Raise Your Energy To Rock Your Life

Tristan and Sabrina Truscott


  • How can blocked energy in our body lead to negative emotions that feel like they take over our lives?
  • How can you use emotions to learn how to ‘read’ the state of your energy body?
  • Learn the answers to these 2 important questions plus we will touch on the saying “the diagnosis is often worse than the disease” in this conversation
Jana Danielson

Welcome back everyone, I am so excited that you returned, I hope you did what I asked you to do after our last episode and you know, fill your water bottle, maybe get outside, get some breaths of fresh air, move a little bit because I want you to be fully prepared for this power couple that we have in front of us right now at The Medicine of Mindset Summit, I am here with Tristan and Sabrina Truscott and I’m gonna go a little bit off script with their bio. No, I don’t know if they know this or not, but about two years ago we were both on a summit called the Self Love and Self care Summit, and at that summit they offered a gift and I got that gift and my husband and I have actually been doing qigong like our seven minute routine with Tristan with Sensei for about two years and we get our energy jackets on in the morning and we absolutely love it and then, you know, as the universe does, I joined a mastermind and remembers of that mastermind. And so the other thing they don’t know is they’ve been like business idols for me, I mean, I’ve watched how they’ve grown their business and how they’ve impacted, you know, tens and hundreds of thousands of lives and and they both have, you’ve totally inspired me to, you know, continue to do what we do in this realm of movement and mindset and motivation and so I’m thrilled to have them here on the summit, that, as you know, I’m hosting with Dr. Anita Jackson, we’re gonna be talking all about raising your energy to Iraq your life. So I am so pleased to introduce the amazing Truscott’s to the Virgin

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