way, which is an amazing way. 

I was just complimenting him on how easy to read this book is and so thorough and so full of really digestible, important nuggets of information for your health. I know just from my patients and from past summit participants how important the DNA testing is and how it just is this beautiful marriage with menopause and understanding the foundation of your hormones. As we know, your genetics loads the gun, but your lifestyle and your choices pulls the trigger. But it’s nice to know what the gun is loaded with. So we are very honored and very happy to be spending the next little bit of time together. Speaking and learning from Kashif Khan. So welcome back to the site.

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