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You, Your Cells, And Quantum Fields

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Kashif Khan

Hello again, everybody. We’re going to dive into something really cool here. A lot of you in the various conversations we’ve had, have heard things about EMF frequency, energy, and you’re hearing this kind of esoteric type conversation. How do I measure? How do I know? Is this real? Those types of questions and what’s really cool is Philipp, who’s here with us today. I met him at a conference and it was a first time that somebody pulled out this stack of data from all the research they had been doing. It wasn’t just theory. It wasn’t just a YouTube video about quantum energy and quantum physics. It was like hardcore research on humans to show the efficacy. That day, Philipp gave me a device and I wore it on my neck, and it was charged with vitamins and minerals, vitamin D, and B-like micronutrients. That evening, I went to dinner and I didn’t take it off. I couldn’t sleep. I was wondering what’s going on? What’s wrong with me today? I do everything right. Why can’t I sleep? And I realized that this device, which I was wearing on me, the frequency of certain micronutrients, were emitting that were keeping me awake as if it was daytime, because there’s so much potency behind what I was receiving. I took it off and it took a few minutes and I was able to get to sleep. So there was empirical data put in front of me. There was anecdotal. I went through it. I was like, Wow, what just happened to me? And here we go. Philipp is here with us today to dive in deeper. Welcome. Thank you for being here.


Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling

Thanks so much for having me on. It’s a pleasure.


Kashif Khan

No, it’s awesome because I’ve been watching your work for some time and you’ll see a lot of anybody that’s watched, say, a biohacker or a health and wellness influencer on a podcast or YouTube video. Recently, you may have seen them wearing a gold necklace that kind of looks like a large bullet. Here you go. Phillip’s going to pull it out, right? You probably seen a lot of people in the health and wellness community walk around wearing these. Like, what is going on? Is it a fashion statement? No, this is a health statement. Philipp’s the man behind it that’s going to tell us what he did. So let’s dive right in. This whole concept of frequency and energy, medicine and people saying, this is Google science, you’ve been proving it. So first of all, what is it and why do we need to know? And then we’ll get into some more of the details.


Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling

Yeah, well, great introduction, and thanks for asking that question. So why is it important? I think, taking a step back, for humanity in general, it’s important to remember again in these times who and what we are and where our core energy and frequency are. I know that sounds crazy to a lot of people who have never really thought about this or dove into it. It’s who we are as a body; we think of ourselves as solid, but we’re not solid. Just in terms of the matter inside, we’re about 90% water, right? That’s already something that we have a hard time wrapping our heads around. But it’s just the truth. Then behind all of that matter is empty space. And I’ll get to that empty space because it’s not really empty. It’s basically over 99% of space. If you think about it, But that empty space is not empty. It’s filled with energy. And we call that quantum energy. You could call it different things. We call it quantum energy. That is really the closest thing to how we observe it. Actually, it’s the energy behind it. It’s the energy that we have in each of our cells. Our cells communicate through quantum fields.

If you think about what Tesla said a long time ago, he said if you want to understand the secrets of the universe, you need to think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. And I can just second that. It’s such a statement. I think right now we have the opportunity to really realize that and to remember that we are energy. And if that is the case, and if we’re energy and frequency, which is the truth, and everyone can feel that actually in their heart, then we can also take in information and frequency without digesting something, for example. So there can be an information right here, and we can absorb it and use it just because it’s in a field, if that makes sense. And some people, we’ll get into the science, right? Because for some people, it may sound crazy, but Masaru Emoto in Japan, he was one of the first ones, actually a pioneer, to show how you can change the energy in water. And he was able to visualize it, which is really cool because you can actually see the differences. He was able to do experiments where they took some water and they, constantly bombarded it with hate, for example, with hate and the word hate and all of that.

