Symptom Spotlight: Menstrual Irregularity

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  • Learn the difference between regular and irregular cycles and the importance of maintaining a natural rhythm
  • Learn why birth control pills may not treat hormonal imbalances or restore menstrual health
  • Discover the importance of fertility to women’s health and supplements that promote menstrual regularity
  • This video is part of the PCOS SOS Summit
Felice Gersh, MD

Hi. I’m Dr. Felice Gersh, your host for the PCOS SOS Summit. And I want to share with you the very exciting news that I have created a course on PCOS just because of this summit. It really inspired me. It made me realize that I was interviewing all of these amazing guests, but I was interviewing them. They weren’t interviewing me. I did not have the opportunity to share my wealth of knowledge with you. So I said to myself, I have to have a course because I have so much to say. You don’t really get my take on things. You get amazing people’s take. And I love all the information. It’s been incredible. But I want to join in. I want to tell you what I know. I want to share my take and my approach to PCOS. So I’ve created this course. It’s six modules and each module is going to focus on a specific problem that the vast majority of women with PCOS must deal with and I’m going to explain it. I am going to then offer amazing solutions that go far beyond just the conventional pharmaceutical ones. That doesn’t mean that I say you should never use the pharmaceutical approaches, but they’re never enough. I can tell you 100%. They are never enough. And sometimes guess what? We don’t need a pharmaceutical at all because you can harness the intrinsic healing properties within your own body to transform yourself from an unhealthy to a healthy woman who has PCOS. But we’re transforming to the historic form of PCOS that our ancient ancestors great, great, great, great, etc., that grandmothers had with PCOS. And I’ll talk about that too. 

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Symptom Spotlight: Menstrual Irregularity

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