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Long Haul Constellation: Immune Dysregulation, Neuroinflammation, and Microclotting

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  • The role of survival paradox protein galectin-3 in viral infection & virulence, cytokine storms and immune dysregulation, and how to block it
  • Toxic body burden, biofilms, and long haul
  • Neuroinflammation and degeneration in long haul, and how to address it
  • Supporting microcirculation and breaking up biofilms
  • The role of therapeutic apheresis
Chronic Disease, COVID
Nafysa Parpia, ND

Welcome to this episode of The Long Haul Chronic Fatigue Summit. Today I am just so happy to have with me Dr. Isaac Eliaz. He is a leading expert in the field of Integrative medicine specializing in cancer, detoxification, immunity and complex conditions. He has had a great influence on the way that I practice medicine. He’s been my mentor and I have been so blessed for that. So welcome Dr. Isaac Eliaz, I’m just so happy to have you here with us today.


Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

Thank you for having me, I love our conversations and you know to share the path of growth and helping other people and sharing what we know with others is so important, especially in these days.


Nafysa Parpia, ND

Yes it sure is. So today we’re going to talk about addressing the long haul constellation immune dysregulation neuroinflammation and micro clotting. But Dr. Eliaz before we go into that, will you introduce yourself to the audience?


Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

Yes in my background, I’m in my early 60’s. I mean I started my journey with healing and healing out as a teenager. I’m a physician. I’m a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist training classical homeopathy And so I’ve trained vertically in multiple medical systems but also spent the decades the learning and training and meditation with focused on healing about for 20 years, two months a year in the mountains and for 10 years, half day retreat and half day of work. And so my work encompasses the contemplated part of being fortunate to treat and to be the student of some of the greatest meditation Masters in the Himalayas in the same time being an active researcher including having an AIDS grant with a lot of my research focused on collecting three a carbohydrate binding protein that initially was related more to cancer and cancer metastases. And over the years I discovered when you block in it affects inflammation fibrosis immune dysregulation. And I’ve coined it as our survival paradox protein as part of my book The survival paradox. And it’s very relevant for immune dis regulation for covid long haul and for our healing health and longevity.


Nafysa Parpia, ND

Thank you. So let’s talk a little bit about your best selling book that you just mentioned. The survival paradox in it. It talks about that paradox protein collecting three inside a kind storms immune dysregulation inflammation and organ damage. So we know that this is all very pertinent to long haul. Tell us what the role of immune dysregulation isn’t specifically collecting three.


Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

So the concept of survival survival paradoxes as it sounds, we are innately built to survive. So it’s built within us and we respond with a survival instinct within a fraction of the second through the autonomic nervous system, through the sympathetic nervous system either with fight which which equates to inflammation and in our case to the cytokine storm or we always respond with hiding with running away which creates isolation biofilm micro environment and leads to fibrosis and organ dysfunction, both hallmarks of degeneration and almost every disease. So while this happens within seconds it then triggers the biochemical response. 

So I have demonstrated that collecting three rise within minutes of a stress like for example, induction of sepsis in animal models and only later on site a kind like interlocking six starts spiking and in fact when we block collecting three with modified prospecting, we attenuate the rising interlocking 61 of the first sight of kinds. We attenuate the damage to the kidneys and we attenuate mortality. So this basic concept that I’m researching in sepsis is really what happens in acute covid where people go into acute kidney injury. People go into sepsis, people going into organ failure and it also happens in covid long haul. 

So you know we have been dialoguing about medicine for many years now, almost a decade, wow. So when we look at the covid Long Haul it really presents a very complex condition because we’ve got the immune dysregulation which is driven by survival. So immune dysregulation will means that we’re gonna have hyper -disregulated inflammatory process. And it has two parts. One part is that the virus wants to survive and the virus survives with the spike protein which attaches to tissue. Well, if we revisit collecting three, collecting three is our survival paradox protein goes to areas of injury in the body it drives within it. It’s like a bus that ties to different logins, inflammatory Ligon sticky Liggins immune modulation Liggins attaches to the membranes attaches to other collecting three activate macrophage and we get an inflammatory response.