And then the water got really bad structurally, right? So in terms of, really, its beauty, It lost its beauty. It got into a really bad state—something you don’t want to drink. It took on that energy, and they could visualize it. Now, if you take water and then you bombard it with love and very positive feelings and words like peace, love, and gratitude, suddenly these beautiful crystals are formed in the water, and the water structures in an amazing way. I think he was one of the first to really show some physical evidence of how you can change things with energy. And to be honest, we’re working now with the Masaru Emoto Institute together because they analyzed our products and found that our device, The Quantum Blocks, which is actually the weakest device we have, was able to positively change water faster than any other method or device that they’ve ever seen or tested before. Then they called me up and said, We want to bring this to Japan; can we do this? And they had never done it before. It’s an institute, right? They don’t usually sell products. Yeah, I stopped there because that’s really the energy problem. We’ll get into the hard science, of course. But we can; we call this frequency medicine. With frequency and vibration, you can promote change. You can bring systems that are out of balance into balance, and quite a lot more. And that’s actually true, even though I would say 98% of the studies that have been done with our technology were done on humans, like you said initially. But it works as well for plants and for animals. I don’t even know if we may have the time for that, but I have to be in a fridge. That is literally this big. If you call me out on that, I’m going to grab it from the fridge later and just to show you what’s possible because we have a quantum greenhouse where we experiment and actually put an infinity block inside. And then we’ve been monitoring that for about two years now—what’s happening with vegetables and all of that. And it’s really fascinating. 


Kashif Khan

That is fascinating because what you’re saying is, in simple terms, that I can go get a banana and eat a banana. And I know that I’m deriving some form of nutrition from a banana. And it’s now part of me. It’s become part of me. But we never question how that happened or the mechanism behind it. If we understand that the mechanism is that everything is energy and frequency, and somehow, in the miracle of this body, that frequency transfers from the banana to me, then all you really needed was the frequency. The banana was just the medium, or conduit, that could deliver it to you. Just like you can’t eat dirt, a tree will take the minerals and nutrients from the dirt and put them into a fruit so you can eat it. The same thing. The fruit will take the frequency you need and deliver it to your cells. Then, ultimately, that’s how it stays with you. How do we know that this is true? How do we know that this is actually what’s happening? When you talked about it, I experienced, Where’s the science that says that we are energy, and this is how our cells interact with whatever is happening around us?


Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling

So the science that we’re energy; to be honest, I don’t know if we’ll be scientifically able to prove this. It’s like, How do you prove that the sky is blue? How do you do that? It’s just a simple fact. It’s the most basic truth that there is: that we are energy and everything else; every action, everything we do, and everything we get into motion starts with energy. In that case, it can be a thought, right? You have a thought, and then you go do something. And that thought—what is that thought? It’s not anything physical, and so I think that part is a little bit trickier to do. I think people can experience it, right? I think that’s what you can do. I think people will realize it more and more because that’s actually what’s happening right now. We’re coming from times where everything is a little bit more dense, and I’ll get into this nutritional thing and the frequency measures and actually why that makes a big difference and will make it in the future even more. So we’ve been more dense. We forgot who we were. We’ve just, as humanity now in general, with some exceptions. We thought of ourselves as totally solid. We needed to have a lot of power over others, and all that. Those are certain games that we’ve played in this type of age. Now we’re moving into something where humanity starts to realize more and more that we’re consciousness, we’re energy, and it allows us to be more transparent.

So that’s something that happens automatically, and people can accelerate it with tools like the ones that we offer, for example, meditation, yoga, and all kinds of other things. There are a lot of things one can do to lighten yourself up with good food. For example, the more dense and unhealthy food you eat, the more dense you are. But you can lighten yourself up. And the more you do that, actually, the more receptive you become to take in frequencies. Because, like you said, with a banana, if we ingest a vitamin C pill, it goes through the digestive tract and everything. But what ends up in the core of the cell is not the physical substance; it’s the information from the vitamin C. So, it’s really a process to deliver the information to a certain point. Now, what we found with this so-called Heal capsule here where, almost 80 different nutrients in there. We have about 5 to 10% of the people. When they wear this on a regular basis, we recommend wearing it during the day, not at night. Some can at night, but, for others, it’s harder to sleep. They can maintain optimal vitamin and mineral levels, even measured in the blood, even though they stopped taking any type of supplementation; they just have the frequencies.

