It’s Not Just Your Sex Hormones That Need to Be Balanced – Mastering the Thyroid Adrenal Axis

Dr. Sharon Stills


  • Understanding the interplay of hormones in our overall health
  • How to handle and manage stress and its impact on cortisol
  • The importance of testing to individualize a personal medicine plan to support your health
Dr. Sharon Stills

Hi ladies. Welcome back. It’s day five. I know your brains are exploding with all this new information and it’s just been so fun. And I have to tell you, I had seven days to pick the seven topics I wanted to share with you. And of course, in my live program, Mastering The Menopause Transition, in the nine weeks, we’re gonna go deeper, we’re gonna go broader, we’re gonna bring in other things. But when picking what I wanted to talk about, today’s topic, the thyroid and adrenal. I call them the see saw or the axis is super important. I wanted to make sure you heard a little bit about it from me. So where do we start? I know when we’re going through our hormonal journey, we are constantly focused on our estrogen, our progesterone, maybe, sometimes our testosterone, which hopefully we are. We think about our insulin and our blood sugar levels which you’re learning a lot about during this summit. And we have to think about our adrenals and our thyroid. And so in my experience, these are two important areas that are constantly overlooked or misdiagnosed, or not treated properly. And so I wanted to just bring you a little information today so you can be empowered and know what to ask your physician and know what to be looking for. 

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