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How To Make Menopause The Sexiest Time Of Your Life

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  • Learn why a low sex drive during menopause happens and what it could mean for your health
  • Learn step-by-step methods to reclaim your lost sexual vibrancy
  • Gather insights on how to explore novelty and sex stores with your partner
Diane Mueller, ND, DAOM, LAc

Hey, everybody. Welcome to another episode of our summit. I am your host, Dr. Diane Mueller, a libido expert. I am so excited to have my friend, my colleague, the amazing Dr. Sharon Stills. Menopause, hormone, and sex expert with us on the show today. Thank you so much today for being with us.


Sharon Stills, ND

Oh, thank you. It is always fun to come and chat about sex.


Diane Mueller, ND, DAOM, LAc

Yes, it is the best conversation, for sure. We are going to talk about why menopause is the best sex, plus a lot of other amazing things. Let us start there. Why can menopause for people who have their whole life be some of the best sex they have had?


Sharon Stills, ND

Well, and some of you may be going, is she insane? When sex, it is dry, and it hurts. I do not feel good. I have no libido. I just want to put the context in that when you are working and have balanced hormones and you have on the bioidentical hormones and you have been feeding your vaginal tissue estriol and making it moist and plump again, and when you are sleeping and not sweating and all of those things, and if you want, we can go into more detail about that later. 

But when that is all happening, you have reached your physical and your balance. Then it is, well, now that you feel good, you have the energy for sex. I think to myself, and what I hear from my thousands of patients after over two decades in practice, is that you do not have to worry about getting pregnant. That is a big one. 

I remember those days. It is, that takes the edge off the sexy when you are worried about getting pregnant or do not want to get pregnant. Women always ask me, Who is younger? What is the solution for natural birth control? I always say that if I had that solution, I would be talking to you from my private island, with my private jet. I will find the perfect solution. Birth control pills are certainly off the table for me. They are just having too many side effects and too many ramifications down the road. That is another topic. But yes, you do not have to worry about getting pregnant. 

I also think at this point in menopause, you are in your late 40s, your 50s, your 60s, and your 70s. There is something about just coming home to yourself and being present with who you are, accepting who you are and being comfortable in your own body. You can just let go and explore, and hopefully, you have learned. If you have not, here is your opportunity now self-care and self-pleasure are not a luxury. It is not selfish of me. It is mandatory. It is something that we all need to be doing as part of the human experience. 

Sex can be this fun, playful time. I am often a real big proponent of self-sex and masturbation, whether your partner is partnered or not, and to know we have to. What do they say? When you are looking for a partner, be the partner you want to look for. You have to be what you want to attract. There is that law of attraction, and it is a universal law. It does happen that we attract what we are putting out, and the level is vibrating out. 

If we are expecting to have sex with a partner and for them to just automatically know what it is that floats our boat and gets our rocks off, we have to know ourselves first. It can be this beautiful time of coming back because I feel menopause and I always write it with the parentheses around the pause. Is this time to pause? It is a time to pause, not just to go to the doctor and get the bioidentical hormones, but to shore up your adrenals, your thyroid, and so forth. But it is also this time to pause about your life, about what you are doing, about what you are not doing, about who you are doing it with, about who you are not doing it with, about where you are doing it, why you are doing it, and how you are doing it. 

This is an important opportunity. I think sex has to be on the table there. The way physiology works is that our body promotes staying alive and preferentially goes down biochemical pathways to keep us alive, to keep our muscles moving and our blood pumping to run away from danger way before it says, Well, yes, lie down and have a good time and feel good. We need to go back and look and be. Have we been in that fight or flight? Have we been in that fear or that stress mode? Have we been too tired for sex, not having time for it, not thinking about it, or not prioritizing it? If that is the case, why? 