Nafysa Parpia, ND

It’s almost like a velcro right? Where were all these other inflammatory cytokines and inflammatory like


Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

Exactly. That’s a great term. We call it a lattice formation, but it’s literally Valka. Valka is like that’s a biofilm on top of it. You’ve got your heavy metals, you got the environment changes. You got hypoxia, cell metabolism changes. Now, nutrients are not getting to the cells. Now, suddenly you do blood tests and the long covid patients have nutrient deficiencies when nutrients they do have them, but the cause is not the nutrient deficiency, the causes the dysregulation on a deeper level. So it’s fascinating to really to really see how it works and how it get affected. So the moment that these things changes, it affects our whole body in multiple levels. Immune dysregulation will create hyper viscosity, the lack of oxygen getting to the tissue will create problem in circulation. So when we talk about ourselves, we have to realize we have our response. But we also have the virus and the virus wants to survive. 

So it is not surprising that the spike protein is practically identical in structure to collecting three. We knew this very early on in 2020 we just weren’t influential enough to get any hospitals to agree to do clinical trials with blocking collecting three, there are some small trial that were just presented that show that when you give a collecting three blocker you shorten the duration of covid. But unfortunately it’s a natural substance. There wasn’t you know it was hard because there was so much focus on drugs and for a good reason in vaccines etcetera. So putting this aside. If we look for example in covid patients in a large study that came into emergency department their levels of galactica’s means the blood a time of admission regardless of how severe was their disease. How much of the land was involved determined later on who will get to the I. C. U. And who’s gonna die. 

Which means it’s a very early trigger. So addressing collecting three is one factor but I want to take it bigger than collecting three. I want to really see what’s happening long covid both somebody who tweets complex diseases cancer and crow and complex immune dysregulation. And as somebody who has severe long covid almost died and healed you know and my journey with it and what worked for me and where I saw the pitfalls and I want to share it because I want to share my journey because I think it can help other people. So it’s interesting you know when we’re discussing this topic was before head, we’re talking about this summit a long time ago before covid along holocaust it. So I should have the experience and understand what people are going through. So once we disrupt the immune regulation and once we get inflammation, everything goes off. We’re creating an oxidized environment because we’re not able to clean the junk. The link system is not working well because there is a micro environment where you start getting oxidized lipids. So you see a shift in long covid universally, if you look at lipid levels of people who had covid even if they barely had symptoms, especially people over 50/60 you will see a shift to higher levels of cholesterol. But more important, the subgroup of cholesterol are shifting towards oxidized cholesterol towards more L. D. L. P. Towards small dangerous particles. And our silent killer lipoprotein a which drives which prevents oxygen from getting to the tissue which drives strokes. 

How disease micro clotting certain cancers goes up and usually lipoprotein is very stable. Is driven by genetics, but suddenly you see doubling in people. So you’ve got this lipid this regulation and which is preventing oxygen from getting to the tissue and you’ve got immune dysregulation driving inflammation. And you’ve got the cytokine storm because cytokines are responding there is a crisis and as a result you can get some auto immunity especially in people who are susceptible and you also can get people who have cancer gets triggered. Suddenly you know, you get people with chronic lymphocytic leukemia that you know very low counts. It’s going to take 10, 15 years until they need treatment and suddenly they come with the crisis. You’ve got people with narrow narrow inflammation. You know, you see people you know coming with diseases in the seventies that you really never will see. You know in somebody that usually you will get them in your twenties. 

