How to Know if Toxins are Affecting You

Dr. Sharon Stills


  • Just how toxic are you?
  • Invisible toxins and how they are impacting your health
  • True detoxification and how you can prepare for detoxification
Dr. Sharon Stills

Hi ladies. Welcome, welcome, day seven. And today I wanted to spend a little bit of time with you talking about toxins, the toxic talk. How do you know if you’re toxic? Well, here’s the sad but unfortunate truth. If you are alive and watching this, then you have toxins. It is no longer a question of am I toxic? The question is, how toxic am I and does my body work well to eliminate those toxins? Can my body keep up with it? And so we really have to have plans in place for addressing this toxicity. We need to have daily things we do. Weekly things we do. Monthly things we do. Seasonal things we do. Yearly things we do to constantly be supporting our body as it’s combated with all of these toxins. And one of the things that I wanna bring up first is the invisible toxins. And so I’m talking about wifi and EMFs, 5G and all of these toxins that we can’t see, but are bombarding us. And so I’d like you to think about your EMF habits and what you can do to clean them up. So for example, when you’re sleeping you want your phone in another room, you want it on wifi. You want the electricity turned off to the room. The wifi turned off. You don’t wanna be bathing in a sea of EMFs that are having very negative effects on our body. 

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