Now, it’s interesting. It’s just 5 to 10% of the people, roughly, we don’t know exactly. And then 90 to 95% of the people, they still need supplementation. But what happens is they realize after some time they can take less. And when they take it, it has more efficacy. It’s stronger. It works better. And the way we see it is that the bioavailability of all those substances increases. Actually, if you have these core frequencies or the information, because that’s the same thing, information of frequency around you and you basically train your cells and the cells are able to absorb that information in a better way. That’s what we find. But coming back to the science, because people were maybe now sad that I’m not providing a scientific experiment to prove that energy has. We have tons of proof in regards to what a quantum energy device that we’ve created does. And it’s very interesting because, often you find a lot of studies where if in ten or 15% of the cases, something happens, people applaud you already and say, Well, that’s great. You have a million side effects, but at least in 15% of the cases, it can help. So you always give it to people. 

Now, in our case, while you can look at markers where you also find different reactions at times, right? Because not everyone is the same. Certain things are always happening so far based on all the studies that have been done. For example, the blood improves and optimizes rapidly within minutes when you’re exposed, for example, to the infinity block or the travel block or, any of such devices. And it’s really with everyone. So there’s always a reaction. The same with water. You put water in no matter what type of water you put in, you see an almost instant reaction and see a change. You see it with human cells. I don’t know if we’ve ever talked about this because I think in February, that’s when we had all, last longer talk. I think. But since then, there have been some really interesting studies that were randomized and double blinded with huge sample sizes, frankly, that were done by a professor who’s in a university lab at the University of Tulsa and has been specialized on looking at cell cultures that wound healing, ATP production and all of that. And we’ve been able to prove, again, it was double blinded over and over again that when we charged the cells with our technology, ATP production increases by 20 to 25% is actually 20 to 28% because we just learned yesterday that was not 25 was the peak. I think it was 28 or 29%, which is crazy. And it happened in all of the cells, in all of the cells. And no matter how they shuffled them around, always the ones that were charged. And again, the guy had no idea that it was double blinded. It worked. And we were even able to do that over distance. And then the wound healing is that maybe people can relate more to that, even though ATP production, as the listeners may not know, is that’s the currency of our body, right? It’s the energy production of our cells if that stops were dead. You can live without water for way longer than you can live without ATP protection.


Kashif Khan

Philipp, one second. error. I don’t know If you can hear me, one second. I’m going to pause for a second. Okay. We just had a break. So Philipp is going to continue from if whoever is editing cut back to if you don’t have water for your okay. But if you’re out of energy, you could die. Philipp’s going to continue from there.


Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling

So ATP production is really absolutely essential for life and it’s essential for any type of healing process in the body for mental performance, physical performance, etc. Now that same professor then ran wound healing study and I must say so that the professor is a mainstream professor. He thought this cannot work because it’s just energy. Like he could not think that a quantum energy device would actually be able to promote any changes. So he was proven wrong in this ATP study the first time. He repeated it a second time and already had huge sample sizes. So there was no doubt about it then. He was a total believer. He still did it a third time and always it happened in the very same results and actually the results got a little bit better over time. I’m not going to go into that. But we now know exactly like how to set up those experiments and then it’s between 20 and 28% increase in ATP production. 

Now the wound healing is fascinating because people can relate to that. What happens if you have some wound or any type of injury, for example, in your body? Of course, you want your body to heal fast. That’s kind of what you do. And so he run this experiment the first time, and then he repeated it where they scratch cells with a laser and all of the cells are scratched the very same time at the same spot, and then again, double blinded. There’s a control that doesn’t get charged. And then you have the cells that get charged with our technology. And there was a 2x acceleration of wound healing that took place in the charge cells. And he repeated it again and it was shown an 85% acceleration. So not 100%, but an 85% acceleration. I must say, though, that may have been 100% as well, because the way they do it, they take measurements over time, but then at some point they went to bed. When they came back in the morning, those charge cells were healed. They account of what they saw at that point. They can’t say, well, maybe it was already an hour earlier, but it could have been an hour earlier or 2 hours earlier. It’s very well possible at this point. It’s between 85 and 100%. Which is fascinating. It’s very physical. So it’s really science. It’s physical.