You know myasthenia gravis in somebody in the seventies. So when we examine these patients, there are pre existing conditions. No, I had severe tick bite disease in my late twenties in California. On a short trip. I say severe my liver enzymes were close to 10,000. Okay, that’s how bad it was between me 56 years to recover. So I have built in me this hidden responses, you know that’s one part other people. Lyme disease and other people have toxins. So mycotoxins play a big role because micro toxins will prevent proper oxidation of the tissue. Right? What a micro if anybody look at mold mold is sticky, right? It grows in cold damp e sticky areas. Right? And it’s interesting our diet can affect you right? If we take sugars and we put some water on sugar and we touch it very sticky. It’s not surprising that fungus growth sugar stimulates but you can see the the orientation. So we got more toxins. We got heavy metals and we got pesticides. So for example the life of that will disrupt the gut barrier and will naturally affect narrow inflammation. So now inflammation in long covid is a no no. And that’s why sometimes for certain patient hyperbaric is so good. I don’t know if you have somebody speaking about hyperbaric, assume that why? Because you bring a lot of oxygen to the tissue, it dissolves this biofilm. There is so much oxygen that the cell gets to self regulate the hypoxia inducing factors that I mean a crisis gets resolved because you get so much oxygen, so much abundance and the cell gets to relax and that’s the value as long as you can follow up. So all these metabolic things, they start with the survival response. And that’s really the contribution of the survival power dogs, you know, talking about cell danger response that later on. But so once I painted this picture, I think that we have to realize that the initial response happened in our mind happened in our heart and that’s where the healing can come. It’s you know, when we talk about meditation and I talk a lot about it with my daughter, llama, llama. And we talk about meditation is not what we experience meditation is our relationship with what we experience and our health is not only the symptoms we have, it’s our relationship with the symptoms we have and because of the covid imbalance, Because we’re in such a deep survival mode. 

We react and we react through the sympathetic system. So the sympathetic system can trigger for me personally, I was very I recovered that one bout of covid longan with high lipids and blood pressure and controlled. I left everything behind. I did therapeutic apheresis which really I could fill out the value and we’ll talk about it later is that it took down the site of kind took down the oxidized lipids. I could feel how the same trigger was not pushing symptoms because my body was clean. I took my supplement and I left for Hawaii three days meditation, swim. I was back to normal. Then a few months later actually there was a death in the family. I came back there was a very stressful, unexpected event that really hurt my heart. So it was a shock. I wasn’t ready for it. And then I was working late at night and I just picked some food and the person in the nepali restaurant said hey let me give you some Tchite’s from the bottom of the, of the container and I don’t drink. I definitely not at night and I was working on a research project and I could feel something was going on. 

I had a forensic scheduled for Wednesday and as I was working I drank without noticing three cups of extremely concentrated child. It was at the bottom of the container for the whole day and I got coffin intoxication with you know, blood pressure 200 of the 1 10 and complete non numbness and weakness on my left side and what mimicked how, you know, heart attack and it triggered the whole, the whole, the whole long covid my cytokines and I did the classical panels and and then you know, definitely all the cytokines were up. I mean, you know, and it was when I was sharing with you with everything you, it was a place where I even couldn’t think forget about not a negative thought. Any thought would recreate this interview. You realize, wow, I realized the level of narrow inflammation and the symptoms were exactly like the symptoms of a heart attack. But I knew it’s not. I realized because they have international patients with long covid of flying severe ones and I realized, oh my God, I have their symptoms just a little bit worse, you know. And so what I realized what for me was amazing what a gift is. I noticed how the symptoms are there and how my mind’s react to them. Like I’m sitting, I have severe palpitations, black pressure, uncontrolled. I’m at max dose of medications, What do I do? And what happened if I really relax and really relax and how it can slowly affect the symptoms and you know, and then to a place where I completely healed. You know, when I got into a bad habit of having organic coffee in the morning the last year and a half and man forget about even smelling coffee and now, you know, I’m back to this, to this habit. I enjoy it. And I know that my healing happens with the mind. So why am I sharing this? Because for the people with long covid there is a symptom and there is an attachment and the identification with the symptom. Now, that’s a natural process for me, for you, for everyone. Why? Because that’s an expression of survival. What is survival? Survival is not accepting it was ever expresses itself. Whatever. 

Then life is going to come to an end. Everything is impermanent when we don’t accept the things change and we hold to them that survival. The classical example in our body is a cell that decides it doesn’t want to let go because another cell will take its role and it creates a micro environment which has its own kingdom and we call it cancer. Another example is the microbiome and the biofilm. If we treat our microbiome well, the biofilm becomes a nourishing environment right from nutrients. It protects the gut lining. When we are aggressive with the microbiome, either we take antibiotics or we disrupt it or we don’t eat well. Or there’s a lot of stress. Our sense of nourishment is weakened. Which is a universal issue. The microbiome will go into survival mode. The more fight who fights the more aggressive bacteria. The more aggressive microbe microbes, right? The ones which are peaceful which are helpful are pushed aside. We get decrease in diversity and then leaking God narrow inflammation gut brain connection, autoimmune diseases, you name it, right. 

