Survival Paradox & Galectin-3 Epigenetics

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In this video, Kashif Khan interviews Dr. Isaac Eliaz about his book “The Survival Paradox.

Dr. Eliaz offers a fresh perspective on the innate survival drive in every cell of our bodies. He explains how our response to this drive can lead to inflammation or fibrosis and introduces the concept of galectin-3, a protein that plays a key role in chronic and acute diseases. Dr. Eliaz emphasizes the importance of understanding the survival paradox and provides practical strategies for changing our survival drive and bio-hacking our DNA. He also discusses multi-generational healing, “inflammaging,” and the use of modified citrus pectin to fight cancer.

Finally, Dr. Eliaz discusses the impact of scars on our physical, emotional, and psychological well-being and offers insights into reducing their size through neurotherapy and procaine injections. Overall, “The Survival Paradox” offers a new understanding of the root causes of chronic and acute diseases and provides actionable steps for achieving optimal health.


  • The book “The Survival Paradox” offers a fresh perspective on the innate survival drive that resides in every cell of our bodies.
  • Our response to this survival drive can lead to either inflammation or fibrosis, and galectin-3, a survival protein, plays a crucial role in driving chronic and acute diseases.
  • Our choices, including our emotions, psychology, and interactions with the environment, can influence our genetic and epigenetic expression.
  • Creating space and connecting with our hearts can help us let go and effect meaningful change.
  • Multi-generational healing and “inflammaging” are important topics discussed in the interview, focusing on the role of galectin-3 in creating an extracellular environment that leads to metabolic and fibrotic diseases.
  • Modified citrus pectin can block galectin-3 and activate the body’s innate immune system to fight cancer.
  • “Scars of survival” can impact us physically, emotionally, psychologically, and even across generations, and Neurotherapy and procaine injections can reduce the size of scars.
  • “The Survival Paradox” offers practical strategies for changing our genetic expression and achieving optimal health.
Kashif Khan

All right, everyone. We are joined by Dr. Eliaz. I have to admit that a lot of stuff gets sent to me to read, and I don’t get to read a lot of it, but there’s a book that was positioned as something that’s game changing, and was recommended by so many people that I thought, okay, I gotta take a look at this. And when I started to read, I couldn’t put it down. The cool thing is today we have the author with us. Dr. Eliaz is joining us and we’re gonna learn some really interesting stuff about inflammation. Some things that you probably haven’t heard before. First of all, thank you for joining us.

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