Biohack Your Detox DNA

Brendan Moorehead


  • Agricultural toxins hidden in food (even organic food) cause disease
  • Industrial agriculture practices have caused a decline of up to 85% of the nutrients in food
  • Gut dysbiosis and the shut down of excretion of toxins into the bile and GI tract
  • Using intelligently sequenced detoxification strategies to heal
Kashif Khan

All right, everybody, welcome back. We have something to talk about here today that whether you know it or not, it’s affecting you. That’s a guarantee because everybody here eats. And if you’re eating, you are being exposed to certain toxins, a change in the reality of food, supply and agriculture, a change in chronic disease levels that we’re all seeing. We can’t an answer why they’re happening. Well, we’re gonna get into answers today. Brendan, thanks for joining us.


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