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Unlock The Link: Your Lymphatics, Teeth, And Breast Health

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  • Understand the potential dangers of breast implants and their impact on overall health
  • Learn about the benefits of thermography in addressing breast health and early detection of issues
  • Discover how movement can support breast health and stimulate lymphatic tissue
Sharon Stills, ND

Hello, ladies. Welcome to day three of the Summit. Oh, my God, it’s been so amazing so far. And we still have today and day four, five, six, and seven,  we have a lot more to cover. So I’m happy to be back here with you for your early morning chat with me. And I’ve kind of picked topics. There’s so much to teach you and so much to learn, but I’ve kind of picked top, I’ve kind of picked topics that I have seen throughout the years in my clinical practice that are misunderstood or need a little more light shone on them. And so today we’re going to be talking about breast health and we’re going to be talking about your lymphatic system and your teeth and how they’re all connected because the hipbone truly is connected to the knee bone. And so we’ve got to take care of the girls and breast health the way it’s delivered in traditional medicine. Get a mammogram to me is not taking care of the ladies. As a matter of fact, to me, it’s crushing the ladies. It’s radiating the ladies and there’s some data showing that it’s actually contributing, that the ionizing radiation you’re getting through mammography is actually contributing to breast cancer rather than preventing it. Now, there are no, if someone tells you like it’s always like this or it’s always like that or it’s never like this, you know, that’s not good because there are gray areas everywhere. And so have I seen women who had a cancer discovered by a mammography. I have, but I do not, I’ve never gotten one because I told you yesterday, I’m 55. I get regular thermography. That’s what I recommend for my patients. 

We do circulating tumor cell testing. We can pick up things in the blood. If you need an ultrasound or an MRI. There are lots of ways to evaluate what’s going on the, on the breast without radiating them and adding to the problem. So I’m not your doctor. I’m not telling you, don’t get a mammography. I’m telling you what I do. I’m telling you what I’ve seen. I’m telling you what I do in my practice. You have to make your own decisions, Discuss it with your physician. But I just want to give you another way of thinking. If you’ve never heard that before, and I want to make you aware of CRT computerized regulation thermography. This is a tool that I’ve been using in my practice since I started. It’s a tool from Germany and what it does, it’s not just one of those filmographies that takes a picture and shows you inflammation. It’s actually a device that takes actual temperature readings all over your body. And it’s one of the only ways to evaluate diagnostically your lymph system. And we have to think about it our lymph system, there’s no blood test for it. You don’t go to your doctor to get your lymph checked. The only time we ever really pay attention to the lymph system is if someone feels or you feel your lymph glands are swollen or if someone is dealing with cancer and it’s gone to the lymph nodes. And that’s just a diagnostic predictor that, oh, this is bad. Now it’s circulating into the whole system, but there’s no checkup for our lymph system, which to me is absurd because it’s such an important system in our body that helps to you know, it’s like the garbage collector helps to get the toxins out. It’s our immune system so it’s supporting our immune system. It’s actually helping move, for example, progesterone throughout the body. And so it’s really, really important. And if we don’t move our lymph doesn’t move. And if our limps not flowing, we’re not flying, flying flowing, we’re not flowing. The mind-body connection, at least in my world, is, it is intertwined. And so you can look at what’s going on in your life to get an idea of what’s going on in your body. And you can see what’s going on in your body and you can see it reflected, whether it be spiritually, mentally, emotionally, combination. It’s all interrelated. And so that the CRT, the computerized regulation thermography is a tool, that diagnostic tool that I use for women’s breasts because it doesn’t just look at the breast, it looks at 13 factors, holistic factors from your liver and your teeth. 

