Learn The Secrets Of Thyroid Tests

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  • Learn what labs to request for a comprehensive thyroid panel including TSH, free T3, free T4, and thyroid antibodies
  • Understand the importance of vitamin D levels and hormone checks in assessing thyroid health
  • Gather knowledge on additional tests like saliva cortisol and organic acid testing for insights into adrenal and gut health
Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Hi everyone, it is Dr. Jen. Welcome back to another mini talk. So we are going to talk about thyroid lab. So this one you might want to listen to again. You might want to save it. You might want to get a pen and paper out. Now we are going to talk about what labs you want to ask for when you are asking for a full thyroid panel. So the concern here would be your looking at the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, and you are concerned that this is a problem. So we want to make sure we are getting the full workup. So first, we want to start with Basic Thyroid-Stimulating hormone TSH, free T3, free T4 and you want to make sure they are three. We are looking at the unbound levels. We want to look at vitamin D. You are going to ask for a vitamin D level because a low vitamin D level can affect thyroid production. You want to look, ask for thyroid antibodies and you want to make sure that you get two of them, the TPO antibodies and the thyroglobulin antibodies. So if we are concerned for Hashimoto’s, most are going to show in the TPO antibodies, but the thyroglobulin antibodies, you also want to check and make sure. Okay. You can get TSI also thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulin if you want to check for Graves. You want to get a reverse T3. And the importance for this is to see if you are shunting all of that active thyroid hormone that T3 to reverse T3 or not. You can also add on serum iodine. You could ask for hormones. I think that is important because our other hormones do play with the thyroid hormones a lot. So these would be progesterone, estradiol, DHEA, testosterone, and sometimes DHT and we would want to check those hormones for females on day 19 to 21 of your cycle.

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