Master Fasting: Shed Weight & Retain Lean Muscle

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  • Dive into fasting for weight loss while preserving your lean muscle mass
  • Unveil the secrets of effective fasting that ensures your athletic performance remains uncompromised
  • Arm yourself with strategies to strike the perfect balance between shedding pounds and maintaining muscle strength
  • This video is part of the Fasting & Longevity Summit
Joseph Antoun, MD, PhD, MPP

Hi everyone, this is Dr. Joseph Antoun, your co-host for the Longevity for the Fasting of the Longevity Summit. Today, I have a very, very special guest with me, Sharon Brack. And she’s very special because, first of all, she’s a functional nutritionist. So when we talk about fasting and dieting, this is her court. But more importantly, she has first-level experience personally with fasting but also with her clients and she sees all kinds of clients in people and within their daily lives, pro athletes, and corporate wellness. So she has exposure to the different uses of fasting and longevity and cannot wait to learn about your experience. Dr. Sharon, with fasting and longevity to learn about the results that you’ve seen as a practitioner and with corporations. And also we’re going to focus a little bit further on the muscle because it’s an organ of longevity as well. And as you’ve know, the muscle has been very challenging for any intervention in nutrition because if you lose weight, you’re losing muscle. Even if you inject ozempic,wegovy you will go over your losing muscle. So fasting has unlocked that challenge and Dr. Sharon will help us understand all of this. Welcome. Sharon.

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Joseph Antoun, MD, PhD, MPP

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