Don’t Skip The Dentist: Reversing Artery Disease With The Bale-Doneen Method

Amy Doneen, DNP


  • For more than 20 years, the Bale-Doneen method has been tracking patient outcome and proving arterial disease can be halted and made less risky.
  • The Method stresses “Red Flags” for disease with an emphasis on root causes like insulin resistance tested by an oral glucose tolerance test.
  • Arteries are shown to heal by carotid IMT ultrasound imaging and other vessel imaging.
    The importance of oral health is an important part of the Bale-Doneen method.
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

All right everybody, a really, really exciting interview. Really exciting guests. Please don’t go anywhere reverse heart disease naturally. Summit is back for you but today we bring you Dr. Amy Doneen and you may know her, you may not know her but when we’re done with this you’re going to say, how did I possibly not know her? This is a reverse heart disease naturally Summit and Dr. Doneen in Spokane, Washington may have actually had hands on with more patients proven to reverse their heart and vascular disease. Almost any clinician in the United States and I want to introduce her formally but she will tell us that the goal of reversing heart disease is real and it should be one we strive for but this pathetic anemic medical system just waits to have dead. I’m going to stop editorializing. 

So I am reading Dr. Doneen’s biography from an amazing book we’re going to talk about but Dr. Amy Doneen, Doctor of nursing practice is an international leader and that’s true in the prevention of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and chronic diseases such as dementia. She and Dr. Brad Bale co founded the Bale Doneen method in 2001 a medical approach proven to identify stabilizer, reverse arterial disease. She and Dr. Bale have been called disease detectives man that is so good checking for hidden signs of arterial disease. She has many academic appointments. She was a beautiful new facility for her heart attack and stroke prevention center in Spokane, Washington. People fly in from all over the place to see her and then of course a lot of us are doing telemedicine. She’s also my mentor because I’m a graduate in 2015 of the Bale Doneen method. My certificate is proudly in my office lobby and waiting room that story your books. Time flies when you’re on fire with desire to help people and also welcome so much Dr. Doneen.

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