It is also a good time for women. Men connect through sex, I want to be close to you, baby. Come here, women. We connect emotionally, with intimacy first. then we are, sure, come on, you can come inside. It is a different thing. It is a time to also look at your relationship, because a lot of times if you are not interested in sex, there are things between you and your partner that are either out on the table or not working or have been brushed under the rug for many years and are not working. This is a good time to reevaluate the relationship and decide whether to repair or end it. There are many different options there. 

It is this to even look at, and we all have different levels of sex drive. Some of us are super horny, and some of us are not so much. But even within that, I say to check-in. Have you just decided, I am not a sexual being? I do not have a high sex drive. Is that the truth? Is that something you have just told yourself? Is that something you have been conditioned into because men are studs and women are sluts? No, they are not. That is not true. We get to enjoy sex just as much, and we have these physical bodies. We are one of the only species that has sex. Not only to have a baby, to make a baby, to further the species, but to just feel pleasure and to feel good, and what is wrong with feeling good? Bring it on. I want more of that.


Diane Mueller, ND, DAOM, LAc

Yes, there is so much, as you said, that I love and let us pick it apart one by one because I think we can go in a lot of different directions. I want to first just comment on the menopause with the pause being emphasized because what I am hearing what you have said, is a reframing of a midlife crisis, We talk, you read online, okay, midlife crisis, things are going out of balance, and people want to change their lives, their careers, and everything else. We call it a midlife crisis, but I think a reframe of that is what you are saying. Why not take the pause and then take it to it might not be hormonally driven in the same way to reevaluate life and say, Well, what track do I want to be on for the next phase of life?

I appreciate the reframe you have done on confidence and some of the value we see in what is happening at this time. more confident, getting more used to one’s body, and those sorts of things. How do you feel from the standpoint of an inner relationship with a partner? Say somebody has been with a partner; at menopause, many people are with a partner. We are talking about menopause. We are talking about women. Many people have been with a partner for a very, very long time. At this point in life, that is quite common. So for somebody who is feeling, Sex is not for me, I do not care anymore. I know a lot of people at menopause just get to a point where it is. Whatever, I am just going to focus on other things. Can you talk to us about the value of coming back to a sexual experience at this time of life, or maybe it is a loss? What what that provide as value for a person, as well as, relationally, why they should consider that?


Sharon Stills, ND

Yes, good question. Just before I answer it, yes, I want to say, yes, I love how you put the reframe in with your midlife crisis because I never think of midlife crisis because I just think, What is the next chapter where we turn the page and you bring up men? Then have rew because, as we said, they are testosterone. Your men can pause too. An open invitation for everyone to pause. The pause is powerful. No matter what your sex is or where you are at, and then, as far as your question as to why it is important to bring sex back into your life, I think there are a few answers to that if we are looking at it from a physiological perspective. 

Orgasm is one of my favorite prescriptions; other than prescribing bioidentical hormones, I do not prescribe pharmaceuticals. Both Diane and I are naturopathic physicians, and I can prescribe pharmaceuticals. I just never need to because I can handle it with natural means. But I love to use my prescription pad for fun things like; orgasms—that is your heart rate for the day as you are leaving the office. The medicinal benefits of orgasm include releasing endorphins, DHA, and oxytocin, the love drug hormone, the bonding hormone, the anti-anxiety hormone, and the balancing hormone to too much cortisol and stress. that is my favorite thing. If you are having trouble sleeping, yes, we will get your progesterone. 

But, let us start having an orgasm. I can see how well that fares against taking Ambien. It is more fun, it is not addictive, it does not have side effects, it does not ruin your overall mortality, it lessens it, and so on. There is a benefit of orgasm strengthening your pelvic floor; you have to use it or lose it. We strengthen the pelvic floor. We protect and prevent urinary tract infections. We can burn calories. It strengthens our cardiovascular system. It increases our secretory IgA, so it enhances our immune system. There are all these physical and logical benefits to having sex or having an orgasm is important. We think about these things, and we never stop to think, An orgasm. I have a talk that says I have an orgasm a day, keeps the doctor away, and forgets the apple to orgasm with onboarding. 