We’re going to talk about that and your lymphatic system and your chest to see what your breast health is, to give you a warning that thermography can see things before they manifest, before would even be picked up in a mammography. And of course, all testing, you know, there’s nothing perfect. So just because you have a thermography, you know, it’s a good start, but it needs to be in a holistic, you know, working with your practitioner and finding out what’s the best way and what’s the preventative steps for you. But what I see when I run thermography is on my patients. And for men it does a prostate check and for women it’s doing a breast check. And what I’ve seen from the beginning and this isn’t an all or nothing I’ve only seen congested, inflamed, blocked lymph from the beginning, from the baseline. I’ve never seen anyone come in and their lymph looks amazing. So that really got me started on the path of, Ooh, I got to become a lymphologists and I’ve got to pay attention to the lymph system in my patients because it is blocking a lot of things. And with the breasts, there’s a lot of lymphatics in our underarms that contribute to congestion. 

You know, the breasts are just this fatty lymphatic tissue, and we’ve got to make sure it’s moving. So when we do the breast analysis, a lot of it, a lot of what I see, which is a developing breast cancer, a lot of it is just stagnant, congested lymph. And if we can move the lymph and move the liver and move the bile and get the eliminatory organs, eliminating, we can avert and reverse that tumor from developing. So it’s a very, very important area to be looking at. And so there’s lots of different ways you can move the breast, and move the lymph. It is not just rebounding and dry skin brushing. I wish it was. I wish it was. I wish it was. But it is. And I haven’t seen that move the needle in thermography. So we have to be doing drainage remedies internally. We can be doing herbal remedies. We have to be hydrated. We have to be one of my favorite things to prescribe. We have to be sweating. So infrared saunas, hot yoga, hot baths, hydrotherapy therapy, we have to be sweating. If we don’t sweat, we’re not releasing. And it’s no longer about avoiding toxins. I mean, you can avoid a number of them in your house and so forth. But the world in general, you’re going to be exposed to toxins. You can’t be we can’t be the sacred second, sacred, second sexy act of menopause in a plastic bubble. And so it’s really important that we are moving them in and sweat is one of the greatest ways. So sweating will move your lymph. Castor oil packs, my favorite, also on my favorite things. And so doing Castrol packs, often when I see this in the thermography, I just prescribed castor oil packs to this area. I can see it in the thermography specifically where your lymph, your groin, where the lymph is really stuck. So we can focus, we can focus our attention, we can do neuro therapy, we can do injections with homeopathic remedies. There are so many things we can do to move the lymph we can utilize. We have a Flowpresso. I like to use with patients, which is a passive. You get wrapped. It’s like a warm parasympathetic hug and it hugs you with infrared and it moves the lymph. There is the Lymphstar, the light beam generator is some great tools to move the lymph and also Colorpuncture, the color yellow helps to move the lymph and Colorpuncture is something I’ve learned from over in Germany. And I studied with my teacher, Rosemarie here in the States. And it’s a wonderful way to move the lymph. And it’s another way that we’re going to be utilizing in our new clinic when it opens of diagnosing the lymph. So there are actually two machines now. We’re going to have both of them. So I’m very excited about that. 

And so the way to diagnose through color puncture is through bio photon scanning. So by putting your fingertips and your toe, toe tips onto a camera and having an emission taken in a picture, taken in a dark room’s dark room through the special camera, we can see through your fingers, through the energy patterns where your lymph is stuck. It’s very commonly stuck in the head. We also have the Glial–Lymph, which we’ll talk about when we talk about sleep. But that’s the lymphatic system of the brain and very important for that to drain as well. We can do acupuncture, we can do color. So there’s lots of ways to move the lymph and you have to find a lymphatic manual like water manual lymphatic therapies. So you need to find what works for you. But some of the easy things you can do right now at home is start sweating and start using castor oil packs. Of course, again, I’m a doctor, but I’m not yours. Check with your doctor. Make sure that’s good for you to do. But these are things that I prescribe across the board pretty regularly. 