Kashif Khan

Yeah. Those results are truly phenomenal. Indisputable. And it’s interesting how you mention that in both cases, there was this variability of like things improved over time, which is not surprising because we know that the way our bodies and our minds interact with energy is this. There is a belief, fundamental belief, right? And if you believe it, it’s much more likely to happen because that you cannot. If your lack of belief, the disbelief is also your thoughts telling the world and the universe that energy is not going to happen, right? So that’s the case. You might be creating the frequency or the block to not receive. And so once you see the empirical, Oh wow, this actually work 20%, then the next time you’re accepting it, maybe it’s going to be 30, 40, 50, 60%. Right? So that it makes perfect sense to me. But the fact that it even is measured and this is what’s so amazing about the work that you’re doing because we all know in theory from the top, quantum physicists in the top universities to the biohacker who was experimenting at home. We all know that foundationally this makes sense. 

But you’re doing the work to create the pool of data to show the world it’s measurable and it’s true and it’s real and let’s start acting on it, right? So from there, I would ask, so you: I’ve experiences, like I said, but there’s also the converse. So you’re transferring energy transfer your frequency, but you’re also blocking negative frequency like EMF, for example. And I remember seeing you at an event and the same block, the same tool that you’ve designed to create the energy you need to structure your water to sort of create a healing environment. I put my cell phone into it, which is right here, by the way, and the typical sort of call it radiation burn or numbing or from overuse of traveling. Right? I stopped experiencing and that lasted for several months. It was like this negative charge or I don’t know if it’s negative or positive. So tell us how that works. It’s not only adding, but you’re also removing the negative from the environment.


Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling

Yeah. So it’s really cool that you experienced it firsthand. And it’s interesting because usually if you charge something with our blocks, like if it’s a metal, for example, or any other type of material, really, it almost lasts forever. I mean, not probably not forever, but these like 300 years. So, whoever charges something during their lifetime, they’ll have a charge. But it’s different for phones and other electronics that are in connection with cell phone towers and with Wi-Fi signals, etc., at all times. Because EMFs tend to suck quantum energy out of objects and even out of living organisms. So that happens with the phone as well. So we always recommend to recharge the phone every 3 to 4 months just to have the full charge again. You probably still have something charged in the phone, but it’s not going to be as powerful anymore as it was, during the first couple of months. 

So what happens there is basically it, actually nothing we did to the field because we did not manipulate the field. It’s a 100% pure a natural quantum energy field or energy that we’re using, that we’ll leveraging. And the nature of the field is to harmonize and neutralize everything that’s destructive or harmful to life and consciousness. That is the basic thing one needs to understand. And then because that happens, it couldn’t be any other way that it also harmonizes destructive 5G waves, for example, and 4G waves and all of that. Or if you put pesticides and herbicides on a frequency level, these get harmonized. And so how does that work? So Ian Mitchell usually, he describes these negative interference patterns that we have through waveform that hits our body. 

And I’ll get into an analogy in a second. And what happens is that they are harmonized in a way that when they hit us, they sort of go through us without any negative impact whatsoever. So if you think about it, if you were to hit me in the head, it would hurt, right? I may cry, it may get blue or whatever. Now, if you gave me an acupressure, acupressure massage on the neck, it would be super beneficial for my body, right? The same person. There’s this interaction, there’s a touch, but it’s completely different. That’s how you can think of these waveforms and how they’re being harmonized. And that’s why if you don’t at these conferences, when we set up these these blocks, then the whole hotel, like the whole conference, because they have such big radios, it’s harmonized. No one needs to worry about EMF at that point because it’s just the nature of that field. And yeah, with the phone, you can charge that. You could charge a ring like this and increase the vibration. I mean, if you have a golden watch, a Rolex or whatever, put it in and you’ll see that people that see energy and perceive energy well, they’ll see the higher vibration. And people that are not they’re not trained to see energy or even perceive energy. They’ll notice that it’s more beautiful and they won’t be able to tell you why. It’s pretty fascinating.