And then all the toxins come in and you know, that’s your expertise. You and I have been dealing with this for decades. So as part of the healing from covid is we have to address these toxins because even if we do all of this, even if we work with our mind, if we are we can be loaded with toxins, the body simply can’t handle it. And that’s why detoxification is very important. So I kind of got carried away. We were talking about the first point. I apologize. Hopefully I give I give I want to give a rounded a rounded picture because you can come to it from different doors from supplementing minerals and nutrients and herbs and neuropathy. But you really have to see the mind, body connection and have to understand each, each person will have a we’ll have a tendency to be more extreme in one area. Can be micro coating, it can be lipid oxidation and can be immune this regulation. So we have to it’s a dance and anywhere we can help, it’s gonna change the picture and it’s gonna take time. It’s gonna take time. And it’s really interesting as people get better, it’s very easy to focus on what is not better yet. But I still have this. No, but think about what you don’t have any more what? And just as long as we can keep the flow as long as we don’t hold to the symptoms will get better because what is microclotting? Clotting is having starkness whether it’s supposed to be flow right? We talked about it from a spiritual perspective before the interview. So the moment that our mind is clotted, the moment that we are driven by fear which is a response to survival, what is fear? If we don’t have a survival issue, we will never have fear, right? It’s purple definition and fear contracts us, freezes us all causes us to respond with fighting. It’s again, it’s a very innate symptom that every cell has. So we don’t have time today to talk so much how the connection with the heart is a big shift. Open heart medicine when I what they teach and how I practice. But covid is a is a nasty virus and it has affected a lot of people. And it’s also a reflection, you know, of a lot of starkness in the world. A lot of lack of diversity. Our inability to accept another opinion. We can see it in the covid. covid have brought it to the extreme masks, no masks, vaccine, no vaccines and everybody is fed and social media is feeding the anti-vaxxers and they get their own data and then the pro factor they get their own data. 

There’s no connection because each of them is buying different products and different information and different things same politically same. And then what happens you create friction and friction. You know if you rub your hands, what do you feel? You feel hit? That’s global warming. That’s inner inflammation and then viruses. I’m just gonna jump on it And that’s really what we’re experiencing. So there is really an opportunity for growth and opportunity for transformation and it’s really important because they see a tendency about among the long haul patients, especially the ones who had infections before had chronic symptoms and are kind of in the spin and among health providers. You know it’s a great you know well you know it’s a great new new business. You know this patient are gonna have symptoms forever and no, no, no, no, no, no. We gotta move on. We got to move on and the movement on. Remember when things flow, there’s no hyper viscosity, there’s more oxygen. There’s no inflammation, there’s no no inflammation. Suddenly the sympathetic system can relax. So the basic thing we got to remember to breathe to get oxygen everywhere.


Nafysa Parpia, ND

Yes. So this has been great so far. You’ve brought up collecting three and how it’s a magnet for other inflammatory cited kinds other toxins. You’ve brought up lipid oxidation. You are a pioneer in detoxification and I am very grateful that you mentored me and trained me in detox because That has changed the way that I practice medicine we brought up toxins. If there’s anything else more that you want to talk about detox?


Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

You know so I think specifically it’s important. So when we look at what to do let’s say from a supplement point of view, what are the big categories? So addressing collecting three for immune dysregulation is very important. That’s why modified disrespecting is really the only collecting three blocker and it’s getting more and more attention. 80 published papers. But we also I think there may not be enough use of medicinal mushrooms because medicinal mushrooms are universal immune regulators and modulators they have the ability to detoxify mushroom has the ability to absorb toxins as we know they’re going to toxic areas they grow. Yeah and they have the ability to regulate cytokine expression, balance it out. They are very good prebiotic better look and once we better looking is an amazing you know prebiotic. So mushrooms are very good probiotics. So they suppose the microbiome and they should really be integrated into a daily protocol and they’re different products the mushroom which are more immune related. For example I reported when I grow the mushroom immune enhancing herbs. So you know so micro fitters more specifically immune support but there’s some generalized mushroom formulas from different places which are very beneficial. So that’s one category which is important.


