Dive Deep: Sleep, Light & Your Circadian Rhythm’s Role In Disease

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  • Discover the key factors that contribute to healthy aging and longevity
  • Understand the root causes and factors linked to chronic diseases
  • Learn the significance of light, circadian rhythms, and how to optimize your sleep for resilience
  • This video is part of the Fasting & Longevity Summit
David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

Welcome to the Fasting and Longevity Summit. I’m your host, Dr. David Jockers, and I am excited about today’s interview. It’s with my friend Jason Prall, the creator of the Human Longevity Project, and he has the bestselling book Beyond Longevity: A Proven Plan for Healing Faster, Feeling Better, and Thriving at Any Age. So at this summit, of course, we’re talking a lot about longevity, longevity principles, and nutrition when it comes to longevity. However, in this interview, we’re going to talk a lot about sleep, light, and circadian rhythm, as well as how mal-illumination is to the body and what malnutrition is to the body. We’re not getting the right light exposure or proper light exposure at the right times. How that is going to disrupt mitochondrial functions is to disrupt our circadian rhythm, and it is going to cause more inflammation and oxidative stress in our body, not allow us to recover properly, and ultimately cause accelerated aging and shorten our lifespan and health span. So this is critical information that you’re not going to hear almost anywhere else. Very few people go into detail on this. So you’re in for a treat here. 

You can check out Jason at beyondlongevitybook.com for his book and also at humanlongevityfilm.com, where he went around the world and interviewed some of the longest-lived individuals, people that are thriving in their nineties and hundreds all over the world, and found out their secrets that he goes through in the film. humanlongevityfilm.com for that. Without further ado, let’s go into the interview. Well, Jason, it’s great to connect, I know we’ve talked in the past, and I mentioned how much I enjoyed your book. I talked about it in the intro, but I love this phenomenal book, Beyond Longevity. For anybody interested in aging and longevity, this is the go-to book. It’s the best book that I’ve read on that topic. So I just appreciate your wealth of knowledge and your overall perspective on this. I’m excited to dive into some of these topics that you discuss in the book, starting with this idea of what longevity is, because that’s something that most people think they know. But it’s also deeper than what most people understand.

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