We think, my cardiovascular system will let me go see the cardiovascular doctor and cardiologist and let me see if I need to take some medication, or let me see Dr. Stills and Dr. Mueller and let me see if I need CoQ10 or so Hawthorn or whatever. But it is we who want you to start thinking about all these beautiful activities as human beings we get to engage with, whether it is stepping out into nature, harnessing the power of your breath, or enjoying an orgasm and sexual contact that also act as medicine in just as powerful, if not more powerful, ways. From a physiological perspective, to answer your question, that is why it is important to start embracing sexual activity again. 

From an emotional perspective, I think it is what I alluded to a little before: if you are shut down and do not want to engage in sex with your partner or yourself, what is going on? Are you just tired, or are you in a trauma response and trauma and sexual health? That is a topic way bigger than we are going to dive into today. But if you have had a lot of women—I do not know the percentages—a lot of women have had sexual abuse in the past, and that can cause freezing and a blocking. That is a lot of unwinding and doing with a professional that needs to happen, but that is important on your healing journey for yourself as a person and your emotions in general, not just so you can enjoy sex again. 

You have to look at that. If that is you, my heart goes out to you, and no one should have to endure that. There is professional help. That is not a journey you should take on your own. If you want to start playing with vibrators and figure that out, that is a journey you can take on your own. But if you have trauma, I want you to have people who love you and support you who are professionals who can hold you and guide you. That being set aside, you have to look at, am I just too tired, and why am I too tired? What is going on with my mitochondria? What’s going on in my extracellular matrix? What’s going on in my fashion and my lymphatic system? Do I have infections? What’s going on with my adrenals, my thyroid, my hormones, my gut, my liver, my bile, and on and on? 

Making sure that you are, is an opportunity to look at all the systems in your body and help your health from a global perspective and emotionally. What is going on in your relationship, what is going on in your heart, and what is going on in your throat are your shots. Are you not speaking your truth? Are your chakras blocked? Are you not feeling your heart? Are you not coming from love, experiencing love, and bathing in joy? What is that from? Where is the hurt, and is this coming from our parents? God bless them all. But, I think it is just this contract we signed, it is, I am going to be your parent. I am going to love you more than anything in words. I can never explain. I am also going to damage that. God would do things to you that are going to make you need therapy. 

What is unresolved and what needs to be and then, and how is that playing into your role and your relationship with yourself and your self-beliefs and your self-love and your self-worth and your self-confidence? How has that been playing out if you are in a partnered relationship with your partner? Are you using sex as a negotiating tool or are you using it, are you withholding? You have to. It is time, ladies. If you are approaching menopause or past menopause, this is not the dress rehearsal. We get this one precious life, and we have to start looking at these things, looking at them honestly, and getting support where we need it. But we have created such a taboo around sex in our society, in the States.  

I know a lot of you are listening from other places, and I was just in Europe, in Germany, and I went to and then I went over to Austria, and I was at a spa, and it is Europe. There is this big old guy who is doing my treatment, and I get a little paper string bikini, and I am naked, and I am used to that, and I am fine with it, and I’m comfortable. Then you come to that. I came back to the States and got a massage, and the towels were so tightly wrapped around me that, God forbid, anyone should touch or see my breasts. There is so much that the breasts need, and there is so much lymphatic tissue that needs to be moved and drained. It just does not happen here. We have a lot of programming, a lot of talk going on, and chatter going on in our brains around sex. so it is a good time to unpack it at this point.


Diane Mueller, ND, DAOM, LAc

Yes, I love that. I am reminded of a comment my friend made when she was starting to date a Brazilian and a Brazilian man, and this beautiful man said to her when she put on a bikini for the first time to do whatever they were going to do. He is, American bikinis are so boring. It is that? It is in thinking about these different cultures and the programming in Brazil that the way that we are covered in America, although things have been changing in bikini fashion, is very, very different in sexes. No difference in what is happening in different areas of the world will dramatically impact how we are programmed around sexuality and childhood, as you mentioned, all of these things. 

