How Stress Changes The Way Your Brain Fires.

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  • Dr. Irene Cop discusses the effects of stress on the brain in a podcast interview
  • Stress triggers the hard-wired stress response, activating fight, flight, freeze, or faint reactions, leading to physical and mental changes
  • The prefrontal cortex, responsible for logical thinking and emotional regulation, goes offline during stress, impacting decision-making and focus
  • Resilience tools and techniques can be learned to keep the prefrontal cortex engaged, helping manage stress and avoid negative consequences. Dr. Cop introduces the “Flameout Syndrome Risk Assessment” to determine one’s risk of severe burnout and offers a resource for self-awareness
Amelia Scott Barrett, MD

Hi everybody. Welcome to the reboot Your brain podcast. I’m Dr. Barrett and I am so excited about our guest today. Dr. Irene Cop is going to tell us a little bit about what’s going on in the brain when we are under stress and what we can do about it. Dr. Irene so glad to have you here today.

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Bret Gregory
Bret Gregory
3 months ago

Wow, what an insightful episode of “Reboot Your Brain” with Dr. Barrett and Dr. Irene Cop! 🧠✨ I found it super fascinating how stress can literally take our prefrontal cortex offline, making it harder for us to think clearly and manage our emotions effectively. But the good news about being able to train our brains to maintain prefrontal cortex function during stressful times is super empowering! 😌💡

The idea that simple actions, like smiling with a pencil in your mouth or adopting a confident posture, can trick our brains into feeling happier and more confident is mind-blowing. It’s amazing how our body language can influence our mental state. Also, the concept of “Flameout Syndrome” and the importance of awareness in managing stress levels is a game-changer. 🚀🔥

Dr. Cop’s practical tips for building resilience and managing stress are definitely something I’ll be trying out. And that “Flameout Syndrome Risk Assessment” sounds like a crucial tool for recognizing when we’re on the edge of burnout. 🔍📊

This episode is a reminder of how intricate and responsive our brain is, and how understanding it better can help us lead healthier, happier lives. It’s encouraging to know that, with the right tools and knowledge, we can navigate life’s stressors more effectively. 🌈🙌

Here’s a thought to ponder: Have you ever noticed a situation where changing your posture or forcing a smile actually shifted your mood or stress level? Would love to hear your experiences or any other quick stress-busting techniques you’ve found effective! Let’s chat! 💬😊

We would love to hear your thoughts. Join the discussion belowx

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