You, Your Cells, And Quantum Fields

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  • Understand the power of quantum energy and frequency in our bodies
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Kashif Khan

Hello again, everybody. We’re going to dive into something really cool here. A lot of you in the various conversations we’ve had, have heard things about EMF frequency, energy, and you’re hearing this kind of esoteric type conversation. How do I measure? How do I know? Is this real? Those types of questions and what’s really cool is Philipp, who’s here with us today. I met him at a conference and it was a first time that somebody pulled out this stack of data from all the research they had been doing. It wasn’t just theory. It wasn’t just a YouTube video about quantum energy and quantum physics. It was like hardcore research on humans to show the efficacy. That day, Philipp gave me a device and I wore it on my neck, and it was charged with vitamins and minerals, vitamin D, and B-like micronutrients. That evening, I went to dinner and I didn’t take it off. I couldn’t sleep. I was wondering what’s going on? What’s wrong with me today? I do everything right. Why can’t I sleep? And I realized that this device, which I was wearing on me, the frequency of certain micronutrients, were emitting that were keeping me awake as if it was daytime, because there’s so much potency behind what I was receiving. I took it off and it took a few minutes and I was able to get to sleep. So there was empirical data put in front of me. There was anecdotal. I went through it. I was like, Wow, what just happened to me? And here we go. Philipp is here with us today to dive in deeper. Welcome. Thank you for being here.

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