Uncover Your Mind’s Power: Navigating Parkinson’s Mentally

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  • Discover the value of a holistic, all-encompassing strategy in tackling both Parkinson’s and its mental health implications
  • Explore the connection between Parkinson’s Disease and mental health, focusing on their standard links to inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Discover a range of tools, from sleep optimization to gut healing, to manage mental health issues in Parkinson’s
  • This video is part of the Natural Parkinson’s Solution Summit
Kenneth Sharlin, MD

Welcome to the Parkinson’s Solutions Summit. I’m your host, Dr. Ken Sharlin. I hope you’ve been enjoying all the wonderful interviews we’ve had for you this week, and I am very excited to introduce you to Kirkland Newman. Kirkland, I call her Kiki, and that’s how she prefers to be addressed. Kiki Newman is an Anglo-American journalist and philanthropist, and she is the founder and editor of MindHealth360. This is a free global resource for integrative mental health and functional medicine. Psychiatrists, and neurologists like myself, as well, and she is the host of the MindHealth360 Show. She has also recently taken on another hat. I don’t know how she does it all, but she is the executive director of the Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference, which has educated many holistic practitioners around the world. Now here we are talking about mental health, and you might say, “Well, what does that have to do with Parkinson’s disease?” Well, anxiety and depression are pervasive in Parkinson’s, and the statistics are quite staggering. At least a third of all people affected by Parkinson’s suffer from mood disorders, although some estimates are that up to 90% are affected. Mood disorders are the most prevalent non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. They can be part of the expression of the disease in its full form, or they can be premonitory and herald the onset of the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. In fact, mood symptoms can be the earliest expression of Lewy body dementia, which is related to Parkinson’s disease. We can also see changes in personality, which can lead to the tragedy of suicide, as we did with the great actor and comedian Robin Williams. That was a little bit of a lengthy intro, but it’s so important to understand that we are talking about an incredibly important subject, which is mental health, and how we can approach this with Parkinson’s, with our loved ones, with our friends, and with our colleagues, and spread the message that there are many solutions to addressing mental health. Kiki Newman, welcome to the Parkinson’s Solutions Summit.

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