Nafysa Parpia, ND

There’s something I want you to address actually a lot of patients say I have a mold issue are am I gonna be okay taking mushrooms. So if you can speak to that please.


Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

So the mushrooms are made from mycelium. So there are no issue with small, they are good for patients with malt, they will absorb toxins. It’s not the fruiting body is a little bit more of an issue because it’s the whole mushroom but not the mycelium. And most like the product I develop for mycelium because mycelium is in the active phase of the mushroom, there’s more energy in it. So now it’s a non issue because mushrooms help help cellular immunity. I said hello immunity fights fungus so and then the absorption qualities of the mushroom. So then we got to support circulation. So NATO Kane is lum brocchini’s. Several pepped is puma basic which has a lot of research in the connection between immunity and circulation. Really dozens of papers we got to support the circulation. So these are some in the so these are the basic blocks you know mod effective respecting mushrooms at high dose they are very safe and they actually train the immune system and then support your circulation on top of it. Of course you need your minerals, your vitamin different herbs, healthy detoxification and then help remove pesticides, help remove toxins. So life. Oh detox is one formula that I developed that is showing very promising results in reducing glyphosate. In our initial data. It also support the gut lining and nourishing compounds like full weak acid which is very rich in mineral she legit you know very well from diabetic medicine which is a big part of the of the glyph for detox. So we have this detoxification environment and then specifically for now inflammation. You can add Pinocchio which penetrates the blood brain barrier and helps shift from glutamate to gaba and helps and has a never protective effect. Get on a supplement. I think it’s important for people to try to exercise and when you’re exercising with long haul covid do not do extreme exercise. Do not do the exercises that will push oxidative stress. So walking is great work enough that your cardio that your cardiac output is going up and it may be that every day you add another 50 hours or 100 layouts but make sure that your heart is working and make you make sure that after when you’re done you have enough time to recover because one of the hallmarks of metabolic dysfunction long covid and lime and chronic fatigue is a recovery time and why is it because we feel like we can do something but our cells actually have shifted into glycol Asus so it feels like we have enough energy. 

But then we’re stuck with lax with lactic acid and byproduct and hypoxia inducing factors and enter one goes up and metabolism changes etcetera. So a lot of the formulas for example Pinocchio helps post exercise inflammation pain. My basic blocking, blocking, blocking collecting three. So we don’t get a macrophage inflammatory effect and shift into cytokine and T. G. F. Better etcetera. So we want to make sure that when we exercise we give time by taking the time by hydrating. Well so many of us are don’t drink enough water and hydration is what creates communication in the body. It’s the fluid that communicates all of us and then dedicated time to stress relief and what stress relief whatever works for you not whatever works for me whatever works for the person. If it’s music or prayer or meditation or out or being in nature for people who have the ability to be in nature. If it’s a small part in town to live really in nature and very fortunately do. The power of nature. Nature is so expensive. 

You know when we all the toxic byproducts of the body are released from the cells and they come to our venus blood to the heart. And the heart accepted. That doesn’t say I’m not going to accept it. It’s part of the healing power of the heart and the hearts of the breath connect with the universe. Our drama, our toxicity, the universe is so vast. The healing power is so vast. It accepted with open arms. It gives us clean air as long as we respect the environment enough. That’s the dialogue. So taking a deep breath slowing down, exercising and trying to move from reactivity which is where we are met with something that triggers our ego or survival and responds with anger with fear with jealousy, with whatever to responsiveness to realizing, wow, I’m having a difficult time. I should even open house to myself, but guess what? Everybody is having a difficult time, should even open how to everybody else. No, it’s really interesting. The heart nourishes itself only after it finishes its work is the only organ in the body, the coronary out of its outside of the heart. So the heart finishes all its selfless work, takes all the dirty blood connect with the universe and then gives blood everywhere. And then when it relaxes afterwards, blood comes into the coronary arteries which are there oughta once you leave the heart, so the heart nourishes itself in order to nourish others. Is part of nourishing others. Once it has done its work. So self love is part of loving others. When we are at a place of love, of open heart, there’s no survival. Survival per definition is me against something else, on my community, against another community or my political beliefs against somebody else’s. When we share there’s no survival. The moment the virus feels less threat, the moment the immune system feels less threat, cytokine storm is going to come down and it takes time. It was very interesting for me to see how my mind was changing, but my physiology was lagging because of the damage and the response and then, and then it was getting better. 