Kashif Khan

That’s interesting. They experience that and experience that in my own personal, double blind placebo study of one person where they actually did say that’s a piece of jewelry, looked more impressive and they couldn’t tell what was going on and they didn’t know that any of this happened. It’s funny you said that because I actually experience that with somebody. It was just me playing around and it turned into that outcome, which is really cool. 

So when I was with you, I remember you showing me these. They look like live blood cell analysis or some kind of analysis of actual cells. And this is why I’m saying that the work you’ve done is so valuable, such a gift back to the world because you’ve measured and there was actual analysis and maybe you can show us or tell us more about that. But at the cellular level, there was like a clear change, visual representation of change. So tell us about that experiment.


Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling

Yes. And I’m glad you bring that up, because I really love to talk about it. It’s called Lifeblood Analysis or Darkfield Microscopy. In the US, a lot of people don’t know what that is, because about 20 years ago they started charging practitioners that are using dark field microscopy for diagnostic purposes, an annual license fee of $100,000. And that’s how you make things go away. In the U.S., it’s still being used for, by researchers and some practitioners still pay that fee. But it’s a large fee. So who can afford that? But in Europe and in a lot of other places in the world, you still find it widely used. It’s the best tool, frankly, and the only tool that can show you in real time what is going on in your own blood. Because what it does is, you take blood and you can see the red blood cells, the white blood cells, the oxygenation in the blood. You can see even things like parasitic load, cholesterol levels, stuff like that. And you can see that in real time. So people have these cameras and video, right? So you can see, Okay, what happens if I ingest something terrible, for example, or the studies that were done by Dr. Beverly Rubik, she is the number one in the U.S. that is experienced in Darkfield microscopy and Lifeblood analysis studies. She is absolutely amazing. 

And then the Base Institute in Austria, those really ran those studies. What they do is they do before test with a test person and then they turn on wifi. So Wi-Fi was not turned on in the before test, right? So it’s important to know there was a wi-fi free environment and then they have an accurate reading of how that person is doing. Then they turn on wifi and then suddenly the blood starts to clot and you can see that each and every time. And it looks actually quite crazy because the clotting that goes on so rapidly is very, very visible. So even for someone that has never looked at darkfield microscopy pictures, they’ll instantly feel and see the massive difference. And of course, if you have blood clotting, you have a higher risk at stroke, a high risk to get a heart attack or heart disease and all these types of issues. Then what happens is they they leave wifi on and introduce our device. Now, it’s very important to note that the studies that Dr. Rubik has done and also the Base Institute, those are not just simple before pictures like sometimes you hear about like some grounding med having a positive effect on the blood, which I don’t dispute, but they usually have done like two or three pictures, one before, one after, and then that’s what they show you. But that’s not at all scientific, really. That’s it. It could be just random. Totally random. And it’s just you just pick the best before and after pictures. 

So in this case, what they do is they use a sham device. So it looks it’s a block. Exactly. All block, but it’s not charged with anything. And then there’s another one that is actually charged, looks the same. And then that the people are exposed to that. They have done all kinds of different studies, one where you put the hands inside and then some people would put the hands in the sham device. And then another time it would be in the real device or the device would just be sitting like five meters away from them and they wouldn’t even notice. But still you have sham devices and real device. And it was very, very clearly shown that in 100% of the cases in all of those studies by now, the blood improved significantly within minutes. So stage one and stage two of blood clotting was able to be reversed in 100% of the cases where there was even stage one and stage two blood clotting, all negative invisible impacts of EMFs in the blood were able to be reversed. And more than that, and in 100% of the cases, it neutralized all of the impacts of EMF. Then in a lot of extra cases, it made the blood way better than it was at the first test, and that was just within 10 minutes. So we’re talking optimization of the blood clotting that reverse that the red blood cells suddenly looked like they are supposed to, which means they’re separated, round, and the blood is more oxygenated. Parasitic load actually was shown to be decreased already within minutes. It’s quite crazy, but it indeed happened. 

