Brainwaves, Mental Health and Stress

Patrick Porter, PhD


  • Stress can’t be eliminated but it can be managed.
  • Your brain is either in a survivor state or a thriving state.
  • What is Brain Fitness and why you should care?
  • The truth about sleep… It’s not what you think.
  • Psychoimunology how your thoughts effect your immune system.
Kashif Khan

Welcome back, everyone. So, we’re talking to Dr. Porter today. Really excited ’cause as we’ve been sort of out there in the world going to different conferences and events, we always see this fine gentleman surrounded by a crowd of people trying to pick his brain and figure out how they can fix their own, because he’s done some brilliant work. I had the pleasure of sort of to go on the side and chatting with you for a minute and learning a lot. So first of all, welcome. Thank you for being here.


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