And then 11 night I was kind of in my sleep. I was a little bit meditated and I just realized that’s it, you know, and had a certain experience and I decided that’s it. I’m going I’m gonna be okay. And I woke up in the morning I was a different person. So it was a shift now. So I’m a little bit more trained in meditation. I don’t expect everybody to be able to do it so suddenly. But the idea that as long as we change our attitude and our look eventually it’s going to affect our body. Our biochemical responses are a response to our mind. It’s really important and more and more convinced about it. And it’s a basic dialogue and argument between the biological approach or you experience what you experienced because of biochemistry. Know the biochemistry is an effect of how we feel of how we think. And so there is a dialogue of course you can come from both ways and that’s what we discussed today. You need the nutrients you need the support and in this sense, therapeutical phrases is really an unparalleled tool for long covid, nothing nothing gets close to it and why? Because when done properly, we are removing practically all the oxidized lipids and the lipoprotein a


Nafysa Parpia, ND

Therapeutic is


Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

Yeah, so therapeutic is something I’ve been specializing in for many years and I can Say conflict and pioneering in the field and a grant to research specifically the removal of collecting three the therapeutic apparatus. I’m about to start my animal safety studies before I get hopefully a green light to go into clinical trials in research steps. See that’s it’s my filter only 11 years of work, you know. But in any case that’s part of where I put my time. So the idea you take the blood out, you separate the cells from the fluids and you put the fluid through a filter which is selective. So it removes the oxidized lipids. That’s what’s available in the United States. And it’s for covid longer. And it’s really what you need. It removes the oxidized lipids, it really reduced significantly all the site of kinds. And the clotting factors removes almost all clotting factors, removes a significant amount of fiber. So now the blood is very clean and it allows the tissue to release its toxins into the blood. And if you manipulate the phrases by doing certain activities that enhance the process, you get you really get an outside of the body filter that the body is not able to do and what it does, it allows the body to recalibrate. So it’s fascinating. I could feel when I was really as a as a pic of my of my of my covid long gone and I was doing this once a week for a few weeks. I could feel I was like because there was a lot of cytokines be being produced and a lot of oxidant lipids. You could feel how you have a response but you’re not developing the same intensity of symptoms because the body doesn’t have the cytokines and then slowly they come back. But as they get recalibrated they stopped being produced. And so for people who are really stuck in the long hold situation with severe symptoms then. 

And unfortunately fortunately because it’s available then therapeutical phrases is available with doing it. I mean a medical clinic and it’s really what we specialize in the clinic in the last decade. It’s it’s it’s it’s a whole specialty. It’s not another thing you do. I do this and I do this. It’s really a specialty. You know you look at the filter if you look at you really taylor and then in the ideal environment we combine it with what you and I do with healing with naval therapy with creating a letting go process on multiple levels and then you can really turn people around. It’s inspiring. I mean the more the less severe cases get turned around very quickly. Sometimes it’s really 1 to 1 or two treatment makes the difference for people who have very severe conditions with other pathologies from the past then it takes more work. But it’s a process like everything else.


Nafysa Parpia, ND

Yes Dr. Isaac. Thank you so much for this interview has been so great and we covered so many topics from the biochemical to how that affects inflammation and detoxification, collecting three to the mind, body connection attitude. How you can embrace what you’re experiencing instead of necessarily fleeing from it in the sympathetic mode. And now to a forest sis I mean truly it is a it’s multi layered with respect to healing mind means body meets heart and I love the way that you practice medicine and the way that you express it to everybody. So thank you so much.


Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

Thank you. Thank you for having me and thank you for putting this Summit together. It’s so important it’s going to help many people.


Nafysa Parpia, ND

Yes. Yes, thank you. It’s always always a pleasure to spend time with you.

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