Then another very, very important factor is the white blood cell activity and motility, which is part of the immune system. What wifi does and all these 4g5 GS and etc., they tend to paralyze the white blood cells. Now, I must say this, if you’re constantly in these fields, your body still gets into the mode of trying to fight that. But the problem is the body needs to work really, really hard to do that. So in these testing environments, obviously you shut wifi completely off, then when you turn it on, instantly you see the white blood cells to be paralyzed. Because the body would need to work really, really hard. But now, if you have if you’re in a field like the field that the block provides, your white blood cell activity, motility is ideal. There’s nothing to worry about. So basically, it takes the burden off the body to having to fight that at all times. And that’s kind of how I would explain that.


Kashif Khan

That’s amazing. Because what the very last thing you said, taking off the burden of having to fight that all the time, people don’t realize that that’s your reality. You are fighting this all the time. Wherever you go, there is towers with signals. You’re at home. We are at the office. Wi-Fi is on all the time. Even if you shut it off in your own home, both your neighbors have it surging. And there’s a tower somewhere near you that powered your cell phone when it was on, when your phone was working. So it’s a constant, constant drip of toxic insult to the body and the outcome. You’ve you’ve seen it. It’s instantaneous. The body goes into a different state. The blood goes into a different state. So this is something that’s anyone that’s here listening. You’re here for the right reason. You’re here to better your health and wellness. Know that this is something that irrespective of what you’re feeling, why you’re here, you just have to do. You have to deal with EMF. It’s not a question. You have to. It’s kind of like, it’s today’s tobacco. It’s like everybody’s smoking and it’s slowly going to hurt you and damage you. You have to deal with it. 

Since then, I have a device at home now and there’s even a change in mood with the kids. I would say. Inflammation is not just in your blood and your body, it is in your brain.  Neuroinflammation and how that affects your irritability and anxiety and focus and distractibility and all of these things kind of calm down. One thing you do. So now I think people have an understanding of how this works and that it actually does work. There’s a reason there’s a foundation. Now we can get into creating some more disbelief, which is you’ve also done this work remotely, right? And now the really cool thing is if you understand frequency and you understand quantum mechanics, there’s no separation, right? The field over in if it truly is a field, it’s like, here’s my body. If I touch my head, my toes know, right? It’s one unit that’s the same thing as the fabric of the universe. So if you touch this spot of whatever it should be resonating right through the 13.8 billion years, light years down in any direction you want to go. So you’ve actually had outcomes treating people remotely. How does that all work? How do you find the person? How you what are you sending to them? What actually what’s the mechanism? What’s happening there?


Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling

Yeah. I’m glad you bring it up. And that’s the harder part for people to understand, of course, because we’re so brain focused and it’s just a very new technology. Right? It’s something that hasn’t been around for a long time. And so it’s harder to understand it first. Now, I must say, though, the 2022 Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded for work on Quantum Entanglement. So quantum entanglement isn’t really anything like out of the ordinary or it’s been proven. It absolutely exists. it’s in that sense also really in the overall human consciousness because, I mean, at least a Nobel Prize was awarded and I don’t pay too much attention to that, though, I must say, because what they’re doing there is really some theoretical modeling and all of that. It’s nice that it gets into the public awareness, but they’re not working with the actual applied quantum energy, which we do, and anyone that has a block can actually experience that. And you can do that yourself, at least to some extent. Like we have an advanced system that is called quantum upgrade where you can literally sign up and you can choose your frequencies, you can choose your level of strength that you want to receive during the day, during the night. All of these. 

