Reset Your Nervous System For Deep Healing

Alex Howard


  • Decoding your fatigue can reveal all kinds of information about your body and its ability (and often its inability) to heal
  • Why is resetting your nervous system key and where do you start
Jana Danielson

Welcome back everyone, it’s Jana, thanks for returning to the Medicine of Mindset summit. We’re here all week to educate, inspire and hopefully move you in a new direction with all this amazing information that we are offering all week long with our 50 plus amazing speakers. This conversation is going to be amazing because we are highlighting the work of Alex howard now, we were chatting off before we kind of got onto the virtual stage and as a mom of three boys and as the dad of three girls in slightly different phases of of life, it’s really cool how quickly you can connect to someone and I know that what we’re going to be sharing over this next little bit is gonna be really amazing and so let me tell you a little bit about him, he is the CEO of the Alex Howard group and this includes the optimum health clinic programs, coaching programs like conscious life, the reset program, therapeutic coaching and therapeutic nutrition. 

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