We were talking in some ways, but my question is, okay, well, things are changing, and what are the benefits of continuing to have sex and menopause? I ask that in part because I think as sexuality and impulse change, the way we get it back in part is by understanding the value. Mentally, we understand the value, the emotional, the physical, and the inner relational. All of these great things that we can decide that we want to heal on a deep level For the people out there who are listening and who have lost their sex drive, they are okay; I can get this intellectually. What do you give them for advice on how to get their sexy back? How do they begin to do this? Now they are oriented to all the great reasons why getting sexy back is good. But how do people do it?


Sharon Stills, ND

That is a good question, and there are a lot of answers, so you were reading my mind because I was thinking, I got to say this. The first thing I will say is that if you do not have a sexual drive, it could just very well be that your hormones are out of balance. It is very, very common perimenopausal. Even before, if we look at the hormonal journey of a woman who has a hard time getting pregnant, who has fibroids, who has premenstrual issues, who has endometriosis, who has PCOS, on and on. These are all hormonal imbalances. They show up in all these different ways as we journey towards menopause. 

If you do not have a libido, it could just very well be that your hormones are not properly balanced, and those of you who have heard me speak before, no, I am a huge fan of bioidentical hormone replacement, especially for perimenopausal postmenopausal women, because it is not a disease. It is not, why are your hormones low? It is a normal, natural process that our hormones are winding down. It is just that we get to live longer. We can live to our end, well into our hundreds and beyond. We want to replace them wisely, and I am not going to go into that all now. 

I talk about that everywhere ad nauseam, in-depth about how to properly replace them, measure them, test them, and all of that. But that is just something you need to be thinking about. It is not just testosterone. You have to think about your estrogen for women, your oxytocin, your DHA, your progesterone, your adrenals, and your thyroid. It is a nice little web, and that is all we have together. so making sure that is on board is important. I often say illness, disease, or imbalance starts here in the energetic realms, and then it comes in until it is physical, and we feel it because we need to be hit over the head with a hammer to take action, often as lovely human beings that we are who are busy. 

But when it comes to balancing the body, I often feel, Let us get the physical; let us get our meat suit balanced. We have this vessel; let us balance it, and then let us see. If your hormones are truly working with someone who understands what they are doing your hormones are all truly balanced and you still do not have a sexual drive, then you want to start looking into more emotional, spiritual, and mental things. What are some of the things you can do to just start bringing the juice up? Starting to get in touch with your sensual side with all of the flavors of the senses. You can, with your eyes, watch ethical porn. We have been told that porn is bad, addictive, and in the hands of certain people. It is. 

But there is also ethical porn that is more women-friendly, done by women for women, and not degrading. Sometimes just watching is, I feel it. I can go down there. That is something you can do by touching, taking a feather and running it over your naked body or an ice cube or melted chocolate, playing around, and just starting to feel moving your body, dancing is one of my favorite things to do, and you have to get into your body because sometimes, when we are not feeling libido, it is because we live in our heads. We are not even connected to our bodies. We have not. 

Even just meditating, I am a big proponent, teacher, and fanatic of mindfulness, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and mindfulness meditation. Even just starting to meditate and coming home to your body and touching your body and paying attention, Mindfulness is the act of paying attention on purpose, moment by moment, while being kind to yourself without beating yourself up because you did not do it. Just feeling what it feels, that feels good, with food, bathtubs, candles, poetry, there are so many different ways to just start, It could be digging in the earth. It could be lying on the ground, connecting to Mother Nature, swimming in a stream or at the beach, or there are so many different ways to get in touch with just the beauty of the senses—seeing, hearing, etc. music. 

