Learn the Secrets of Successful Weight Loss

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  • Understand the impact of genetic factors on weight loss struggles and learn how hidden genes can influence behavior and hinder progress
  • Discover the role of the MSI4 gene in seeking variety and satisfaction in the palate and how addressing this can help overcome cravings and overeating
  • Explore the connection between serotonin dysregulation and stress eating and learn strategies to manage stress and break the cycle of using food as a coping mechanism
Kashif Khan

Hello, everyone. We’re going to look at another actual patient case study. If you missed the first one, just repeating something important here, I’m using my own genetic report just to protect patient confidentiality. We found a patient who matches a profile that I have so I can speak to their issues and concerns without having to share their data. I’m going to use my report for the visual. We’re talking about an actual patient whose issues we’ve been able to resolve and they’ve given us permission to do that. I’m going to share my screen for a second and show you the report one second. We’re going to dive into weight issues here. This particular person was concerned about their inability to get what they called unstuck. They thought they were doing everything right. And there was a specific area that was hidden in their genome that they didn’t realize was the root cause of their issues. This person was dieting while exercising, while counting their calories, doing everything they thought ideally, but they still couldn’t deal with that loss a little bit and they didn’t know what was going on. Here’s what was happening for this person. This gene MC4r, by the way, had gotten into the diet nutrition report, as you can see. And I’m looking at the behavioral genome genetics section, meaning the behaviors that drive your relationship with food. 

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