Heal Gut & Autoimmune: Uncover Trauma’s Impact, Find Your Way Out

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  • Discover the Gut-Autoimmune Connection: Uncover the significant impact of trauma on autoimmune conditions and learn about the role of the gut in these processes
  • Address Chronic Inflammation: Understand the five pillars underlying chronic inflammatory diseases and identify the three internal factors influencing your inflammation genes
  • Take Action for Healing: Gain practical steps to prevent and reverse autoimmunity while accelerating trauma therapy, dedicating just one hour a week to these actionable measures
Aimie Apigian, MD, MS, MPH

Welcome to this interview on the Biology of Trauma Summit 3.0. I’m your host, Dr. Aimie, and we are talking about the trauma disease connection here. And this interview is so important when it comes to the trauma disease connection because we’re specifically talking about a condition, a diagnosis even that is strongly connected with the trauma response. Now, many people think, mistakenly, that autoimmunity is related to stress and they would be wrong. That’s actually not true. So autoimmunity is one of those conditions that is strongly correlated associated with the trauma response. We started to learn this from the adverse childhood Experiences study done by Dr. Vincent Poletti of Toronto, where they looked at what was this connection between childhood stress and adult onset disease, something that can happen decades ago and yet somehow doesn’t show up and manifest until adulthood. What is going on? And it’s this the mechanism is this key to understanding the trauma response in the body. And when the body goes into this trauma response, it can become a chronic pattern. It can become a pattern that the body goes into almost every day. 

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