PEMFs And EMFs For Healing

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  • Understand the difference between PEMFs and EMFs and the elements of Alzheimer’s that PEMFs help
  • Discover the types of PEMF systems that are best for healing
  • This video is part of the Reverse Alzheimer’s 4.0 Summit
Alzheimers, EMF, PEMF
Heather Sandison, ND

Welcome to this episode of the Reverse Alzheimer’s Summit. I’m your host, Dr. Heather Sandison. I’m really excited to introduce you to my friend Dr. Bill Pawluk. He’s an M.D. and a holistic doctor near Baltimore, Maryland, and his previous academic positions at Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland included training in acupuncture, nutrition, herbs, energy, medicine, homeopathy, hypnosis, bodywork, and lots of other therapies. But he’s landed on PEMF as one of his favorite tools for helping people heal chronic diseases. He’s also written a great book called Power Tools for Health, and this year, Supercharge Your Health with PEMF Therapy. So I’m excited for him to explain what PEMF is, to begin with, and how it relates to Alzheimer’s and the brain. Bill, welcome.

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Diana Smithson
Diana Smithson
2 months ago

I love all the “geeky” information taught today about PEMF. I have used one myself at home and can see the benefits on a cognitive level on the days I use it and the days I don’t. I have been using for nearly 6 months now and still sceptical to share with others, even though I have the PROOF. This education and the books recommended give me more confidence to share with others. Thank you!

Roberta Hennessy
Roberta Hennessy
2 months ago

So informative and gives so much help to many different illness out there. I will check those tools out for sure. Thank you Dr Pawluk.

Dennis Ruebel
Dennis Ruebel
1 month ago

Where do I purchase a PEMF machine (apparatus) to help with mild impaired cognitive impairment? Or is it necessary to have a professional apply the waves and where do I find such professional in my area………….Greeen Bay, Wi.?
Thank you,
Dennis Ruebel

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