Enhancing Brain Health With HRT

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  • Learn how hormone replacement therapy benefits cognition in postmenopausal women
  • Discover why starting HRT at menopause with the right delivery method is vital for maximizing its benefits
  • Understand the importance of a personalized approach to HRT, for maintaining brain and overall health
  • This video is part of the Reverse Alzheimer’s 4.0 Summit
Dale Bredesen, MD

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the reverse Alzheimer’s Summit. Once again, I’m here with Dr. Ann Hathaway, one of my favorite physicians who’s done such incredible work and is a real-world expert on BHRT. This comes up again and again as we keep coming back. If you’re going to understand what’s driving cognitive decline and then you’re going to be able to reverse cognitive decline, then you want to look. I think of it often as three up and three down. You want to know if there is enough energy in X and neurotransmitters and, essentially, a neurotrophic effect, hormones, nutrients, and NGFB. And then the three things that you want to reduce: inflammation, toxins, and stress. These are keys.  Of course, hormones play a role in many of these processes. It’s interesting to me that, if you look just at the molecular species, estradiol binds to its receptor, enters the nucleus, and affects hundreds of genes. Interestingly, one of the genes that are upregulated is alpha-secretase, which cuts APP to give you the two synaptic blast stick fragments as APP Alpha, and Alpha CTF encouraging neuroplasticity. This comes up all the time. Let me ask you some of the things that we keep hearing about. Number one, do you think the BHRT is helpful for cognition in anyone?

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Kim Helsabeck
Kim Helsabeck
2 months ago

This is one I will listen to again, and I’ll also read the transcript for the optimal serum levels. I would like to know where she thinks the patch (transdermal estradiol) should be applied on the body.I am 73 and have been on B-HRT for 22 years.

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