Explore Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) In Chronic Stress & Trauma Healing

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  • Understand the utility of PEMFs (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) for shifting from a trauma physiology
  • Learn the differences between PEMFs and EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields)
  • Grasp the nuances of using PEMF devices for chronic stress management and healing
Aimie Apigian, MD, MS, MPH

Welcome to the Biology of Trauma Summit 3.0. I’m your host, Dr. Aimie. We’re here talking about the trauma disease connection. And in this interview, you’re going to learn a very practical and transformative tool. I’m excited to share this information. Those that I know who have applied this specific modality have found it extremely helpful. So I’m excited to share this with you. I think it could make a big difference in your life. Now, when we talk in this interview about the trauma physiology, the trauma response, and how the body responds to trauma, there’s something that’s important for you to know because we talk about movement. Now, what does movement have to do with trauma response? Actually, quite a lot. So let me review with you. What is the trauma response in the body so that then you can see the movement piece that we need to understand going into this interview. Here is essentially both the stress response and the trauma response in the body. And parasympathetic is one of the states of our autonomic nervous system. This is what you might know as the social engagement system rest and digest. And this is where we truly want to be when it’s the right time to be. There are times when it is appropriate to be stressed and we need to have a stress response because we don’t just want to be so chill and relaxed that anything happens and we don’t respond to it. So it’s not that we always want to be in parasympathetic, it’s that we want to have the right balance and the right flow and the flow of our states back and forth in response to life as it is happening. So here’s what happens then. 

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