It is what I always talk about, so my brand, my thing, is red hot, sexy menopause, and red stands for reinvent your health. That is the physical; that is what we are talking about—balancing the hormones and so forth. Then E stands for exploring your spirit. That is the mental-emotional process of getting clear on your traumas and investigating where you have been, where you have been blocked, and why you have not spoken. The D stands for discovering you are sexy. 

As I always say, what is sexy to me is not going to be what is sexy to you. Are you? I don’t want it to be, but what do you want it to be? Because sexy is about how you think. It is about how you participate in the world. It is about how you move. It is about how you smell. It is about how you hug. It is about how you dance. It is about how you love and share. Beware I love my red lips. That is just my thing. 

For some women, that is important in make-up or having the perfect perky boobs, or a perfect butt, that is fine too. It is all fine. Or having a sexy dress, but it is all different for everyone. I want you, at this point in your life, to go on a journey of discovering what is sexy to you. How do you embrace your sexiness? To come to this place where my sexy is good enough for me, I do not have to be worried about what my sexy is. We are not 12 anymore. That is why I always say, I do not want to go back and be 12. I do not want to be 18 or 20 or even 30. I do not want to get fueled by drama. I am a wise older woman, and it just keeps getting better and better as I age. It is truly fine wine.


Diane Mueller, ND, DAOM, LAc

Yes, I agree. I appreciate the relationship between the senses. One of the things I talk to women about is, Okay, who is listening? Is everybody listening? Who here has ever had sex? All of a sudden, the mind is on the grocery list. Make sure you add apples. This is why I feel sex and meditation are similar in many ways. It is our ability, as you have said, to be present. If our minds are wandering to the grocery list, this probably happens. Most of us or something. But that is just a sign that we are not embodied, as you said. The more we get inside our body through the senses, the more sex becomes amazing. It is almost there. Yes.


Sharon Stills, ND

I want to add to that also. I talked about the big O and orgasm, but sex can also just be about touch, or it does not always have to be with the orgasm in mind. Learning to communicate and to discover what your needs are. I know personally, I love a good orgasm, but there are times during sex where it is just, I am just feeling so connected and it is that I care about the orgasm, and so, learning to flow and be okay with where you are and being open to it, being different every time because that is something that a lot of people can fall on too, Sex becomes A, B, C, and D; this is exactly what we do. 

Spicing it up, whether it is with yourself in your self-pleasuring practices or with your partner and being, Hey, honey, we are going to do a, we are going to do D before A, we are going to skip A, and we are going to add an H. Yes. Looking at us, it is just, I do not know, maybe you do, but I want to go try different restaurants. I have my favorites and my dishes, but I also like to venture out. You can come back to your tried and true, but venturing out and trying different things and seeing, That was good. We are going to make that part of the regular plan.


Diane Mueller, ND, DAOM, LAc

Yes. Esther Perel who wrote the book Mating in Captivity, always says novelty is not about having a new partner. It is about looking at your partner with different eyes. In these situations where we have been together with somebody for a long time, how do we continue to find those new restaurants, those new dishes, and all those other things you have been talking about? I want to circle back around to this idea of self-pleasure because I think it is an important topic for people. After all, for anybody listening, that is not in partnership. 

I know there is a statistic that says that we have people who are not in partnership. There is one stat: one research study found that they were more sexually satisfied with self-pleasure than people who were in relationships. I think that is important. Can we go more deeply into the concept of self-pleasuring? If people have never experimented with vibrators or any masturbation at all, where do they start? Where do people begin? How do people begin this journey?


Sharon Stills, ND

I am currently not in a relationship, so I am the Queen of Self-Pleasure currently, any nice single man.


Diane Mueller, ND, DAOM, LAc

Miles Adams interview I love it.


