How Health Coaches Can Support Cognitive and Emotional Health

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  • How health coaches use mind-body medicine approaches to help brain and mental health patients
  • Why health coaches are the perfect guide to help with information overload when it comes to brain health
  • Why health coaching is an exploding new healthcare profession
Brain, Brain Health
Cheng Ruan, MD

It takes a team to heal and what I’ve realized and a lot of other practitioners realized is that there’s a missing component to practicing medicine, especially when it comes to Brain health. And these are health coaches and health coaches are paving the way into the future to create this underlying trust and safety that within the medical system that allows healing to truly occur. Well, a lot of times we may feel like we’re kind of focusing on the negative things about health and maybe the doctors do the same thing as well, what health coaches do is they focus on the positive aspects of life and encouragement in a very nonjudgmental way and every person who we deal with our clinic when it comes to brain health, every person we try to guide, has health coach has health coaching, that’s along with it as well to create that path. 

So there’s no one better to talk about that than Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum and she’s a great friend of mine known each other for years and she is an educator, a licensed clinical psychologist for over 40 years, and she’s also the founder of the functional medicine coaching academy, She trains people to become health coaches and really elevates the health coaching profession and hopefully that will be the solution to combating chronic mental and physical health disorders in the future. So, as the founder of the functional Medicine coaching academy, she collaborates with the Institute for functional medicine and also is the author of how to become a health coach functional medicine, health coaching and stop being panic attack in 10 easy steps, super proud to introduce you to Dr Sandy, I’m so excited to have you on to talk about this beautiful thing called health coaching that’s really transformed my life and the way I’ve practiced medicine. So thanks for coming on.

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