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The first and only hormone certificate for trainers who work with or want to women in all stages of menopause, so that they can become the authority in hormone balancing exercise prescription.

Reed Davis, HHP, FDN-P, CMTA, CNT

Welcome back folks. Today, we have bestselling author, Debra AtkinsonAtkinson. She’s an amazing person. I’ve known her for quite a few years. We were members of some of the same groups, have a lot of the same friends, and she’s one of those people, she’s a health coach, certification course founder, and one of the ones that I think is a true leader in the field. And that’s why she’s here today. We’re trying to provide some leadership and let people know that if you want to be a health coach, there’s a lot of ways to get into the game. And we’re especially interested in creating more professional health coaches. Now I have a health coaching course, but I’ve invited over 20 other experts, and founders, and leaders in the field and we’re just sharing and let’s get to know Debra. 

So, let me start by saying that she’s an industry expert, a fitness industry expert with over three and a half decades, I think that’s 35 years, of experience. And she’s the founder of a wonderful program. She was on a summit of mine last year and talked about this Flipping 50. So, we can’t wait to hear about that because a lot of clients are over 50. Now she’s a hormone balancing exercise expert that works with women for optimal energy and vitality before, during, and long after menopause. And she’s a frequent keynote speaker for women in business, healthcare associations, health coaching summits, and corporate athletes, of course. Now Debra’s also the creator of the Flipping 50 fitness specialist course, which we’ll ask her to tell us about. And that’s a course that you can all take, where she shares the formula that has improved the lives of thousands of women with personal trainers and the like. 

So, she’s also the author of the Health and Fitness Professionals Guide to Social Media, Healthy Learning. And that was 2018, but she’s also been a senior lecturer in kinesiology, a subject matter expert for the American Council on Exercise, and an international fitness presenter. Her books include, You Still Got It Girl, Navigating Fitness After Fifty, Hot But Not Bothered, and the Health and Fitness Professionals Guide to Social Media Marketing, as I mentioned. So, Debra, thanks so much for being here, for providing leadership, direction, and guidance for those who are maybe just getting into the business. Give us your why. Tell us about your background a little bit, how you got into it and why Flipping 50? 

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