And they have profound effects, profound effects. So just even castor oil can really change and open up and drain and change that lymph picture. When we do a rerun of a thermography and in the thermography, we look at the teeth and your upper molars are the stomach meridians. So every tooth is connected to an acupuncture meridian and there is a back-and-forth relationship in the body. And so these teeth on the upper molars are on the stomach meridian, and the stomach meridian runs right through the breast. So that means the breasts are on the stomach meridian. So I call these the breast teeth. And what I find is when I do thermography, I’m looking to see regulation. The thermography is a test of the autonomic nervous system, how it regulates, how it responds, how it reacts. So it’s a dynamic test and it’s reproducible. It’s not just energy testing that doesn’t always turn out to be reproducible. It is reproducible and it’s measuring your nervous system. And so we can see is there a blockage in specific teeth? Is there blocked regulation? Is there paradoxical regulation, which means when something should be cooling it heats, or when it should be heating, it cools because different parts of the body do different things during the test according to how the nervous system functions. And so we check the tooth memory. Remember I said there were 13 parameters for breast health. We check the teeth and we connect the tooth. The breast to these upper molars on both sides are connected stomach meridian, and very often with breast cancers, we see a root canal there. And so I don’t have time to go into the whole dentistry. I did have a nice talk during the summit with Dr. Gerry Curatola, who is a biological dentist, and so you can listen to that. But root canals are keeping a dead organ because teeth are organ. We don’t think of them as organs, but they are. And if a tooth is dead, it needs to be extracted. When we root canal it, we put chemical oils into that, leach into tubules through the roots and they cause a low-grade immune disturbance. And we have seen time and time and time and time again the clinic I trained at with Dr. Thomas Rau in Switzerland, Paracelsus is not there anymore, but I think they did a little in-house study and it was like 100 breast cancer cases, a hundred women dealing with breast cancer and like 95 of them had a root canal on that tooth. So there’s something to this. 

And so when I’m scanning you, even if you don’t, you know, hopefully, have breast cancer, if we see an issue in that tooth preventatively, we want to get you to a biological dentist and we want to get this taken care of. So dental health from a terrain-based perspective, from a bio-regulatory perspective, is crucial. It’s crucial for your overall healing there. There are numerous times I can’t even count them, where a patient comes in. And if they have to decide the between seeing me or seeing the biological dentist, I kick them out of my office and I say, Go get your mouth cleaned up, then come back to me. Because if you have a focal blockage, a focal like a scar or a root canal, low-grade infection, this will prevent healing no matter what we do, no matter how many good things we give you. So it’s really important. I just wanted to bring this up. I knew I threw a lot at you and you probably have a lot of questions. And like I said, this is not the last you’re going to see of me but I want to just get you thinking differently 

When we heal. A lot of it, like I said in the first day, is our mindset, but it’s also just how I think about how about thinking how the body works and thinking about what we’re going to do on our healing journey and kind of sitting back and back and taking a breath and just realizing that there’s a lot of pieces at play and it doesn’t have to just be about, Oh my God, what medication? What Herb do I take? But how are the connections occurring so we can truly, truly, truly get to the root cause of what is going on? So I just wanted to share that with you. Paying attention to your breast health, looking into computerized regulation, thermography thinking about your lymph system, thinking about biological dentistry, moving your body to move the lymph. Because remember, if we don’t move, it doesn’t move. So we’ve got to be moving. We’ve got to be walking, swimming, hula hooping, roller skating, weightlifting. We’ve got to be moving, moving. During the day. I wear an aura ring, which is like a tracker of your sleep and your steps. And if I have too many patients in a row or too many interviews in a row, too many recordings in a row, and I haven’t gotten up and moved it like gives me a message like, “Hello, move your butt, move your butt, stop being lazy. So we got to move. We get a flow to get our lymph flowing, to get our life flowing. And I just want you to start having your lymph, your teeth, your breast on your radar as you’re going through a menopause transition. Because remember, hormones got to go into a happy, balanced, flowing body. So enjoy the rest of the talks today. They are, of course, phenomenal. One, just keeps they just keep getting better and better and better. And I’ll see you back soon. Bye.

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