Sharon Stills, ND

As I educate you, if you happen to know anyone, you have, I think she would be a good match. anyway, yes.  and that is interesting, not sad. It depends on how you look at it. But I think, as I said before, self-pleasure, or sex, does begin with yourself. Even if you are in partnership, take the time, and where does it begin? It begins where you feel comfortable, and so we mentioned just a bunch of things, whether it be taking a hot bath. There is too much information in the bath that I was talking about in Europe. They have all these jets. They are listed as bath towels. I was saying goodbye to you, Mr. Man. 

You have, and I am out of here in 40 minutes. Yes, that was a great opportunity to manipulate the jets and have a nice little orgasm in the Alps of Austria. There are opportunities everywhere, and you can play with different vibrators. Maybe you have not gotten to penetration yet and you just want to start with that, even on your nipples or outside and getting your clitoris, or maybe you just want to use your hands, or maybe you just want to watch some of the ethical porn or whatever. You watch whatever porn you want. I am not saying that that is between you and you, and you can read, but you just want to make sure you are not using porn as a way to not connect with yourself and others. 

But there are so many different ways in which you can enter. It could be just getting a massage and allowing yourself to feel the pleasure, and even if it is not sexual, it can be just pleasure in your body. It can be a sexual dance. There are so many different ways it can be done. It can be just starting with a mirror and you are naked, or maybe you are not ready to be naked yet. Maybe you are a mirror in a boring American bikini if you are listening from the States. If you in touching yourself or looking at yourself, maybe it is a mirror between your legs. This is something that I often do in my private practice with patients: show them their vagina, because many women have never even seen it. It is not the easiest thing to bend down and take a look at. Just getting familiar with and understanding what it is composed of and what it looks like and accepting it, they all look different, and some do not look so great, but that is okay. They look, they accept what they look like, and realize they are just beautiful flowers, and there are many different varieties. 

It starts, wherever you feel comfortable starting. I would not say go out; it could just be taking a trip to a sex toy store and seeing what intrigues you and what you want to try out, and that could be in person or always, or it could be online. I always laugh because when you order something online, the taboo is pervasive. They ship it to you in a very plain box, that you should be embarrassed. It is checking in. Am I comfortable enough to feel comfortable enough to walk in, in plain daylight, to a sex shop and shop around and see what they have, look at yoni eggs, look at the different options, and look at the different kinds of vibrators and the different sizes? You can go down a whole rabbit hole. There are lots to choose from. 

It is just that any journey is a journey, it is not necessarily about the destination; it is about the journey, and it begins with the step. What is that step going to be for you? It may just be that you listened to this whole interview and did not turn it off. It may be that you listened to this interview and got embarrassed, and now you have to go back and listen to it again, and you have to keep listening to it until you can take it in and melt into it. It could be that you are going to start journaling. It could be that you are going to start talking to your partner or a professional. It could be that you are going to get some pelvic floor therapy because you have pain there that has been blocking you and you want to resolve that. It can be that you buy the biggest old vibrator, you find it, and you just go to town and see what that feels like. There is no right or wrong way to do it. I would say the only wrong thing to do is not to get on the journey, to take one step, to start exploring, and to investigate it within yourself.


Diane Mueller, ND, DAOM, LAc

I love it. I hear so much around me. Just be curious about doing something that maybe pushes the edge and might feel a little bit out of your comfort zone, because anything new is going to feel out of your comfort zone. I love that so much, and I wanted to also touch on the whole genital image thing because I think this is an important topic, especially since it is connected to porn. One of the things that I have seen happen sometimes for people, and for women in particular. 

As you said, we do not see our genitals watching porn and being, well, my vulva does not look hers. I just wanted to hone in on the fact that all Volvos are different. They’re all beautiful. There are very, very limited studies, but there is research connecting how we feel about our genital image with how we enjoy sex. What are you suggesting around looking at it as becoming in love with your vulva? However, it looks perfect how it is, and whatever is happening with everybody in the porn industry. If you have watched porn, every vulva looks the same. If that is the type of porn you are watching, that is not a good representation of all this.