That is super advanced. No one with a block could do that, but it’s absolutely possible. With the block, because you have this multidimensional quantum energy field inside, when you put your hands inside, you have, significant impact. We talked about structuring water. We talked about it, having a field, harmonizing frequencies, all that stuff. But now if you put the unique identifier of a specific source in there, then that source is in the field. Now, I explain what I mean by that. So let’s take you for example, we could take a picture or you could take a picture of yourself,  print it out and you put it in your block. Then you go grocery shopping in town or you travel somewhere. And as long as the picture is in the block, you’ll be in the fields. The same thing. If you took a picture of a pet, put it in, the pet will be in the. And you can measure that. It’s you can measure that in 100% of the cases with the various methods. It just works all the time. It has limitations because you could not put pictures of two people, for example, inside or more, because then you co-mingle the energies and that would not be clean. That would not be good because everyone wants to be in their own automatic energy field and that’s very important. So just don’t do it. 

I mean, husband and wife, they can do that if they both agree that want to do that because it actually can solve some problems but also bring up some problems to be solved at first. So that’s just the only thing where I would say, okay, that’s something you can do. But usually don’t put more than one inside. And you can experiment with that. If you have an aunt that is sick and she lives, I don’t know in Europe, you could literally put her in the field and then she’ll get support from that. And it’s hard for and it’s not broadcasting it. Right? So it’s really not because she literally isn’t in the field. And you could also take instead of a picture, you could take a piece of a DNA, whether it’s a hair or something, you could use that. You could write down the name of your aunt plus her birth date and her birth city and put that piece of paper inside, because that’s also a very unique identifier. It has to be a unique identifier. There’s different ways. And yeah, it just it works and everyone with a block can do that. And so the interesting part is, if people don’t want to take my word for it, obviously we have all done all these different studies. You can look at all these different studies, including the ATP protection and the wound healing, which actually were done remotely right. Which blew the mind of this professor who thought this is just they just cannot work. 

And then he went nuts because it did work every time. But yeah. So there’s over 6500 people in our private telegram group that use our products and actively are, interested in sharing and learning and, and those people they’ll, you can ask them, what they’ve done, what they’ve seen with theirs. And yeah, it works. It’s quite phenomenal. But I must in a moment and I’m sorry that I need to keep going here, but I’m done in a second. But it’s very important to mention that because some people may think, Oh, you know, all I could do voodoo with this. No you can’t. Because the nature of the field is that it barely harmonizes, neutralizes everything destructive or harmful to life and consciousness. So if you were to put a picture of you and inside and you were like a mean guy and you wanted to fill up with some herbicide and pesticide frequencies, for example, you put those in, it’s not going to arrive. It just falls through. It’s being harmonized. And even if you wanted to, I don’t know, put some like negative energy, like, Oh, she’s going to break her leg tomorrow or something, put that inside as a frequency. It wouldn’t work because it’s harmful, it’s manipulative, it cannot be done. And that’s an important factor, though, because otherwise we could have never released the blocks because it would have offered the potential for nefarious purposes.


Kashif Khan

It’s important and to some people listening who haven’t heard this before. What are you saying? You’re putting a picture of somebody and it’s remotely reaching them. But that same person will pick up their phone and dial ten digits in New York and talk to someone in Hong Kong and not be surprised that they’re instantaneously communicate and they have no clue how that’s happening, right? So the ability to be instant and remote at the same time, we already know it’s possible. I’m with you on Zoom right now. We’re not even in the same country and there isn’t a millisecond of gap in our communication. So if we know we can do that, why can’t we do that with a field? Just like dialing digits on my phone, a unique identifier. So as my facial recognition, so is my frequency, right? It’s a unique identifier. I have not seen two people on this planet that look the same way. We’re all unique. And so just understand that 100 years ago, maybe twenty years ago, nobody would have believed you, that you could find someone in Hong Kong. We now know it’s possible and we’re using it and the proof is in the pudding. You feel people right?  There’s 6,000 people, 6500 people that are working together on this interview, that’s amazing. I know you mentioned a couple of times, you’ve used the word the block. You’re wearing your necklace. I have mine here actually in my pocket because when I’m working out, I take it off. So I don’t cover it in sweat, but I put it in my pocket and I still get the benefit. It’s on my body, right? Yeah. So tell us, because some people are familiar, here’s the pendant, here’s something that goes with me, right? When I travel, I always wear it. What is the block just for people, for those that don’t know.


Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling

We have different types of blocks. The regular infinity block, for example, is about eight by eight by eight inches. It’s like this little box that’s open on the sides and it has three plates on the bottom, three plates on the top. Other blocks may have just one plate on the bottom, one on the top. And we have a small one that’s like the travel block that you can travel with up to a really big one that’s 15 by 15 by 15 inches that people use in their kitchens. And they put whole salad bowls in there because we haven’t even got it into the food sensitivities. But that’s actually one pretty exciting aspect of this technology. So those blogs, that’s the extension of our technology. It really is. You can do so much with it. You can charge all these things, your harmonized spaces, you can copy frequencies with it and it doesn’t stop there. You never need to recharge it, actually. And, and within these plates, there’s indeed a multidimensional quantum energy space. The physics in there are different than in our 3D reality, if you will, because time and distance don’t really matter in this field, because in this field, you can suddenly connect things. 

So if I put, let’s say, a healing a piece of a healing plant inside the block together with a glass of water within, probably depending on what block it is, about 30 seconds. The frequency of the healing plant will be in the water. I can drink the water and I drink the frequency, that information with it, but I can go further. I can take a little silver coin or some other metal piece and put it in with the healing plant. Now, in this case, after again, like 30 to 60 seconds, depending on which block it is, the frequency will be permanently stored on this metal and it will be vibrating this frequency. I mean, for at least another 300 years. So you could have a little silver coin with your favorite healing plan and put it in your pocket, right? So you suddenly can do these things. You can literally charge your jewelries. I don’t know. I mean, your dog’s bowls, for example, charge those. Your dog collars, there’s literally no limit. And because we have this huge community and they’re all like interested in trying things, I think, like everything that almost everything that exists has been charged already by someone.


Kashif Khan

Yeah, for sure. Everyone’s playing with a lot of people. One consistent thing you see is people structuring their water. It’s a very common thing, right? Dealing with their EMFs and their phones. Charging your food is a brilliant thing, like taking your food and getting the best possible out of it, right? And eliminating the bad. In today’s reality, that’s so such a crucial thing to work on. So this has been phenomenal and eye opening. For anyone that hasn’t yet understood how this stuff all applies, I’m sure you feel like, Well, the research, and the study, and studying the data behind it, there’s something you can lean on with confidence, right? As opposed to like this voodoo science that trying to get like is this even real? Know that there’s data behind this. I’ve seen it. You’ve published it. There’s plenty of institutions. You work with it that are partnering on it. So where do people find you? Where and how do they get this technology? Is the block available for people to put into their homes, like for the public or the clinics or only or so? 


Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling

No, Everyone can actually get the blocks and it’s on leelaq.com, L E E L A Q.com. And there you can just take a look at everything if you want to learn more about the whole topic besides the website and you’re interested, then you can join our Telegram community. It’s private though, so you can’t find it by searching on telegram. So you really have to go through the website and find the Telegram icon if you click on that, because it’s actually for customers really. We want to keep what’s out and we really want to keep unreal people out. It should really just be for the community that uses the products and but you can join and then you can ask questions there and listen in. And I think that’s a good way.


Kashif Khan

Very cool. Well, thank you for joining us. Enlightening. We’re lucky to have an expert on the topic that so many people are wondering about but didn’t know who to talk to. So thank you for giving us the time.


Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling

Thanks so much for having me on. I really appreciate it.

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