Regenerating the Brain with Hyperbaric Oxygen

Zayd Ratansi, ND


  • Using hyperbaric oxygen to prevent brain injuries
  • Typical hyperbaric protocols for various brain-related conditions
  • How hyperbaric oxygen improves dementia & Alzheimer’s
  • Finding a good clinic or at home option
Jason Prall

Well I’m so excited to welcome our next guest Dr. Zayd Ratansi known as Dr. Z to his patients and colleagues is a licensed naturopathic physician and global authority on hyperbaric bio oxidative and environmental medicine as well as low level light and coagulation therapies. He’s a trainer for hyperbaric oxygen therapy and has an A I. H. A. Approved education and training course for safety and operation. And he has established and manages a research based website for hyperbaric therapy at Dr. Z also worked with boxing legend Muhammad Ali to help him fight Parkinson’s disease. He serves as an adviser to athletic trainers, team doctors and practitioners and the lead athletes to help them implement personalized protocols for performance training and recovery. He also has extensive training in environmental medicine and has helped implement safety, toxification and cleansing programs along with hyperbaric oxygen therapy within the spa industry helping to advance medical spas throughout the world. Dr. Z welcome.

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