Living Wild & Well

Dani Williamson, MSN, FNP


  • Think it is too late for you to make impactful wellness habits a part of your life? Think again
  • After 24 years of chronic lifestyle dis-ease, our speaker Dani Williamson will show you how this is totally possible as she did it herself!
  • This session will touch on how childhood trauma impacts our wellness as an adult and why is it important to know your ACES score when you choose to start to heal your body
Jana Danielson

Well everybody thank you so much for making your way back to the medicine of mindset summit. I’m Jana Danielson, your host today with me. I have actually one of my girlfriends and I can say that we became fast friends earlier this year and you know how people come into your lives and you just know that you were meant, you know, your souls were meant to cross paths, that’s what it was like for me and Dani Williamson. 

Dani is here today. Her talk is all about living wild and well and she actually stayed at my house this summer when she was on her way to a wellness retreat in Yelapa, Mexico and her and her son were here and we had a fantastic time and so we connected on lots of different levels and when I was curating this event, I knew that I wanted her on here because not only has she helped thousands and thousands of women and men through her clinic in franklin Tennessee and she’ll talk a little bit more about that, but she personally helped me in a way that she didn’t know until a few weeks ago when we were chatting. And so I think that her story, her knowledge, her message and how she views the body and the intricacy of the importance of mindset. You’re gonna fall in love with her. So Dani, welcome to the medicine of mindset stage. 

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