Kiran Krishnan – The Brain and Gut Connection

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Kiran Krishnan, a research biologist and Chief Scientific Officer at Microbiome Labs (a leader in microbiome and probiotic research) introduces us to the fascinating world of the microbiome. The human microbiome is an aggregate of all the microbiota that reside on or within our human tissues and biofluids along with the corresponding anatomical sites in which they reside. Learn how vital our microbiome is to our overall wellbeign and how a dysfuctional gut is strongly correlated with neurological conditions, mental health disorders, and autoimmune diseases.

Kent Holtorf, M.D.

It’s Dr. Kent Holtorf another episode, or the peptide summit. Uh, today we have Kiran Krishnan. Um, today he’s going to, uh, talk about unhealthy gut equals unhealthy brain. So thank you so much for being on and, and taking the time. Uh, I know we use your product. I know it’s the number one seller to doctors and well-researched, which of course we love. Um, uh, Karen is a research. Microbiologist has been, um, involved in the dietary supplement nutrition market for, uh, the past 20 years. He comes from a strict research background and has spent several years with hands-on, uh, R and D in the field of molecular medicine and microbiology university of Iowa. Uh, he left the university research to take, uh, several leadership positions in global companies and business development and product development. Most recently, uh, he’s co-founder and chief scientific officer at microbiome labs, uh, leader of the microbiome and probiotic research. He is frequent lecturer. We see him at all, all the conferences, um, on the, uh, microbiome, uh, epigenetics and, uh, basically all the main conferences we see him, and he’s a lecturer and a great teacher. 

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