Sharon Stills, ND

Media in general? Everyone’s that; no one looks that. I just want to put a bookend on it. Yes. As far as body image, Are you able to have sex with the lights on or only in the dark because you do not have your body? I think there is a fine line and a balance with everything. If your body is out of shape and not healthy, then that is probably something you want to address because that means you probably have insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, and all these other things that are building up that can end your life or seriously impair your life and your health. That is one thing. 

But if you have a little flab or a little flab on the arm here, life is too short, and these arms give the best hugs. These are what remind me of my Jewish grandmother. It was just the body I had been given. They are strong. They lift; they lift my grandbabies; they lift weights; and they decide what you have going to waste. Decide where you will tell your mental chatter because, I will tell you when you feel good about yourself, whoever you have with, if that is yourself or a partner, they are just going to see the way you move and the way you carry yourself. 

They are not going to give me a curse. I do not know if I am a lot of a curse, but what? I am not going to get it; they’re not going to care if you have an extra pound here or a little flab there. If you have focused on it, they are going to pick up on that, and they are going to pick up on the insecurity. But when you say, Yes, hey, baby, this is me. Then they are going to be. I love this. She is so comfortable in her body. She is so powerful. She feels so good. They are going to feel that, too. so that there is a fine line between accepting yourself and also making sure of your health and taking care of yourself.


Diane Mueller, ND, DAOM, LAc

Yes, I see. I love that too because I feel there is this sense that we cannot possibly be healthy at any size because of insulin resistance, obesity, and some of these things. It is, to me, personally questionable, that theory that I hear going around. But beauty is different, and what I feel and what I have seen in humans is that beauty is a large reflection of how we are showing up in our body with confidence and the ability to be in our body and move and all those things. Even if we have not figured out how to get to some of the root causes of maybe why we are having insulin resistance or cholesterol problems or whatever, it is going on, while we are figuring that out, we can still feel the beauty of who we are in that moment and how much our bodies are.


Sharon Stills, ND

I have patients who are 100 pounds and have insulin resistance. I have patients who are not; we have different constitutions. If you look at it from an Ayurvedic perspective, there is Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, and couples are bigger-boned and they are a little, but they are love bugs, and they are getting lost in a Kapha there. They are either, and so different shapes and sizes and shapes as long as you are healthy, that is what is important. That is another undoing and misdoing of society and the media. You look back, and I do not know, because I was not, say, a doctor, but a size eight or 10. I think that is what she was used to being considered, gorgeous. 

It would have been interesting to see if she had insulin resistance or what was going on, but she had a beautiful, sexy body, and so on. We just have to. My goal is for a mass movement of women going through menopause and postmenopausal who just take back their power. They get clear on their belief systems. We redefine and are okay with individual definitions of what sexy is. We redefine what aging gracefully means. We redefine that aging and the sacred second act we are in is a beautiful time. One to look forward to, not to fear. 

This is why I do the work I do because I believe we are the tribe that can do that, and then it will ripple down, change the generations that look at us, and change their beliefs because they will see the aging population as a population that is happy and healthy, active, contributing, passionate, and all of these things.


Diane Mueller, ND, DAOM, LAc

I love everything about what you just said, and I think that is a perfect book. As you said, for our time today together, I want to make sure that people know how to get a hold of you. You have a giveaway. You are giving away. That is redundant. But you do if you do something—a book that you have given away that I want to make sure everybody knows about as well. Can you tell us about how people find you and what you have for them today?


Sharon Stills, ND

Well, I, too, am part of the Dr.Talks family. I hosted the yearly Mastering the Menopause Transition Summit. You can find me at DrStills.com or Dr. Sharon Stills on social media, where I am doing my best to be more active. Yes, download my free giveaway because it is all about being sexy. It goes into more depth about the things we talked about here. There are lots of great journaling prompts, so this is a good guide to get you started.

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