Root Causes of Child Developmental and Mood Disorders

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  • Factors for autism, ADHD, and other brain developmental/mood disorders
  • Why ADD/ADHD and autism is increasing
  • How genetics play a role into brain improvements
Brain, Brain Health
Cheng Ruan, MD

Today. I invite Dr. Debby Hamilton, MD, mph. She’s a pediatrician with an experience in primary care Integrative Medicine, lots of research speaking and writing and it’s a huge advocate for developmental disorders. She, her education includes an undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University followed by a medical degree from Chicago medical school. She is board certified in pediatrics, physician nutrition integrated and holistic medicine and institute for functional medicine survived practitioner ship and has a master’s degree in public health. And she also has done a ton of research on clinical nutrition. Dr. Hamilton founded holistic pediatric consulting in Colorado in 2005 and practice really focused on treating Children and chronic diseases such as autism, the A. D. H. D. And preconception counseling based on her book preventing autism and A. D. H. D. Controlling risk factors before during and after pregnancy. In 2017 Dr. Hamilton joined researched nutritionals where she focused on clinical research, product development and education of healthcare professionals. She continues to see patients through the holistic pediatric consulting Colorado through two elements and consult. I can’t wait to introduce her onto the summit. We’re gonna have a fabulous, fabulous discussion. One thing that I do want people to take note of is that the things that we’re talking about today used to be truly controversial but now there’s so much science behind it and it’s really exciting to offer this as well. Well awesome. Welcome to the forum. So happy to have you on.

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